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Lumiose City

Lumiose City

Lumiose City is a dazzling metropolis of art and artifice, and the most famous city in the region. Massive buildings and winding streets await at every turn, but an odd blackout restricts visitors to the city's south side for now.

South Boulevard

Before long, Sina and Dexio reappear. She leads the way to Professor Sycamore's lab, a smaller building off to the west. Before entering the building, be sure to visit the Pokémon Center across the street for a quick rest.

Pokémon Center

Speak to the PokéMilage representative to trade Poké Miles for items. The number of collected Poké Miles can be viewed on the Trainer Card, and are earned by trading Pokémon, passing by other players via StreetPass, and simply traveling around the region. They can also be redeemed on the Pokémon Global Link.

Item Worth Item Worth
  Berry Juice 10   Moomoo Milk 20
  Full Heal 30   Max Repel 35
  Hyper Potion 60   Ultra Ball 60
  Ether 120   Max Potion 125
  Full Restore 300   Max Revive 400
  Rare Candy 500   PP Up 1000

Sycamore Pokémon Lab

Inside, Sina reveals that Professor Sycamore is waiting on the third floor. On the way, speak to a female Scientist on 2F to receive five Luxury Balls. On 3F, the professor greets you and leads the way to his office, where he evaluates your Pokédex. Shauna and Serena/Calem arrive a moment later, and the professor suggests having a battle—with him! He uses three rare Pokémon, and while their levels are not very threatening, their diverse types can make coverage a bit more challenging.

Afterwards, he compliments you and asks that you take a second Pokémon from him. Though not necessary, it may be a good idea to choose one of a different type than the Pokémon received in Aquacorde.

Grass Poison Fire Water
  Ivysaur   Charmeleon   Wartortle
Grass Poison Fire Water
  Venusaur   Charizard   Blastoise
Grass Poison Fire Flying Water

After that, Professor Sycamore also hands out the corresponding Mega Stone; Venusaurite for Bulbasaur, either Charizardite X or Charizardite Y for Charmander, and Blastoisinite for Squirtle. These mysterious stones cannot be used just yet, but will eventually enable these Pokémon to Mega Evolve during battle! He gives Shauna and Serena/Calem a chance to choose their Pokémon before Tierno and Trevor arrive. Sycamore gives a quick pep talk about being the best Trainer possible, and asks for help discovering the Kalos region's biggest mystery: the secret and potential of Mega Evolution. He suggests looking for hints in Camphrier Town to the southwest. On the way out, talk to the female Scientist on 3F to receive TM54 (False Swipe), a restrained attack that is useful for catching Pokémon.

On 1F, Sina is talking to a man with wild red hair, who introduces himself as Lysandre. He intends to learn about Pokémon in order to build a better future. He talks about the Holo Caster, and making a more beautiful world. As he leaves, she worriedly wonders what kind of beautiful world he envisions. The others appear from Sycamore's office, and Serena/Calem asks to talk in Café Soleil, off to the west.

PR Video Studio

The PR Video Studio is located just west of Sycamore's lab. This facility allows Trainers to film ten-second promotional videos, which can be shared over the PSS. Speak to the clerk on the left to choose a style—Energetic, Cool, or Fun—before heading to the recording studio. The studio staff will create the first video, but afterwards Trainers may choose to create their own, down to the individual second. There are over 200 options to adjust when filming a video. Becoming more stylish will unlock new background music, poses, special effects, and backgrounds. Other options will also appear after meeting certain conditions, like entering the Hall of Fame or using the PSS frequently. Completed videos can be edited from any PC.

After filming the first video, speak to the Punk Girl on the set. Impressed with your first video, she hands out a Lens Case to mark the occasion. The Lens Case holds several pairs of contact lenses, which allows you to change eye color at any fitting room. In the green room, female Trainers can apply a variety of makeup, while male Trainers can opt for facial hair or temporary tattoos.

Coiffure Clips

Coiffure Clips is a salon between the Pokémon Center and Café Soleil. Their services allow a Trainer to change hairstyle, hair color, or both. Prices range from  1500 to  3000. New hairstyles can be unlocked by becoming more stylish.

Café Soleil

Continue west to find Serena/Calem standing outside Café Soleil. The two head inside, where they find Lysandre speaking to a costumed woman. Serena/Calem says that Lysandre is the head of Lysandre Labs, which created the Holo Caster. Lysandre insists that as a famous movie star, Diantha should want to stay young and beautiful forever, but she is happy to play many different roles. Given the choice, he would make the world a beautiful, unchanging place. He leaves, and she introduces herself before leaving as well.

