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Attractions (Japanese: アトラクション Attraction) are games hosted by various Pokémon found in PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure and PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond. Attractions are held as entertainment for guests to the PokéPark and challenge each guest to play against one another in a contest of various skills, such as speed, stamina, and strength. Each Pokémon has an expected goal, and when they achieve that goal, will earn a bonus prize.

PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure

PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure has a total of fourteen different Attractions throughout the eight Zones.

Bulbasaur's Daring Dash

Mew racing other Pokémon in Bulbasaur's Daring Dash.

In Bulbasaur's Daring Dash (Japanese: フシギダネのふりふりダッシュ Fushigidane's Foot Race), players move the Wii remote up and down to run as fast as they can. Mew is the best at this attraction and is unlocked automatically after clearing the Sky Pavilion.

Bulbasaur's Daring Dash
"A fast and frantic foot race!"
Zone: Meadow Zone Cost: 5 Berries
Pokémon Time for Bonus Pokémon Time for Bonus
  Pikachu 00:09.70 seconds   Caterpie 00:13.70 seconds
  Chimchar 00:09.80 seconds   Magikarp 00:14.50 seconds
  Treecko 00:10.00 seconds   Jolteon 00:06.10 seconds
  Bibarel 00:10.10 seconds   Arcanine 00:06.30 seconds
  Turtwig 00:10.50 seconds   Leafeon 00:06.50 seconds
  Bulbasaur 00:10.80 seconds   Scyther 00:06.80 seconds
  Bidoof 00:10.90 seconds   Ponyta 00:07.10 seconds
  Oddish 00:11.10 seconds   Shinx 00:07.40 seconds
  Shroomish 00:11.30 seconds   Eevee 00:07.70 seconds
  Munchlax 00:11.60 seconds   Pachirisu 00:08.10 seconds
  Bonsly 00:11.90 seconds   Buneary 00:08.70 seconds
  Lotad 00:12.40 seconds   Croagunk 00:09.20 seconds
  Weedle 00:13.10 seconds   Mew 00:05:20 seconds

Venusaur's Vine Swing

Jirachi playing Venusaur's Vine Swing.

In Venusaur's Vine Swing (Japanese: フシギバナのスイングロープ Fushigibana's Rope Swinging), players swing the Wii remote to swing the vine. Pressing 2 releases the Pokémon, and how far it goes depends on the angle of release and the momentum of the swing. Jirachi is the best at this attraction.

Venusaur's Vine Swing
"Swing to and fro, then let go!"
Zone: Meadow Zone Cost: 5 Berries
Pokémon Distance for Bonus Pokémon Distance for Bonus
  Pikachu 131.20 ft.   Pachirisu 144.32 ft.
  Munchlax 124.64 ft.   Ambipom 236.16 ft.
  Croagunk 219.76 ft.   Blaziken 285.36 ft.
  Magikarp 72.16 ft.   Infernape 275.52 ft.
  Mankey 203.36 ft.   Lucario 265.68 ft.
  Aipom 190.24 ft.   Primeape 255.84 ft.
  Chimchar 173.84 ft.   Tangrowth 246.00 ft.
  Treecko 160.72 ft.   Jirachi 328.08 ft.

Pelipper's Circle Circuit

Latias flies through Pelipper's Circle Circuit.

In Pelipper's Circle Circuit, players tilt the Wii remote to make the Pokémon move around the screen. They must fly through rings to get points: gold is worth 100, red is worth 300, and rainbow is worth 1000. After each possible Pokémon (excluding Pikachu) has received a bonus for their performance, Latias is unlocked. She is the best choice when playing this attraction, being able to score over 30,000 points.

Pelipper's Circle Circuit
"Aim at the Circles as you fly!"
Zone: Beach Zone Cost: 10 Berries
Pokémon Points for Bonus Pokémon Points for Bonus
  Pikachu* 8,500   Pidgeotto 12,000
  Murkrow 9,600   Butterfree 11,000
  Taillow 9,300   Pelipper 14,000
  Spearow 9,000   Gliscor 15,000
  Starly 8,800   Honchkrow 16,000
  Wingull 8,600   Togekiss 17,000
  Staravia 13,000   Staraptor 18,000
  Tropius 10,000   Latias 30,000

Gyarados's Aqua Dash

Manaphy surfs through Gyarados's Aqua Dash.

