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BulbaNewsNOW's logo, the same as the Bulbanews logo, with a redder beacon.
Language English
Status Active
Run 2012–present
Date opened May 20, 2012
Creator Bulbagarden Executive Policymakers
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Forum BMGf
Mascot BulbaBot
Website BulbaNewsNOW

BulbaNewsNOW, often referred to as simply BNN, is a Twitter account run by Bulbagarden. It works closely with both Bulbagarden Social Media and Bulbanews. It serves as a news ticker to report Pokémon-related news as soon as it breaks, labeling it as "unconfirmed" or "partial translation" where necessary. Bulbanews then takes up the news from BNN, forging it into full-fledged articles, verifying the information and translations, and summarizing the known information. The head of BulbaNewsNOW is identified simply as the Editor, or BNN Editor.


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