Bellsprout (Pinball)

Bellsprout (Japanese: マダツボミ Madatsubomi) functions as a game mechanic in the Red Field from Pokémon Pinball. It is able to start the Catch 'em Mode (to catch a Pokémon) and the Map Move (to travel to a different area).

The Bellsprout Arrow (Japanese: マダツボミ・ライト Madatsubomi Light) is a blue triangle pointing at Bellsprout; it turns on to indicate that the player may start one of the modes above by hitting Bellsprout. Additionally, there's a smaller unnamed arrow that is usually absent, but appear and points at Bellsprout as well, when three Catch 'em Arrows are on.


  • Bellsprout is located at the right side of the top screen, at the end of a small corridor below the Thunder Meter.
  • The Bellsprout Arrow, which points at Bellsprout, is a red triangle light that may be on or off. It is an empty outline when off; the full solid red triangle blinks when on. It is located at the right of the Bonus Cave, in the bottom screen.
  • The small unnamed arrow is usually absent, but when it appears, it points at Bellsprout as well. This small blue arrow appears below Bellsprout, in the corridor where Bellsprout is located.


The ball is always able to hit Bellsprout in the main gameplay of the Red Field, even if the Catch 'em Mode or Map Mode are currently unavailable. However, most of Bellsprout's body is on the wall, away from the main play area. The ball is only able to hit Bellsprout's mouth, after passing through a short corridor. Whenever the ball hits Bellsprout's mouth in any context, that Pokémon shortly holds the ball in its mouth and then returns it.

The Catch 'em Mode becomes available in the Red Field when at least two of the three Catch 'em Arrows at the Right Loop are turned on. Some rare wild Pokémon only appear if all three Catch 'em Arrows are on. If two Catch 'em Arrows are on, the Bellsprout Arrow turns on as well. If three Catch 'em Arrows are on, the small unnamed arrow turns on in addition to the Bellsprout Arrow. Each of the Catch 'em Arrows is turned on when the ball passes through the Right Loop from bottom to top.

If the player activates the Map Mode by hitting the Diglett at the right side three times in quick succession (causing the text "Hurry Up!" to appear at the Pokémon Panel), then the Bellsprout Arrow points at Bellsprout and a timer starts counting 30 seconds. At this point, the player may proceed with the Map Mode by either hitting Bellsprout or throwing the ball through the Right Loop from bottom to top; either of those actions cause the Bonus Cave to appear. The player travels to another area if the ball enters the Bonus Cave during the Map Mode. Alternatively, if the player activates the Map Mode by hitting the Diglett on the left side (instead of the right), then Bellsprout won't help; the Map Mode is able to proceed by other means unrelated to Bellsprout.

If the Catch 'em Mode, Evolution Mode, or Map Mode is already active, Bellsprout can't start the Catch 'em Mode or Map Mode until the current mode ends.


Action   Poké Ball (×1)   Great Ball (×2)   Ultra Ball (×3)   Master Ball (×5)
Hit the Bellsprout 100,000 200,000 300,000 500,000



The ball on its way
towards or from the Bellsprout


(hit by the ball)
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