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Bomba Island
バンバ島 Bamba Island
Bomba Island.png
Bomba Island
Region Hoenn
Debut Judgment Day!

Bomba Island (Japanese: バンバ島 Bamba Island) is an anime-exclusive location in Hoenn, which appeared in Judgment Day!. It is located between Lilycove City and Mossdeep City. The Pokémon Battle Judge Training Institute, a place where people can train to be referees, can be found here. The island is circle-shaped.

It is possible to reach the island by ferry from Lilycove City. Ash, Brock, May, and Max ended up on Bomba Island by taking this ferry by accident; they were in a hurry and thought they were on the ferry they wanted, the one to Mossdeep City. While there, they met Jimmy and his teacher Serena, and learned that referees were trained on the island.

Even though Jimmy was being trained on the island to become a referee, it was not what he originally wanted to do; he ended up on the island by accident while he fell asleep in a boat that drifted away. After his Wartortle evolved to a Blastoise during a fight with Team Rocket who he then defeated, Jimmy decided to stop his referee training and leave the island.

Pokémon seen at Bomba Island


  • Jimmy mentions that for battle judge training, the Pokémon Battle Judge Training Institute is the "only one there is," either indicating that all judges are trained out of Hoenn, it is the only battle judge school in Hoenn, or it is the top school for such training (if not one of the top schools).

Name origin

Its name may come from the Greek word βόμβα, which means bomb.

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