In Gyarados's Aqua Dash (Japanese: ギャラドスのマリンスライダー Gyarados's Marine Slider), players hold 2 to propel the Pokémon forwards, while tilting the Wii remote to turn. Hitting Carvanha or Sharpedo will slow them down, while hitting a speed boost will make them faster. After each possible Pokémon (excluding Pikachu) has received a bonus for their performance and Mew has been befriended, Manaphy is unlocked.

Gyarados's Aqua Dash
"Surf and splash!"
Zone: Beach Zone Cost: 10 Berries
Pokémon Time for Bonus Pokémon Time for Bonus
  Pikachu* 0:29.50 seconds   Vaporeon 0:24.50 seconds
  Psyduck 0:32.00 seconds   Prinplup 0:25.00 seconds
  Azurill 0:34.00 seconds   Bibarel 0:25.50 seconds
  Slowpoke 0:36.00 seconds   Buizel 0:26.00 seconds
  Empoleon 0:22.50 seconds   Corsola 0:27.00 seconds
  Floatzel 0:23.00 seconds   Piplup 0:28.00 seconds
  Feraligatr 0:23.50 seconds   Lotad 0:29.00 seconds
  Golduck 0:24.00 seconds   Manaphy 0:18.50 seconds

Empoleon's Snow Slide

Suicune slides down Empoleon's Snow Slide.

In Empoleon's Snow Slide (Japanese: エンペルトのスノースライダー Emperte's Snow Slider), players must guide the Pokémon around a course of snow, tilting the Wii remote to turn. There are speed boosts which may help the player, but they can also make it difficult to get around corners. The Pokémon will slow down if it hits a wall or obstacle. The fastest Pokémon in this attraction is Suicune.

Empoleon's Snow Slide
"Speed down a snowy mountain!"
Zone: Iceberg Zone Cost: 10 Berries
Pokémon Time for Bonus Pokémon Time for Bonus
  Pikachu* 0:58.00 seconds   Delibird 0:50.00 seconds
  Teddiursa 0:59.00 seconds   Piloswine 0:51.00 seconds
  Magikarp 1:00.00 seconds   Prinplup 0:52.00 seconds
  Empoleon 0:45.00 seconds   Squirtle 0:53.00 seconds
  Glaceon 0:46.00 seconds   Piplup 0:54.00 seconds
  Blastoise 0:47.00 seconds   Quagsire 0:55.50 seconds
  Glalie 0:48.00 seconds   Spheal 0:57.00 seconds
  Lapras 0:49.00 seconds   Suicune 0:40.00 seconds

Bastiodon's Block Barrage

Metagross smashes through Bastiodon's Block Barrage.

In Bastiodon's Block Barrage (Japanese: トリデプスのパネルクラッシュ Torideps' Panel Crash), players move the Pokémon across the bottom of the screen using the directional buttons on the Wii remote, to stop the ball from getting past. To get points the ball must hit wooden panels with numbers on them. Pressing the 2 button to hit the ball gives it power, which means it can get past Bastiodon, who moves side to side in front of the panels, and the many Dugtrio who pop up on the field. If an unpowered ball hits a Dugtrio from the front, it'll be deflected back towards the player. If it hits from behind, the Dugtrio may go underground and let the ball pass, or it might deflect the ball back to the panels to score more points. If a powered up ball (power shot) hits Bastiodon, he will become dizzy and will temporarily be disabled. If the player shoots the ball normally, the points will equal 100 times the number on the panel. If the player uses a power shot, the points will equal 200 times the number on the wooden panel. For example, hitting a 2 gets 200 points and hitting a 4 with a power shot gets 800 points. Hitting two panels at once will not get a bonus, it will just get both the scores. The highest possible score in this game is 99,999 and the best Pokémon to play as is Metagross.

Bastiodon's Block Barrage
"Shoot the ball, smash the blocks!"
Zone: Cavern Zone Cost: 20 Berries
Pokémon Points for Bonus Pokémon Points for Bonus
  Torchic 1,000   Sudowoodo 8,000
  Meowth 1,500   Raichu 9,000
  Sableye 2,000   Mr. Mime 12,000
  Pikachu 2,500   Ursaring 15,000
  Magby 3,500   Hitmonlee 18,000
  Chimchar 4,000   Magmortar 20,000
  Gible 4,500   Electivire 24,000
  Charmander 5,500   Metagross 99,000

Rhyperior's Bumper Burn

Heatran spins through Rhyperior's Bumper Burn.

