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In an attempt to keep all move effects properly documented and up-to-date, some articles may require in-game verification and research.

  • If you spot a move article that seems to have an out-of-date effect description, or an incorrect/unclear one, add the following template to the Effect section of the article:
    (make sure to fill in the "reason" variable.)

An example of the template in use:

  This move effect may be in need of research.
Reason: move doesn't hit some Flying-types
You can discuss this on the talk page.

  • For those looking to help with research, there are currently 107 moves requiring research. You can head here to get to work.
    • When updating a move article with the updated information, make sure to remove the MoveResearch template, and post your results and/or methods to the move's talk page for future reference.

Note that this template is for notification of moves in need of research, not for answering questions. Direct your move-related questions to the spading page instead.

Pokémon ability articles

Nothing specified.