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How to create a quality route article

Here at Bulbapedia, we pride ourselves on the quality of articles, not the quantity of articles that we own. Although most location articles are well maintained, there are some that do not get noticed much by users. Articles such as Sinnoh Route 230 were once poorly treated, for example, with a low quality magazine scan as the infobox picture, no route description, and standards all wrong. True, Route 230 isn't the first route that people will be searching, but, as a wiki, we record information about everything there is to Pokémon, and every route is just as important as the last. This page will provide an advanced guide on how to create a quality route article section by section.

Intro section

We'll start off with the intro section, which is the section at the beginning of the article with no explicit title. This section introduces the route and should describe it briefly. Here the writer should put three things: the location of the route, including region, direction, and position in the region; connecting locations, which are the northern, eastern, southern, and western termini; and a small description that will introduce the route to the reader.

The intro section shouldn't be overly big; one paragraph, maybe two. Try and keep it to about three to four sentences; however, don't make it too short, either. Don't jam everything in here, leave that for the Route description section's detailed coverage. If a certain part of the storyline or an event occurs at this location, place it in another paragraph in this section.

Route description

As the name suggests, the Route description section gives an in-depth description of the route. This means giving the trails of all the possible pathways that can be taken in the game. It must be descriptive and well detailed, targeting important and interesting points of the route. However, there are some things that need to be stressed before you write up this section.

The first point to stress is this: This wiki is not a walkthrough. In part, this means not giving out tips about how to get to here or there or where to go first to find the hidden item. The route description section should be followed from north to south or vice versa, east to west or vice versa, or however the route should be predominantly traversed. A description from another direction point should only be included if traversing the route in a different direction causes a significant difference in the storyline.

The next point to stress is the use of words used in the description. For those who have read the Manual of style, you will have read that style of writing is important, and for those of you who haven't, please do. Remember that Bulbapedia is designed to be an encyclopedia, and as such should contain the best possible level of literary style. Also as an encyclopedia, we suggest you not use the second-person in descriptions, as this is unprofessional. "You go down the next ledge and you travel east" is incorrect, while "The path passes another ledge, then curves east" is preferred. When you are creating or editing an article, be neutral in your editing. Don’t be biased or take a side, and when you are addressing the reader do not use "you"; instead, use "the player".

The third point to stress concerns the styling of the route description section itself, which may include sub-sections and pictures. These are both allowed, but not to be overused. Two or three sub-sections are fine, as well as a picture or two; however, don't overdo it. Sub-sections can be broken up into headings such as "Northern segment" and "Southern segment" if there are such segments, like in the article Sinnoh Route 205. As for pictures, one can be added here or there, however, they must be of an important event or something notable, such as, inside an important house. Pictures can make a great and colorful addition to the page, as long as they're descriptive and have a point.


We use a template for listing items on our routes. For how to use this template, see here. Please use the template properly, i.e., use correct item images and a descriptive location that will properly tell the reader where the item is. Try to list the items in the order that they can be found. This order should follow the order depicted in the route description.


The Pokémon section is also simply templates. Remember to use the right one here like always. The section is split into Generations, such as "Generation I", "Generation II", "Generation III", and "Generation IV", and then if the Pokémon are different between games, it's split into games, such as "Pokémon Diamond and Pearl" and "Pokémon Platinum". Enough said there.


And once again we're using templates. Just like the "Pokémon" and "Items" sections, remember to use correct standards and information. This section is also split into Generations, such as "Generation I", "Generation II", "Generation III", and "Generation IV", and then if the Trainers are different between games, it's split into games, such as "Pokémon Diamond and Pearl" and "Pokémon Platinum". The Trainers should be listed in the order that they can be battled, and like with the "Items" section, this order should follow the order depicted in the route description.

Differences among generations

Well, we all love a remake, right? That's where this section comes in. Not all routes are exactly alike from generation to generation, there are usually a lot of aesthetic changes, as well as location changes. If the route was featured in multiple versions and generations of Pokémon, the differences between those should be discussed here. This is the primary place to describe most of, for example, the Generation II and Generation IV changes in the game, because there are a lot of differences to the Kanto from Generation I. Anyway, like the two sections before this, this one too is split into Generational sub-sections of "Generation I", "Generation II", "Generation III", and "Generation IV" for whatever Generation it is in. At the moment, only Route 1 to Route 46 should have this section, as they are the only route that have been featured in games more than once. So, until another remake comes out, Route 47, Route 48, and Route 101 onwards do not need this section.

Like the route description section, this should also be in-depth, with the smallest changes taken note of. Changes in Trainers, item locations, storylines, and events should be written down here. If the route changed dramatically during Generation I to Generation II, a full route description should be written with in-depth detail.

In other media

Now, you know the Pokémon anime was primarily based on the games, so some route are seen or even featured in the anime for a couple of episodes. So a brief synopsis can be added here with what happened during the time in the route and what Pokémon were seen within the route. If the route was also seen in the manga, another sub-section should be written for it, including what happened during the time in the route and what Pokémon were seen within the route. Doesn't need to be too big, just don't make it too tiny. One or two paragraphs on each sub-section will do fine.

See also

Basically, place all internal links here, in the See also section. All locations related to this route, such as locations in or around the route, should be placed here.


Categorizing time! All articles should use the following categories:

All articles should use the following categories where applicable:

  • [[Category:Red, Blue and Yellow locations|Route XXX]]
  • [[Category:Gold, Silver and Crystal locations|Route XXX]]
  • [[Category:Ruby and Sapphire locations|Route XXX]]
  • [[Category:Emerald locations|Route XXX]]
  • [[Category:FireRed and LeafGreen locations|Route XXX]]
  • [[Category:Diamond and Pearl locations|Route XXX]]
  • [[Category:Platinum locations|Route XXX]]
  • [[Category:HeartGold and SoulSilver locations|Route XXX]]
  • [[Category:Black and White locations|Route XXX]]
  • [[Category:Black 2 and White 2 locations|Route XXX]]
  • [[Category:X and Y locations|Route XXX]]
  • [[Category:Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire locations|Route XXX]]

For all categories, XXX is the route number (i.e. Route 1 would be 001).

Well, there you have it. The structure of a route article is in your hands now. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me here. Enjoy editing.