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Searching for a Wish!
BW132   EP789
Wish on Jirachi! The Seven-Day Miracle!!
First broadcast
Japan June 27, 2013
United States September 28, 2013
English themes
Opening It's Always You and Me
Japanese themes
Opening 夏めく坂道
Ending 手をつなごう
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 藤田伸三 Shinzō Fujita
Storyboard 三浦陽 Yo Miura
Assistant director 西田健一 Ken'ichi Nishida
Animation director 緒方厚 Atsushi Ogata
No additional credits are available at this time.

Searching for a Wish! (Japanese: ジラーチに願いを!七日間の奇跡!! Wish on Jirachi! The Seven-Day Miracle!!) is the 132nd episode of Pokémon the Series: Black & White, and the 789th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on June 27, 2013 and in the United States on September 28, 2013.

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Continuing their tour of the Decolore Islands on their way to the Kanto region, our heroes are exploring a rocky, barren part of Capacia Island. After they call it a night and set up camp, Pikachu and Axew are awakened by the Mythical Pokémon Jirachi! It is said that Jirachi wakes up every thousand years for only seven days. As Pikachu and Axew clown around with Jirachi, the noise awakens the rest of our heroes, and when Ash realizes what he’s seeing, he gets excited and runs up to make friends...scaring Jirachi away in the process.

The next morning, as Ash, Cilan, and Iris talk about seeing Jirachi, a girl named Gemma runs up and pleads with them to tell her where it went. It turns out that she desperately wants Jirachi to grant her wish: restoring her mountain home to its former lush, green state. Later, while meeting Gemma’s mother, our heroes learn that her husband has been on a journey for almost two years, trying to discover why the mountain has dried up and become barren. One of the many reasons Gemma is so desperate to have her wish granted is so her father can come back home!

With only seven days before Jirachi goes back to sleep for another thousand years, Ash and friends offer to help Gemma find the elusive Pokémon and get her wish granted. The first time they find it, they approach too quickly, and it flees again. But they keep looking, day after day—and they’re not the only ones. Jessie, James, and Meowth want to get their hands on the Mythical Pokémon, too!

Finally, on the seventh day, they find Jirachi again, and this time, Gemma stays calm. When she asks for her wish to be granted, Jirachi agrees—only to be caught by Team Rocket! But Gemma’s bravery, our heroes’ battling skills, and Jirachi’s amazing power combine to free Jirachi and send Team Rocket blasting off again.

Jirachi is exhausted and injured from the ordeal. Gemma’s father arrives and leads them up to the Mountain Shrine, where Gemma makes a new wish: she just wants Jirachi to be OK. Her wish is granted, and as Jirachi regains its energy, water begins to flow again from inside the mountain. Gemma’s family is reunited, the mountain is on its way to recovery, and Jirachi returns to its thousand-year sleep as our heroes continue their journey.


Ash and his friends, still on Capacia Island, walk through a barren valley and Iris notes some unusual rocks in the vicinity. After they call it a night and set up the camp, a sleeping Cilan, Pikachu and Axew notice a flashing crystal which later transforms into a Jirachi. Pikachu and Axew start playing with Jirachi while Cilan and Iris, who has now woken up from her sleep notice the three playing from behind a rock. Soon, Ash also wakes up from the commotion and after noticing Jirachi, he scans it with his Pokédex. This however catches the attention of the shy Wish Pokémon and it flees away as Ash approaches to greet it.

Next morning, Ash, still sad that he did not meet Jirachi is scolded by Pikachu and consoled by Cilan. As Iris suggests that they could have granted themselves one wish, they are interrupted by a passing girl named Gemma who asks them if they know where Jirachi is. They point out the direction in which Jirachi left the last night. Gemma immediately runs in the direction, but injures herself while trying to scale a steep cliff with sandals. Cilan suggests that she should take a rest. At the girl's home, her mother Lotus treats her daughter’s leg before introducing herself to the group. With her leg treated, Gemma then sets off to find Jirachi once again but her mother forbids her, explaining that Jirachi cannot do anything with the condition of the mountain. As the group wonders, Lotus explains that the mountain was once lush green and had a beautiful lake whose water was sourced by an underground spring. However, the sun evaporated all the water from within the lake, leading to all the plants withering and all the people moving way, till only her family were the only ones left in the mountain. Gemma explains that an ancient legends says that Jirachi lives in the mountains. Cilan notes that Jirachi only awakens for seven days once every thousand years, so the group decides to help Gemma find Jirachi. Meanwhile, the Team Rocket trio has managed to hear the group's conversation and decides to catch Jirachi as well as Pikachu.

