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This category lists all Pokémon with unknown gender. These are all Pokémon species that are not known as male or female, such as Mew, Staryu, Magnemite, etc.

The unknown gender was first referenced in Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. When the player is depositing a Pokémon at the Day Care in these games, all Pokémon at the party screen are identified as either "Male", "Female", or "Unknown". The unknown gender has since been referenced in other official media, such as Earl's Pokémon Academy from Pokémon Stadium 2, a scientist's dialogue in Pokémon X and Y, as well as the Pokédex from Poké, and the Nintendo 3DS applications Pokédex 3D and Pokédex 3D Pro.

The moves Attract and Captivate, as well the Abilities Rivalry and Cute Charm, have no effect when used by or on a Pokémon with unknown gender. Most of these Pokémon are unable to learn Attract or Captivate (other than Mew, Cryogonal, Minior, Dhelmise, and in Generation II only, Staryu and Starmie).

Because Pokémon with unknown gender cannot breed with any Pokémon other than Ditto*, they cannot pass on Egg moves* or (in Generation V only) Hidden Abilities to offspring. From Generation VI onward, they have a chance of passing on Hidden Abilities to offspring.

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