This policy is no longer used. It is being retained for archival purposes.

Although the shipping section is semi-isolated, the overarching principle of Bulbapedia - a neutral point of view - still applies. It is not enough to be balanced - an article must also be neutral. Therefore:

Evidence is the facts, arguments are the interpretations.

Present arguments as arguments - state what is the evidence, how the evidence is interpreted and who interprets the evidence that way. (Why should be obvious, as for when - use discretion.) State alternative interpretations if they exist. Most of all, state clearly that they are interpretations and do not judge them, instead, state the popularity of the interpretation.

Notability and decency

Although a laxer standard of notability and decency is applied in this section, it is not a licence to create articles about pairings which have been given names but have no supporters. Please use common sense.


There must be no direct links between the main namespace and the shipping namespace - it would otherwise defeat the purpose of having shipping as a separate section. Instead, create redirects such as these.