Bouncing Wailord

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Bouncing Wailord - The Pokémon Comedy Podcast
Bouncing Wailord's podcast art
Language English
Status Defunct
Run April 2011 - April 2013
Podcast debuted April 11, 2011
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Creator(s) eSeamus
Host(s) eSeamus, square, and Spiffy
Number of Episodes 76 (as of November 11, 2012)
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Mascot Wailord
Website (archived)
Feed No longer available

Bouncing Wailord was a Pokémon-centered comedy podcast hosted by eSeamus and co-hosted by square and Spiffy that debuted on April 11, 2011. BW announced on both their Facebook and Twitter that the show has ended. The last show was their 2-year anniversary show. No official statement on why the show ended was posted as of April 18, 2013.


Episode list




Guests and recurring co-hosts

Bouncing Wailord often has members of the Pokémon community on the show as guests. Guest co-hosts have included:

  • LightRai, Wiilio, and Satoshi-kun from the Bulbagarden IRC and Forums
  • Aaron and Evie from the Awesomed By Comics podcast
  • Various hosts of It's Super Effective including:
    • Steve Black Jr.
    • Travis Wheeler
    • Saul Coronado
    • Jay Petrequin
    • David Thomas
    • Kenny McKee
  • Tyler Shepard (formerly The Punishipster)
  • Kisuke Shihoin of Emonga Cast and Pokémon Flame Charge
  • Smuglord
  • CloudKazama
  • Chris Sims
  • Audrey from the YouTube channel AudreyIsCrew
  • Rain Tessman
  • Don or Omen from StriatonRadio
  • NintenDorky
  • Makoto of Pikapi Podcast

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