Category:Sound-based moves

These moves are moves which use sound.

Being sound-based has the following effects:

  • Pokémon with the Soundproof Ability are unaffected by other Pokémon's sound-based moves, except Heal Bell in Generation V.
  • Pokémon affected by Throat Chop cannot use sound-based moves for two turns.
  • Sound-based moves used by a Pokémon with Liquid Voice become Water-type moves.
  • Sound-based moves used by a Pokémon with Punk Rock are boosted by 30%. Pokémon with Punk Rock also take half damage from sound-based moves.
  • If a Pokémon holding a Throat Spray uses a sound-based move, the Throat Spray is consumed and boosts the holder's Special Attack by one stage.

While not a necessary property of sound-based moves, from Generation VI onward, all sound-based moves (except Howl) can hit Pokémon behind a substitute regardless of the substitute.