Shutterbug Café

Shutterbug Café, on the southwest side of town, is the go-to place for aspiring photographers. Having already earned the first badge, it is possible to call Phil the Photo Guy from any of the Photo Spot signs scattered across the region. Phil sets up his camera, then it is up to you to take the perfect shot. Talk to the Backpacker here to earn items based on the number of pictures taken; a Wide Lens for 1-14 photos, a Scope Lens for 15-29 photos, and a Zoom Lens for 30 or more.

Location (signpost) Backdrop Location (signpost) Backdrop
Aquacorde Town (northeast corner) The plaza Parfum Palace (southeast corner) The palace
Route 7 (west of Battle Chateau) The river Geosenge Town (east side) Stone formation
Shalour City (on the beach) Tower of Mastery Azure Bay (southernmost sandy island) Sea and sky
Lumiose City (Centrico Plaza) Prism Tower Frost Cavern (south of the entrance) Cavern entrance
Anistar City (east of the sundial) The sundial Couriway Town (next to Couriway Hotel) The smaller waterfalls
Snowbelle City (south of the Gym) The city's west side Pokémon League (east of the Pokémon Center) League entrance

Office Buildings

The westernmost office building is located to the northwest of Shutterbug Café. Talk to the Roller Skater in the lobby to learn a new trick, the parallel swizzle. Other Roller Skaters in the city have their own tricks to teach, but they cannot be met until later.

Trick Action Controls Learned in Notes
Spin Spin in a circle Rotate Circle Pad left or right Known from the beginning
Dash Kick off ground to speed up Move Circle Pad hard in any direction Known from the beginning
Parallel swizzle Swing body left and right Press lightly on Circle Pad Lumiose City
Drift-and-dash Change direction and double the speed Move Circle Pad in opposite direction Lumiose City (Vert Plaza)
Backflip Backflip over a ledge Jump a ledge while dashing or doing a parallel swizzle Lumiose City (North Boulevard) Must be learned by speaking to a Roller Skater
The 360 Turn in a circle while jumping a ledge Jump a ledge while rotating Circle Pad Lumiose City (Café Rouleau on Estival Avenue) Must be learned by speaking to a Roller Skater
Cosmic flip Spin and flip over a ledge Jump a ledge while doing a drift-and-dash Lost Hotel on Route 15 Requires knowing the Backflip and 360

A second office building stands across the street from Shutterbug Café. Speak to the girl in the lobby for a Quick Claw. After that, talk to the two men in the northeast corner of 2F; one hands out three Quick Balls, while the other hands out three Timer Balls.

A third building, the Lumiose Transportation Office, is located near the Route 4 entrance. The woman at the counter details the city's three methods of transportation; the Gogoat Shuttle, an inexpensive and leisurely ride between North and South Boulevards; the Lumi Cab, an expensive but fast ride that leads directly to the destination; and the TMV, a high-speed rail that runs to the far-off Kiloude City. Unfortunately, all three methods are currently inoperable due to the blackout.

Café Introversion

Café Introversion, near the Route 4 entrance, is a quiet place for shy people that still enjoy all kinds of communication features.

Restaurant Le Nah

Restaurant Le Nah is a one-star restaurant near the city's Route 4 entrance. Here, patrons can pay  3000 to engage in Double Battles against Chef Roger. By defeating him each time in two turns or less, it is possible to win up to 15 Tiny Mushrooms.

Vernal Avenue

Vernal Avenue can be explored after meeting Professor Sycamore.

Stone Emporium

The Stone Emporium offers several kinds of evolution stones.

  Fire Stone
  Leaf Stone
  Water Stone

In addition, an old man near the counter offers to sell the remaining Mega Stones for the two Pokémon not obtained from Professor Sycamore. His starting price is  1,000,000 but this will drop as low as  10,000 as you become more stylish.


Next door to the Stone Emporium, the Herboriste offers potent herbs as an alternative to traditional medicines like Potions. Although more affordable, their bitter taste can make a Pokémon unhappy.

  Heal Powder
  Energy Root
  Revival Herb

Friseur Furfrou

Friseur Furfrou is located north of the Herboriste. Furfrou is a prized Pokémon in Kalos, and it has become trendy to have them groomed into fantastic styles. Star, Diamond, and Heart styles are available initially, while others are unlocked later. Furfrou can be found on Route 5. A Furfrou's coat grows back five days later.

Café Woof

Café Woof is a favorite hangout spot for Furfrou admirers.

Café Classe

Café Classe is popular with fashion lovers. The girl behind the counter describes the lineups of the specialty boutiques across the region.

Location Clothing
Santalune City Hats, buttons
Lumiose City Upscale shirts, jackets, pants
Cyllage City Sporty, brightly-colored clothes
Laverre City Simple, casual clothes
Anistar City Hottest street fashions
Snowbelle City Basic mix-and-match items, parkas

Boutique Couture

Boutique Couture is an upscale shop that only accepts the most stylish patrons.