In Rhyperior's Bumper Burn (Japanese: ドサイドンのおしだしヒートアップ Dosidon's Heat Up Fight), the player must tilt the Wii remote to bump as many Pokémon out of a circular stadium as possible in the given time limit to earn points. These are awarded for bumping other Pokémon out of the stadium and deducted for befriended Pokémon being bumped out of the stadium. Pokémon can unleash a special attack by pressing the 2 button after collecting a power-boost. Some attacks will cause the Pokémon to spin rapidly; others will cause them to explode or unleash an elemental attack. The best Pokémon to play as in this attraction is Heatran.

Rhyperior's Bumper Burn
"Spin around! Bump others out!"
Zone: Lava Zone Cost: 20 Berries
Pokémon Points for Bonus Pokémon Points for Bonus
  Magnemite 1,000   Torterra 14,000
  Pikachu 3,000   Snorlax 16,000
  Bonsly 4,000   Venusaur 18,000
  Baltoy 5,000   Flareon 25,000
  Torkoal 6,000   Hitmontop 30,000
  Quilava 8,000   Tyranitar 40,000
  Claydol 10,000   Rhyperior 50,000
  Magnezone 13,000   Heatran 70,000

Blaziken's Boulder Bash

Groudon smashes boulders in Blaziken's Boulder Bash.

In Blaziken's Boulder Bash (Japanese: バシャーモのパンチングロックス Bursyamo's Punching Rock), players must swing the Wii remote to smash or deflect the rocks shot at them, depending on the timing of the swing. The rocks fly faster as the game progresses and are shot by a giant machine which appears to be controlled by Blaziken (unless the player is playing as this Pokémon) and Golem. If the Pokémon is hit by a rock, the player must shake the Wii remote for it to recover. Points are awarded for the timing of the attack and the number of times the Pokémon destroys a rock in a row. 100 points are awarded if the blow is not completely in time; 300 points are awarded for excellent timing. The points are multiplied by the number of times the Pokémon hits a rock in a row (once is worth 100 or 300 points, twice in a row is worth 200 or 600, three times is worth 300 or 900, etc.). The maximum score is 48,000 and the best Pokémon to play as is Groudon.

Blaziken's Boulder Bash
"Break the flying boulders!"
Zone: Lava Zone Cost: 20 Berries
Pokémon Points for Bonus Pokémon Points for Bonus
  Pikachu 6,000   Machamp 20,000
  Geodude 5,000   Marowak 18,000
  Phanpy 3,000   Farfetch'd 16,000
  Blaziken 30,000   Cranidos 13,000
  Garchomp 28,000   Camerupt 10,000
  Scizor 26,000   Bastiodon 8,000
  Magmortar 24,000   Mawile 7,000
  Hitmonchan 22,000   Groudon 40,000

Tangrowth's Swing-Along

Celebi swings to Tangrowth's Swing-Along.

In Tangrowth's Swing-Along, a series of ropes are set up along the bridge at the entrance of the mansion. The player must swing from rope to rope by swinging the Wii remote back and forth, then pressing B to jump to the next rope without falling and within the time limit. If they fall, they will be placed at the beginning of the bridge. Celebi is the best Pokémon for this attraction.

Tangrowth's Swing-Along
"Ricochet from rope to rope!"
Zone: Haunted Zone Cost: 30 Berries
Pokémon Time for Bonus Pokémon Time for Bonus
  Pikachu 0:30.20 seconds   Raichu 0:28.80 seconds
  Meowth 0:30.40 seconds   Ambipom 0:29.00 seconds
  Pichu 0:30.60 seconds   Primeape 0:29.20 seconds
  Lucario 0:27.80 seconds   Aipom 0:29.40 seconds
  Infernape 0:28.00 seconds   Electabuzz 0:29.60 seconds
  Blaziken 0:28.20 seconds   Chimchar 0:29.80 seconds
  Riolu 0:28.40 seconds   Croagunk 0:30.00 seconds
  Sneasel 0:28.60 seconds   Celebi 0:19.00 seconds

Dusknoir's Speed Slam

Darkrai smashing through Dusknoir's Speed Slam.

