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Individual Shipping articles do not rely on tables, leaving most pages to be walls of text. The set-up, thus, isn't the same as most mainspace articles to preserve capable readability.

In a pinch, just copy off another article's formatting. However, if you have a question, this convoluted page may answer it for you.


Evidence Content

The manual of style for all Shipping pages are going to follow a set structure, henceforth. All Shipping pages are, from here on in, either going to go through a major overhaul, or will be using this style from the get-go. Style should be:

 * ''[[DP001|TITLE]]''
 : Hint that such-and-such may overgrossly perhaps CARE for the cretin.
 * ''[[DP038|TITLE]]''
 : Hint that such-and-such may want to have the cretin's children.
 : Oh wait, new paragraph if the above one hint carries on for too long! Possibly still talking about them having children!
 * ''[[DP099|TITLE]]''
 : Hint that such-and-such may like a second honeymoon with the cretin. Oh look, another hint that shouldn't begin a new paragraph because both are only a sentence long.

However best this information is cataloged is at your own discretion (in individual person's sections, or if their interactions are heavily interlaced, go simply for one list that contains them both), but please remain concise and neat.

It is recognized, however, not all articles will allow for adequate usage of the above template to get maximum evidence integration, and if that is the case, please utilize a style that will properly capture the evidence (but only as an alternative). Examples include AkebiShipping, FireShipping, and HoennShipping.


All articles are to be properly categorized according to character involvement and in this order of descending, applicable labels:

 [[Game (whichever one they come from OR if they are a cross-gen 'ship)|{{PAGENAME}}]]
 [[Male character]]
 [[Female character]]
 [[Gym Leaders]]
 [[Orange Crew]]
 [[E4 members]]
 [[Frontier Brain]]
 [[Team Rocket/Magma/Aqua/Galactic/Plasma]] (in that order)
 [[Movie character]]

  • The only exceptions are Jimmy, Marina, who are counterparts to game protagonists.
  • The Dex holders based on a game version from the Adventure manga also get their own category. This bars Cheren and Bianca and restricts them
  • When dealing with homosexual Ships, character order doesn't matter.
  • If the character is not important (a movie character of any level, a COTD), they should not have their own category. If you think they should, ask the project leader first and state why you think they should have a category.
  • The conditions for a recurring, secondary character to have their own category is to have at least three Shipping articles they are involved in.
  • "Recurring" in this case means they have showed up on two separate occasions (not how many episodes/chapters they've appeared in), are confirmed battle rivals (Cheren and Bianca fall under this), or briefly joined the main character(s), a la Barry, Todd, and Joey. Brief cameos do not count. If a character falls under multiple definitions, whichever one instance happens first (Bianca and Barry fall under all three).
  • If a character falls under any the categories between the Gym Leaders and Pokémon ones in the above list, they do not get their own category without a convincing argument or enough Ships to require one (four or more).
  • No individual Pokémon is to have their own category, not even Pikachu.
  • If one character is from the game and another is from the anime, we'll cross that bridge later (though you shouldn't be crossing canons so blatantly and expect a legit article). If they can cover two mediums legitimately, please list them in corresponding order.
  • If Brock or Misty are involved and the other involved isn't one, it is not necessary to add the Gym Leader category. If Jessie or James are involved, it is not necessary to add the Team Rocket category (Meowth and Giovanni do, as they do not—and will not—have their own categories), unless the other character involved is a Rocket member. Treat Wallace as a Gym Leader, not an Elite Four member. Giovanni is treated as both a Team Rocket member and Gym Leader.
  • If the media (the side-game, the specific manga, etc) the characters are from don't even have twelve articles under them, they do not warrant character categories at all.


Please label all future images for an article under "(name)shipping.png", only adding a number beyond the first one, starting with 2.

"Notable Shippers"

This seems to be an issue for some users to comprehend. A Shipper, by definition, is someone who supports two people's love. A Shipper is not someone who merely notices the attraction. Real life people notice attractions all the time, and yet they can ignore them or deny them. Obviously, they are not Shippers of those people attracted to each other.

When adding someone under this category, please provide exactly what makes them a Shipper of this, couple like so:

* [[character]] - 
: [[ep000]] - This said this and mentioned that, and did this for those two people.

If there is nothing that indicates the supposed Shipper wants some romantic success between one or both characters, they do not count as "Shippers", let alone notable ones.

Further Notes

Nevermetshippings do not get their own individual articles, no matter how big their following is; there is one article designed just for them (see below). Until they do meet, there will be no "hints", but "similarity" sections are allowed, as are reasons why people Ship them in the first place. However, please do not add bias information; no nevermet Ship has risen to the popularity of the others, so they do not rival anything within the fandom's top tier.

Nonrecurring Ships, such as LuckShipping, DanceShipping, AbilityShipping, FireShipping, where the person does not, or has not, thusly returned after the heroes move on (regardless how many episodes that character was around for) should be analyzed to the nth degree (but not written be-all-end-all). Please use GaiaShipping as an example of how to handle those sorts of circumstances.

Please also do not assume that a standard for one carries over as a standard for another. This concerns the "Alternate name" business. If you've seen it with your own eyes, you may document it, UNLESS it's another Ship name that isn't on the list (the only current exception to this is "FarawayShipping" to OutcryShipping).

List of nevermetshippings template structure

Please use Template:Shipping for all sub-articles under this page.

  • Straight couples: dark
  • Gay couples: light
  • Straight couples: Boy first, girl second
  • Gay couples: "Dominant" character first, "submissive" character second
  • Only add if you know it
  • Second version: only add if you know it's actually used

Standard Content Order

Hints (only when applicable!)
Alternate Names
Name origins

Hints are only applicable under circumstances of one character talking about another character they have yet to meet, such as Barry expressing his admiration for Paul in his debut episode (before it stopped becoming a nevermet).

  This article is part of Project Shipping, a Bulbapedia project that aims to write comprehensive articles on each couple in Pokémon.