Bulbapedia:Manual of style/Kanji

This is a sub-article of the main Bulbapedia manual of style. It covers the use of kanji in articles.

While an overwhelming amount of Japanese associated with Pokémon is in both hiragana and katakana, due to the game text being programmed as this alone, kanji is also used in other aspects of the franchise, including titles of anime episodes. Kanji typically convey more meaning than kana, however, there is also a possibility for multiple readings of the kanji.

It is preferred that if kanji is used in the Japanese title of an article's subject, the {{tt}} template is used to include furigana of its intended reading.

Please keep in mind to use the exact furigana used in the actual title, and nothing else. Also, keep in mind, that the names of people and places are not required to have this.