If you were looking for the decoration for the Villa in Pokémon Platinum, see Villa decoration.

A bed is a type of item exclusive to Gold, Silver, and Crystal. It is used to decorate the player's bedroom.

There are four kinds of beds:

Sprite Name
FeatheryBedSpriteGSC.png Feathery Bed
PikaBedSpriteGSC.png Pikachu Bed
PinkBedSpriteGSC.png Pink Bed
PolkadotBedSpriteGSC.png Polkadot Bed

At the start of the game, the room is furnished with a Feathery Bed. This is a simple bed with white sheets.

However, by using Mystery Gift, players may receive one of the three other beds: a Pikachu Bed, which has yellow sheets with lightning bolt designs on it, a Pink Bed, which has pink sheets, or a Polkadot Bed, which has blue sheets with polka dots on it.

There can only be one bed in a room at a time, and its location is fixed. Players can pick which bed is displayed by accessing the room's PC.

One feature of Pokémon Stadium 2 allows players to view the entire room and its decorations, including the bed, in 3-D.

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