Boy and his Lapras

Boy and his Lapras (Japanese: ラプラスに乗った少年 Boy Riding a Laplace), known as Riding on the Stars in Chuang Yi's translations, is a song in the Pokémon Adventures manga. This song was written and performed by Samuel Oak, Agatha, the Day-Care Couple, and Kurt in their youth in order to try to cure their friend Pryce from his depression after losing his two beloved Lapras. This song was first heard on the radio in Murkrow Row, sung by DJ Mary, and was heard in full in the last chapter of the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc, The Last Battle XIV.



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でも新しく 輝きたい

でも新しく 微笑みたい
Just look from there once more
Look from the place that you returned to

Just let the soft, soft waves
heal your heart so tired from sadness

Just begin to dream once more,
to bring back your 'courage'

And from just that dream,
let the passion you once forgot
into your smile and melt your frozen heart

Yes, on that Friday that I saw you
riding on the back of Laplace

Let your emotion overflow
Just like you did back then
Let me see that shine anew
Let me see that shining you

Just like you did back then
Let me see that smile anew
Let me see that smiling you


VIZ Media

Ripples on the waves
Battles on the brain
Can you ease my mind?
Can you feel the strain?

Carry me across the sea
Carry me to days gone by
Let me feel what I felt then
Let old passions fly

Love the ones you have lost
Love the times you knew
But new life has come along and
It needs your love too

Rippling waves will bring me home
Back to where life starts
Rippling waves will bring with me
My beloveds' heart

Rippling waves, rippling waves
Rippling waves of love

Chuang Yi

Just one more time, please look
At the place you wish to return to
And allow the quiet small ripples of time
To heal your tired heart
Just one more time, please dream
And remember the dream called courage
The passion you have forgotten
Will melt the ice in your heart
Memories of you riding that Lapras
Fills my mind, even now
On that Friday
Memories of that time
I wish to see you shine again
Shining like a new star
Like a new moon
Memories of those times
I wish to see you smile again


  • This song is similarly named to the song "Riding on Lapras", the sixth Japanese ending theme to the anime.
  • When the lyrics of the song (VIZ Media version) were first seen in Murkrow Row, the third line was "Can you read my mind?". In The Last Battle XIV, that line was "Can you ease my mind?".

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