Setting off to locate Jirachi, the group reaches the "Shrine of the Lake". Gemma explains that the "Shrine of the Mountain", located atop the mountain, is the place where Jirachi will grant her a wish. Gemma then leads them to a place where many wild Pokémon live, in the hope that Jirachi might come there as well. As suspected, Jirachi turns up. Gemma gets excited upon seeing it and decides to confront the Pokémon but Cilan stops her, stating that their movements might scare Jirachi again. Pikachu and Axew then approach the wild Pokémon and befriend them, before inviting Jirachi to eat with them as well, to which it agrees. Gemma now fails to resist the urge and runs to confront Jirachi. The Wish Pokémon however gets nervous and tries to flee. Gemma asks it to stop, but Jirachi responds by using Swift and flees away, much to Gemma’s disappointment.

Next morning, as Lotus puts seeds in her field, Gemma and the group set off to find Jirachi again, but despite looking at various place they fail to locate it. Two more days pass by in futility. On day six, as Cilan notes that they have just two more days to look for Jirachi and Ash suggests that it might have gone somewhere else, Gemma notes that Jirachi never leaves the mountain, but becomes unsure as well after her reply. Nevertheless, she decides to continue searching, begging for Jirachi to come and help her. Meanwhile, Jirachi watches from atop a cliff behind a bush.

Later that night, Lotus notes that Gemma is completely exhausted and claims that she would have helped too, if she did not have to grow Revival Herbs in her fields. Ash wonders if she can really grow them here in the barren land, to which Lotus remarks that though Jirachi could help in making the mountain green again, it is up to the people to put in the effort as well. Iris then questions why does Gemma keeps on searching for Jirachi then, to which Lotus explains that after the mountain water had dried up, her husband and Gemma’s father Carlton went on a journey to locate the source of the spring in an attempt to rejuvenate the mountain. She adds that Gemma feels that if she is able to rejuvenate the mountain, she might be able to see her father whom she has not seen for two years now.

As the seventh day sets in, the group continues on with their search, but Gemma appears sad feeling that Jirachi wouldn't appear. Ash tries to cheer up her up and suggests that they still look while they have time. Finally, when Jirachi appears, Gemma confronts the Wish Pokémon calmly and states her wish, begging it to come to the "Shrine of the Mountain". Jirachi agrees to this and calms a crying Gemma. However, out of the blue, a robotic hand comes and grabs Jirachi. Team Rocket then reveal themselves and recites their motto. To free Jirachi, Ash and Iris command Pikachu and Axew to use Thunderbolt and Dragon Rage respectively, but their attacks are countered by Jessie's Frillish and James's Amoonguss's own moves. Amoonguss then uses Stun Spore to paralyze Pikachu and Axew as Jirachi watches in shock. As the villains get way, Gemma grabs hold of the trio’s balloon to free Jirachi. Frillish is asked to use Shadow Ball on Gemma, but Jirachi breaks free with Psychic and brings the balloon crashing down with a Swift attack. Jirachi uses Psychic to rescue Gemma. Team Rocket prepares to counter attack, but Jirachi flies up in the air and uses Healing Wish, thus curing Pikachu and Axew of their paralysis, while fainting itself. With Pikachu and Axew in good shape, Team Rocket is sent blasting off by a Dragon Rage and Electro Ball combination.

Evening sets in and everyone is worried about Jirachi, who has still not recovered from fainting. The worried group is greeted by Carlton who suggests that they bring Jirachi to the mountain shrine. At the shrine, Gemma asks Jirachi to forget whatever she had wished for earlier and ends up wishing for Jirachi to be completely healed. As it heals, Jirachi causes water to release from the mountain and ends up rejuvenating the mountain as well, with Lotus claiming that the Revival Herbs have begun to sprout. At the valley where Jirachi was first seen, water has been filled in the lake. Jirachi then literally thanks Gemma and as she suggests that she should be the one who should be grateful, it transforms back into a crystal cocoon and sinks into the lake to sleep again for another thousand years. Gemma's family agrees that they can now be together again and with everything turning out well, the group continues their journey.

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Who's That Pokémon?: Jirachi



  • When Team Rocket is shown tired and slightly injured, Meowth's tail is fully colored brown, while half of it should be cream-colored.
  • In the Polish airing of the episode, the Who's That Pokémon? answer has a picture of Dunsparce instead of Jirachi.

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