Dusknoir's Speed Slam (Japanese: ヨノワールのクラッシュランニング Yonoir's Running Crash) uses the same aim as Bulbasaur's Daring Dash: to reach the end as fast as possible by shaking the Wii remote. However, the view of this six Pokémon race is different from Bulbasaur's attraction and there are obstacles that slow the Pokémon down when it hits them. There are two types of obstacles: stone walls, which will already be there at the start, and Spinarak, which come down in front of players. The player must hit these obstacles unless they use certain Ghost-type Pokémon such as Gengar which just pass through. The best Pokémon to play as in this attraction is Darkrai, who can only be befriended after every Pokémon has gotten a bonus.

Dusknoir's Speed Slam
"A rip-roaring riot of a race!"
Zone: Haunted Zone Cost: 30 Berries
Pokémon Time for Bonus Pokémon Time for Bonus
  Pikachu 0:15.50 seconds   Cranidos 0:12.00 seconds
  Stunky 0:16.00 seconds   Skuntank 0:12.50 seconds
  Gengar 0:09.00 seconds   Voltorb 0:13.00 seconds
  Mismagius 0:09.50 seconds   Gastly 0:13.50 seconds
  Scizor 0:10.00 seconds   Duskull 0:14.00 seconds
  Espeon 0:10.50 seconds   Misdreavus 0:14.50 seconds
  Dusknoir 0:11.00 seconds   Krabby 0:15.00 seconds
  Umbreon 0:11.50 seconds   Darkrai 0:08.00 seconds

Rotom's Spooky Shoot-'em-Up

Rotom sharp shoots in Rotom's Spooky Shoot-'Em-Up.

In Rotom's Spooky Shoot-'em Up, the player must defend themselves from an onslaught of Gastly, Haunter and occasionally one of the Rotom forms. The player points the Wii remote towards the screen and uses the on-screen crosshair to aim their attack at the attacking Pokémon, then press A to launch their attack. A radar at the bottom right corner of the screen will give the player a view of what's behind them. Rotom is the best Pokémon for this attraction.

Rotom's Spooky Shoot-'em-Up
"Keep up the zaps and you won't get trapped!"
Zone: Haunted Zone Cost: 30 Berries
Pokémon Score for Bonus Pokémon Score for Bonus
  Pikachu 2,000   Claydol 6,500
  Magnemite 1,000   Electabuzz 6,000
  Porygon-Z 11,000   Haunter 5,500
  Magnezone 10,000   Abra 5,000
  Gengar 9,000   Elekid 4,000
  Magmortar 8,500   Mr. Mime 3,500
  Electivire 8,000   Baltoy 3,000
  Mismagius 7,500   Rotom 24,000

Absol's Hurdle Bounce

Shaymin leaps its way through Absol's Hurdle Bounce.

Absol's Hurdle Bounce (Japanese: アブソルのつぎつぎハードル Absol's Hurdle Succession) uses the same aim as Bulbasaur's Daring Dash. However, the view of this attraction is different from that of Bulbasaur's and there are hurdles that the player must jump over by pressing the 2 button. If the Pokémon hits the hurdle or trips on it while jumping, it will cause the Pokémon to slow down. The best Pokémon to play as in this attraction is Shaymin, who will start off in its Land Forme but transforms into Sky Forme before it starts running.

Absol's Hurdle Bounce
"Leap the hurdles! Race for the line!"
Zone: Granite Zone Cost: 40 Berries
Pokémon Time for Bonus Pokémon Time for Bonus
  Pikachu 0:18.50 seconds   Infernape 0:14.50 seconds
  Chikorita 0:19.00 seconds   Breloom 0:15.00 seconds
  Absol 0:11.90 seconds   Riolu 0:15.50 seconds
  Lucario 0:12.30 seconds   Furret 0:16.00 seconds
  Ponyta 0:12.70 seconds   Mareep 0:16.50 seconds
  Ninetales 0:13.10 seconds   Eevee 0:17.50 seconds
  Lopunny 0:13.50 seconds   Vulpix 0:18.00 seconds
  Espeon 0:14.00 seconds   Shaymin 0:11.00 seconds

Salamence's Air Ace

Latios blasts through targets in Salamence's Air Ace.

Salamence's Air Ace (Japanese: ボーマンダのスーパースカイレース Bohmander's Super Sky Race), the player must fly through the air by tilting the Wii remote and destroy targets with a projectile attack fired with the 2 button. Once every Pokémon has achieved their bonus, Latios will be unlocked, Latios being the best at this attraction.

