Bulbapedia:Banning policy

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This article is an official policy on Bulbapedia.

Its contents are strongly binding and can be considered law on Bulbapedia.

Banning is a way of dealing with disputes and disruptions on Bulbapedia. A ban is simply asking a user to refrain from editing specific articles or classes of articles. Bans only carry weight if issued by an administrator or other authorised body.



A ban may be issued in order to solve a dispute, for example, as a moderation panel recommendation.


A user must be properly notified of a ban. Administrators must write on the user talk page; they may also issue the notice via email, instant messaging or other means. The notice must clearly indicate:

  • The duration of the ban
  • The scope of the ban
  • The reason for the ban

Escalation to block

If a user deliberately ignores a ban after (repeated) notification, it is escalated to a block.