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Bench Bonfire is a predominantly Fire type deck found in the Gym Challenge Strategy Guide. The deck is classified in the guide as an easy-to-build deck as it contains few rare cards, with the aim that a player of any age or skill level could complete it.


It's time for a big bonfire, and guess what you're going to roast — your opponent's Pokémon! The "Bench Bonfire" singes Pokémon while they're still on the Bench. Blaine's Charmeleon's Bonfire and Rapidash's Stamp attack both damage all of your opponent's Pokémon. Magnemite can blow itself up to damage Benched Pokémon, too.

Gust of Wind allows you to finish off damaged Pokémon easily. When you're ready to gust a Pokémon into the arena, try to pick one that your Active Pokémon can Knock Out right away. If there aren't any Pokémon that you can Knock Out, pick one that won't do much damage to your Pokémon. When you get an Energy Search or Energy Retrieval card, use it to make sure you have enough of the right type of Energy to power your Pokémon's attacks.

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Blaine's Charmander Fire Common
Blaine's Charmeleon Fire Uncommon
Blaine's Ponyta Fire Common
Blaine's Rapidash Fire Uncommon
Lt. Surge's Voltorb Lightning Common
Magnemite Lightning Common
Bill T Common
Energy Retrieval T Uncommon
Energy Search T Common
Gust of Wind T Common
Master Ball T Uncommon
Professor Oak T Uncommon
14× Fire Energy Fire E Common
10× Lightning Energy Lightning E Common

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