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Color templates guide

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Alder color light F0AA8F {{Alder color light}}
Alder color E88058 {{Alder color}}
Alder color dark C84040 {{Alder color dark}}
Cynthia color light 8E8E8E {{Cynthia color light}}
Cynthia color 525252 {{Cynthia color}}
Cynthia color dark 353535 {{Cynthia color dark}}

Contests →

Egg Groups

Amorphous color 8A8A8A {{Amorphous color}}
Ditto color A664BF {{Ditto color}}
Field color E0C068 {{Field color}}
Human-Like color D29682 {{Human-Like color}}
Mineral color 7A6252 {{Mineral color}}
Monster color D25064 {{Monster color}}
Undiscovered color 333333 {{Undiscovered color}}
Water 1 color 97B5FD {{Water 1 color}}
Water 2 color 729AFA {{Water 2 color}}
Water 3 color 5876BE {{Water 3 color}}

Games →


Kanto color light ACD36C {{Kanto color light}}
Kanto color 80BB1D {{Kanto color}}
Kanto color dark 537A13 {{Kanto color dark}}
Johto color light DCD677 {{Johto color light}}
Johto color CAC02E {{Johto color}}
Johto color dark 837D1E {{Johto color dark}}
Hoenn color light 9CD7C8 {{Hoenn color light}}
Hoenn color 67C1AB {{Hoenn color}}
Hoenn color dark 437E6F {{Hoenn color dark}}
Sinnoh color light B7A3C3 {{Sinnoh color light}}
Sinnoh color 9072A3 {{Sinnoh color}}
Sinnoh color dark 5E4A6A {{Sinnoh color dark}}
Unova color light 9FCADF {{Unova color light}}
Unova color 6BAECE {{Unova color}}
Unova color dark 467186 {{Unova color dark}}
Kalos color light DD608C {{Kalos color light}}
Kalos color CB0B4F {{Kalos color}}
Kalos color dark 840733 {{Kalos color dark}}
Alola color light E89483 {{Alola color light}}
Alola color DC5A40 {{Alola color}}
Alola color dark 8F3B2A {{Alola color dark}}
Galar color light C97DC0 {{Galar color light}}
Galar color AC379E {{Galar color}}
Galar color dark 702467 {{Galar color dark}}
Orange color light FFAC59 {{Orange color light}}
Orange color FF7F00 {{Orange color}}
Orange color dark A65300 {{Orange color dark}}
Orre color light ada588 {{Orre color light}}
Orre color 817548 {{Orre color}}
Orre color dark 544c2f {{Orre color dark}}
PokéPark color light A7DB8D {{PokéPark color light}}
PokéPark color 78C850 {{PokéPark color}}
PokéPark color dark 6890F0 {{PokéPark color dark}}
Sevii color light 8debbc {{Sevii color light}}
Sevii color 52cc91 {{Sevii color}}
Sevii color dark 2b915e {{Sevii color dark}}


Spring color light c7fa89 {{Spring color light}}
Spring color B0F858 {{Spring color}}
Spring color dark 7bae3d {{Spring color dark}}
Summer color light a0defa {{Summer color light}}
Summer color 78D0F8 {{Summer color}}
Summer color dark 5492ae {{Summer color dark}}
Autumn color light fab189 {{Autumn color light}}
Autumn color F89058 {{Autumn color}}
Autumn color dark ae653d {{Autumn color dark}}
Winter color light f4e3fa {{Winter color light}}
Winter color F0D8F8 {{Winter color}}
Winter color dark a897ae {{Winter color dark}}

Stats →

Trading Card Game

Ability color light d87f64 {{TCG Ability color light}}
Ability color c84923 {{TCG Ability color}}
Ability color dark 8c3318 {{TCG Ability Color dark}}
Item color light A6A6F4 {{TCG Item color light}}
Item color 7777EE {{TCG Item color}}
Item color dark 4D4D9B {{TCG Item color dark}}
Poké-BODY color light 5a9572 {{TCG Poké-Body color light}}
Poké-BODY color 146837 {{TCG Poké-Body color}}
Poké-BODY color dark 0e4926 {{TCG Poké-Body color dark}}
Poké-POWER color light a95263 {{TCG Poké-Power color light}}
Poké-POWER color 850921 {{TCG Poké-Power color}}
Poké-POWER color dark 5d0617 {{TCG Poké-Power color dark}}
Stadium color light B7EBAE {{TCG Stadium color light}}
Stadium color 90E183 {{TCG Stadium color}}
Stadium color dark 5E9255 {{TCG Stadium color dark}}
Supporter color light e66363 {{TCG Supporter color light}}
Supporter color DC2222 {{TCG Supporter color}}
Supporter color dark 9a1717 {{TCG Supporter color dark}}
Trainer color light FFFCE4 {{TCG Trainer color light}}
Trainer color FFE955 {{TCG Trainer color}}
Trainer color dark b3a33b {{TCG Trainer color dark}}
Trainer card base color light E4E4E4 {{TCG TrainerBase color light}}
Trainer card base color CBCBCB {{TCG TrainerBase color}}
Trainer card base color dark B2B2B2 {{TCG TrainerBase color dark}}


Day color light 96E0FF {{Day color light}}
Day color 5ED0FF {{Day color}}
Day color dark 4192b3 {{Day color dark}}
Day textcolor 000000 {{Day textcolor}}
Morning color light FFFFC8 {{Morning color light}}
Morning color FFFFAA {{Morning color}}
Morning color dark b3b377 {{Morning color dark}}
Morning textcolor 000000 {{Morning textcolor}}
Afternoon color FF9F50 {{Afternoon color}}
Afternoon textcolor 000000 {{Afternoon textcolor}}
Night color light 597A9B {{Night color light}}
Night color 003366 {{Night color}}
Night color dark 002347 {{Night color dark}}
Night textcolor FFFF99 {{Night textcolor}}
Late night color 000011 {{Latenight color}}
Late night textcolor AAAAFF {{Latenight textcolor}}

Types →


Blizzard color light 98D8D8 {{Blizzard color light}}
Bronze color light EBCDAF {{Bronze color light}}
Bronze color DEAB79 {{Bronze color}}
Bronze color dark 856749 {{Bronze color dark}}
Bulba color light E0F2B6 {{Bulba color light}}
Bulba color C4E673 {{Bulba color}}
Bulba color dark 80964B {{Bulba color dark}}
Dream color light FFC0CB {{Dream color light}}
Dream color EF52B2 {{Dream color}}
Dream color dark C6007B {{Dream color dark}}
Fog color light A292BC {{Fog color light}}
Link color 1b45c1 {{Link color}}
Pokéathlon color light B7C6EB {{thlon color light}}
Pokéathlon color 90a8e0 {{thlon color}}
Pokéathlon color dark 5E6D92 {{thlon color dark}}
Sandstorm color light D1C17D {{Sandstorm color light}}

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