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This article is about the fixed stat element of a species of Pokémon. For the variable stat element of an individual Pokémon that is officially called "base stats", see Effort values.

Species strengths, commonly referred to by fans as base stats (Japanese: 種族値 values of the species' attributes), are the inherent values of a species or form of a species that are used to the stats of a Pokémon. While the remainder of this article refers to these stats as base stats, this should not be confused with the official use of base stats, which are what fans refer to as effort values (EVs).

A species' base stats range from values of 1 to 255, and are often the prime representation of the potential a Pokémon species has in battle. As an example, the base stats for Umbreon make them mainly defensive Pokémon, meaning that Umbreon will generally have relatively low Attack and Special Attack scores in comparison to their Defense and Special Defense scores. When considering an individual Umbreon, however, these differences may be mitigated or emphasized by other factors such as its Nature, individual values, and effort values.


Pokémon of a higher evolutionary stage will usually have higher base stats (both individually and in total) than their unevolved counterparts. The only exceptions to this pattern are Shedinja, whose base stat total is lower than Nincada's by 30 points, and Scizor and Kleavor, whose base stat totals are the same as Scyther's. Evolved Pokémon also often have similar distributions to their base stats as their unevolved relatives, such as Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam, who gain 15 points in each base stat upon evolving (except for Alakazam's Special Defense in Generation VI, which gains 25 points).

Species from different branches of Pokémon with a split evolutionary line will often have similar base stats to each other, but in different distributions. For example, while Gardevoir's base stats for Attack and Special Attack are 65 and 125, respectively, its counterpart Gallade's Attack and Special Attack stats are reversed (125 and 65, respectively). Pokémon species that are exclusive to specific games but not explicitly related by evolution (such as Caterpie and Weedle) may also have base stats that are similar overall but have different distributions. Many alternate forms, particularly regional forms, likewise differ in distribution but not base stat total.

Mega Evolution and Primal Reversion, except Mega Alakazam in Generation VI, result in a Pokémon's base stat total increasing by 100.

Pokémon with very high base stat totals are often banned from battle facilities, since they are considered too powerful.

Differences between generations

While these values generally do not change from one game generation to the next, they have changed in three generation gaps. In Generation II, the Special stat from the Generation I games was separated into Special Attack and Special Defense, and most Pokémon have different Special Attack and Special Defense stats which do not match the combined Special stat of the prior generation. In Generation VI, some Pokémon received a slight boost in stats, such as Pidgeot's base Speed being increased from 91 to 101. The same occurred in Generation VII, with several Pokémon receiving stat boosts. In Generation VIII, Aegislash had some of its stats lowered, but the other returning Pokémon were unchanged.

In Pokémon GO

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Each species of Pokémon has three base stats: base Stamina, base Attack, and base Defense. Along with an individual Pokémon's IVs, the three base stats are used to determine a Pokémon HP, Attack, and Defense stats.

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Base Stats

Language Title
  Danish Basisstatistik
  Dutch Basisstatistieken
  Finnish Perusominaisuudet
  European French Stats de base
  German Basiswerte
  Italian Statistiche base
  Norwegian Basisstatistikk
  Brazilian Portuguese Status base
  Russian Параметры Parametry
Базовые статы Bazovyye staty
  European Spanish Puntos de base
  Swedish Basstatistik

Species strengths

Language Title
  Dutch Sterke punten van een soort
  French Stats de l'espèce
  German Artenbedingten Stärken
  Italian Potenziale della specie
  European Portuguese Pontos fortes de uma espécie
  Spanish Puntos de base de una especie

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