Articuno Island

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Articuno Island, or the Prussian Town Pokémon Network is a former hostee of Bulbagarden. The site was owned and operated by Arti Cuno, who is now known as Faeore Lacua of Ice She started the site in 1998 as the Prussian Town Pokémon Network, named after a town in Arti's fanfics.

The site became a hostee of BMG when Bulba offered Arti the spot. Articuno Island thrived and was an affiliate of the main site for many years until BMG fell the first time and Arti had found a domain to use. A network of sites was created, starting with AI, many of which still exist today. Among them are Caterpie Forest and SPP.

As a stand-alone site, PPN changed its name to Articuno Island, another place in Arti's fanfic universe. The website was still affiliated with BMG and began to host sites and report on various Pokémon news until 2002 when Arti lost interest in Pokémon and time to update and the site became an archive for her fanfics.

Notable staff members

  • Arti Cuno - webmistress/artist/fanfic writer
  • Cferra/Ledian_X
  • Dragonice
  • Sinko
  • Meowthy
  • Freakachu- co webmistress
  • Tonberry7

Notable Network members

At its peak, Articuno Island had 63 network members and six hostees. Some former hostees include:

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