Ayaka Yoshida

Ayaka Yoshida (Japanese: ヨシダアヤカ) is an illustrator who has contributed artwork to the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Thus far, Ayaka Yoshida has illustrated 97 cards, the first of which was Dialga from the Call of Legends expansion.

First card by Ayaka Yoshida

A full list of cards illustrated by Ayaka Yoshida can be found here.

Cards illustrated

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Call of Legends

Beginning Set

Boundaries Crossed

Plasma Freeze

Plasma Blast

Legendary Treasures

XY Black Star Promos

Phantom Forces

Primal Clash

Roaring Skies

Ancient Origins



Fates Collide

Steam Siege


Sun & Moon

Guardians Rising

Burning Shadows

Celestial Storm

Lost Thunder

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