Gate to Route 5

In the gate to Route 5, you are stopped by a man who introduces himself as Mr. Bonding. He quickly explains O-Powers, which can be used via the PSS to cause several useful effects. He enables Attack Power and Defense Power, which increase the respective stat for a limited time.

It is now possible to use the Gogoat Shuttle.

Route 5

Route 5

Route 5, or Versant Road, runs southwest of Lumiose City to Camphrier Town. The sloping path features a public skate park, and several rails that lead to valuable items.

Meet Korrina

Immediately upon reaching Route 5, you are approached by a Lucario. Its Trainer rolls up on her skates a second later with her other Lucario, and suggests that the first may have been drawn in by your aura. She introduces herself as Korrina, the Gym Leader of Shalour City, and the three depart.

Tierno and Trevor

Tierno and Trevor can be found a short distance to the southwest of the Skate Park. They are having a conversation about Tierno's dancing as you arrive, and Tierno challenges you to a battle.

Afterwards, Trevor explains Horde Encounters. These battles occur when five wild Pokémon appear at once. All five are usually of the same species, though sometimes four of one species will be accompanied by an individual of another. These Pokémon appear at a lower level than others in the area, but all five can attack in a single turn. It is impossible to attempt capture until only one remains, but a Pokémon found this way may have its Hidden Ability. Trevor hands out three jars of Honey, which can be used to trigger a wild battle, with a decent chance of it being a Horde Encounter.

Berry Tree

Climb the hill past Tierno and Trevor, then head south. Ride the rail downhill to reach the first of the region's Berry trees. Four berries are out of reach, but a fifth Oran Berry can be collected from the ground. Each tree yields one Berry per week.

Berry Produced Tree Location Berry Produced Tree Location Berry Produced Tree Location
  Oran Berry Route 5   Aguav Berry Route 6   Persim Berry Route 7
  Mago Berry Route 8   Iapapa Berry Route 10   Sitrus Berry Route 11
  Aspear Berry Route 12   Roseli Berry Route 14   Leppa Berry Route 15
  Lum Berry Route 16   Wacan Berry Route 18   Yache Berry Route 19
  Kasib Berry Route 20   Figy Berry Route 21   Tanga Berry Route 22

Traffic Cones and a TM

On the route's west side, Roller Skaters Winnie and Florin are racing around a pair of traffic cones. Head north past them to reach a grind rail; this one has a notch in it, so build up some speed before going across. A second rail is located just west of the first, and this one leads to an item. This item ball is colored yellow, which indicates a TM or HM; in this case, TM01 (Hone Claws).

Camphrier Town

Camphrier Town

Few settlements in Kalos are as old as Camphrier Town. Time has not been kind, and the residents are desperate to win over visitors and bring crowds of tourists back to their cobbled streets and empty manor.

Meet Cassius

Visit the northeast cottage to find a powerful machine that is run by a Punk Guy named Cassius. It turns out that he runs the PC Storage System at the request of Bill, a friend in the distant Kanto region. After meeting him, the option shown on the PC changes from Someone's PC to Cassius's PC. It is even possible to access the PC Boxes by inspecting his server. He is happy to teach visitors all about PC Boxes, and one of the Punk Girls gives out TM46 (Thief).

Name Rater

Speak to the old man inside the Pokémon Center, and he introduces himself as the official Name Rater. He is happy to critique your Pokémon's nicknames, and also allows you to change them.

Hotel Camphrier

Hotel Camphrier stands in the southwest part of town. Speak to the Rising Star in the lobby to receive a Full Heal. On Tuesdays, speaking to a traveler on the second floor will result in a Shock Ribbon.

Mr. Bonding can be found on the second floor. This time, he enables the Sp. Atk. Power, and details the advantages of these powers.

Tasty Treats

Visit the northwest cottage and speak to the man inside. He would like to see a certain type of Pokémon, and when he does, he allows your choice of reward. He offers a Cheri Berry, Chesto Berry, Pecha Berry, Rawst Berry, and Aspear Berry to choose from. The type of Pokémon he wants to see is random, and changes every day.

Talk to the Maid in the same building to receive a Sweet Heart, a piece of chocolate that heals 20 HP. This can be done once per day.

Shabboneau Castle

Shabboneau Castle is located on the north side of town. The empty chateau once belonged to a generous noble family, who gave most of their belongings away. Cross the drawbridge and step inside to find Shauna talking with the building's caretaker. Professor Sycamore had hoped that more could be learned about Mega Evolution here, but the caretaker has never heard of it before. Suddenly, a man enters and calls the caretaker away to a problem on Route 7, and Shauna suggests going there as well. Before leaving, be sure to collect the Escape Rope on the second floor.

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