Salamence's Air Ace
"Hit the Targets any way you can!"
Zone: Granite Zone Cost: 40 Berries
Pokémon Points for Bonus Pokémon Points for Bonus
  Pikachu* 5,000   Honchkrow 13,000
  Latios 25,000   Gliscor 12,000
  Salamence 20,000   Pidgeotto 10,500
  Charizard 18,000   Togekiss 10,000
  Dragonite 17,000   Golbat 9,000
  Flygon 16,000   Taillow 8,000
  Aerodactyl 15,000   Murkrow 7,000
  Staraptor 14,000   Zubat 6,000

Rayquaza's Balloon Panic

Deoxys makes his way down the balloon in Rayquaza's Balloon Panic.
Deoxys shoots away targets in Rayquaza's Balloon Panic.

In Rayquaza's Balloon Panic, the player runs across a Rayquaza-shaped balloon passing through rings to gain points. At the same time, the player must dodge Electrode and Voltorb as well as avoid falling off the balloon itself. Once the player has reached the other end of the balloon the view will be aimed towards the back of the player and Drifloon, Drifblim, and Rayquaza will fly across the screen holding targets the player must destroy. Occasionally one will have a large X on it which will take away 300 points. During the first half, the player maneuvers by tilting the Wii remote and jumps with 2, while the second half has the player point the Wii remote towards the screen and fire projectiles with A. The best Pokémon for this attraction is Deoxys.

Rayquaza's Balloon Panic
"Frantic fun in the air!"
Zone: Flower Zone Cost: 40 Berries
Pokémon Points for Bonus Pokémon Points for Bonus
  Pikachu 15,000   Gliscor 12,000
  Deoxys 54,000   Rhyperior 29,000
  Lucario 45,000   Absol 28,000
  Glaceon 42,000   Breloom 27,000
  Luxray 40,000   Mareep 24,000
  Flygon 16,000   Cyndaquil 23,000
  Mamoswine 34,000   Totodile 22,000
  Infernape 33,000   Chikorita 20,000
  Floatzel 32,000   Mime Jr. 17,000

PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond

Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott engaging in a multiplayer attraction

PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond has four known Attractions, each of which can accommodate 1 to 4 players. Additionally, the only Pokémon that can participate in the attractions are Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott. During the story, the attractions are used to brainwash the guests of Wish Park and, as such, the Pokémon will exhibit behavior pertaining to the attraction in their area whilst brainwashed, such as exaggerated cake cravings or aggressive behavior.

Cake Contraption

"Aim and shoot at cake ingredients, and make a lot of delicious cake!"

In Cake Contraption (Japanese: スイーツファクトリー Sweets Factory), players point the Wii Remote at the screen and fire at various types of confectioneries.

The first half of the game is similar to Whac-A-Mole where Patrat will appear out of a number of holes in a panel, holding pistachio-like nuts which the player fires at. Occasionally a Watchog will appear with a spotted nut worth bonus points. The second half has two Audino tossing lobs of dough into the air which then come falling down to the ground. The player must shoot the lobs of dough, turning them into a cake the first shot, then decorating them on the second shot. Yamask, Vanillite, and Cottonee occasionally fly by with gold dough worth bonus points.

Dance Inferno

"Dance like Lopunny! Dance well, and you'll get everybody's attention!"

In Dance Inferno (Japanese: ゴージャスダンシング Gorgeous Dancing), players move the Wii remote in the motion the icons at the bottom require them to move. With better accuracy and timing comes a better score. The Target Score is 25,000 points.

Power Bash

"Have a showdown with approaching Pokémon! Defeat as many Pokémon to get a high score!"

In Power Bash (Japanese: スラッシュファイト Slash Fight), players must knock out Pokémon by swinging the Wii remote, while avoiding bombs by pressing A. If the player accidentally performs the wrong action at the wrong time, they will be penalized. The target score is 10,000 points.

Flight of Fancy

"Fly through the sky, and collect lots of gems along the way!"

In Flight of Fancy (Japanese: ワンダーフライト Wonder Flight), players tilt the Wii remote in the direction they want to move to collect gems in the sky. The Target Score is 15,000 points.



  • Flight of Fancy bears a striking resemblance to being launched from a Launch Star in Super Mario Galaxy and one planet also bears a striking resemblance to a planet from the game.

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