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Route 2

Route 2

Route 2, or Avance Trail, connects Aquacorde Town and Santalune Forest. The path is a bit longer than Route 1, and has several patches of tall grass that wild Pokémon love to hide in.

Catching a Pokémon

Serena/Calem and Shauna are a few steps ahead, waiting near the second grass patch. Your neighbor plans to demonstrate how to catch a Pokémon, and walks into the tall grass to find one. A wild Bunnelby attacks, and the Trainer uses her/his Fletchling to weaken the animal before throwing a Poké Ball. Afterwards, she/he gives the others ten Poké Balls each before leaving to the north. Be sure to battle many Pokémon; not only does a Trainer's Pokémon earn experience by defeating others, it also earns experience by helping to catch Pokémon!

Santalune Forest

Santalune Forest

The lush Santalune Forest is situated between Route 2 and Route 3. The area is filled with tall grass, making it a great place for catching Pokémon. But this has also attracted several Pokémon Trainers who are eager to test their skills!

The Group Returns

Shauna catches up to you just inside the entrance, and asks to tag along. She offers to heal your Pokémon at any time, making her an ideal traveling companion. Go west to collect an Antidote and a Potion, then pick up a second Potion near the entrance. Head northeast to find the rest of the group; Trevor is searching for wild Pokémon, while Tierno battles a Youngster. Just north of them, Shauna excitedly notices an item in the tall grass—a Paralyze Heal, which she hands over to you. Battle Youngster Joey and continue westward to find Serena/Calem, who hands over a Poké Ball. Turn south to battle Lass Anna, then fight Lass Lise to reach a second Poké Ball. Go west for a third Potion, then head north. The rest of the group catches up, and the five Trainers leave the forest together.

Route 3

Route 3

Route 3, or Ouvert Way, is a short path that links Santalune Forest and Santalune City. Continue the hunt for new Pokémon before heading into town!

The Group Departs

After leaving the forest, everyone gathers for a quick meeting. Trevor and Tierno make plans to catch more Pokémon, but Serena/Calem is more interested in challenging the Gym Leader of the nearby city. Before the meeting ends, she/he gives each person an Adventure Rules handbook that lists ten tips every Pokémon Trainer should know.

Santalune City

Santalune City

Santalune City is a bustling hub of Pokémon Trainer activity. The city is home to the first Pokémon Center that young Trainers will come across, as well as the Trainers' School and the Santalune Gym. Route 22 stretches out to the east, while Route 4 lies to the north.

Pokémon Center

Upon entering the building with the red door, Tierno shows up to explain all about Pokémon Centers. These hospitals restore a Trainer's Pokémon to full health and eliminate any status ailments that may afflict them. The PC can be used to organize Pokémon, and the Poké Mart on the right side sells various items like Potions and Poké Balls. The left side of the building is occupied by a changing room, where Trainers can change their outfit. Mom packed you a change of clothes, but other accessories may be purchased at the boutiques scattered across the region.

Santalune Boutique

The local boutique can be found just east of the Pokémon Center. This shop offers several hats and button accessories for sale. Like the other boutiques, the selection changes daily.

Time for a Trade

In the house to the west of the fountain, a Hiker named Cliff is looking to trade Pokémon. He offers his Farfetch'd, nicknamed Quacklin', in exchange for a Bunnelby. Farfetch'd are quite rare, and this one even knows Aerial Ace, a perfect move to use at the local Gym.

Trainers' School

The Trainers' School is located to the north of the fountain. Inside, the teacher hands out three X Attacks and three X Defenses. The whiteboard at the front of the room lists several status ailments that can affect a Pokémon.

Ailment Effect(s)
BURNED Attack drops to 50%; inflicts damage equal to 1/8 of maximum HP every turn. Fire-type Pokémon are immune to this condition.
FROZEN Cannot move until thawed, 20% chance per turn. Ice-type Pokémon are immune to this condition.
PARALYZE Speed drops to 25%; cannot attack a quarter of the time. Electric-type Pokémon are immune to this condition.
POISONED Inflicts damage equal to 1/8 of maximum HP every turn. Poison-type Pokémon cannot be Poisoned or Badly Poisoned.
ASLEEP Cannot move for one to three turns.

Rinka the Roller Skater

The Gym is blocked off by Rinka, the Roller Skater that nearly collided with you on Route 3. She cannot believe that you do not own a pair of Roller Skates, and offers to hand over a pair if she is defeated in battle. These Roller Skates, which allow faster travel than the Running Shoes, can be used by moving the Circle Pad. They also allow movement that is not restricted to the eight-directional grid. To kick them off, move the character with the D-Pad.

Santalune Gym

Santalune Gym

The Santalune Gym specializes in Bug-type Pokémon, which are vulnerable to Fire-, Flying-, and Rock-type moves. The Grass-type Chespin may struggle here, especially if it has not learned Rollout, a Rock attack. Good Pokémon to bring with you on your gym challenge are the Fire-type Pansear which learns Incinerate at level 10 and is found back in Santalune Forest, Fletchling which learns a Flying move at level 10 and can be found almost everywhere you've already been, Dunsparce from Route 3 which learns Rock-type move Rollout at level 3, and/or the Fire-type Litleo on Route 22. The Gym Leader is a professional photographer, and the ground-floor gallery displays images of Metapod and Butterfree on the rear wall. A pole leads down to the basement, to the center of a giant spider web. Wider parts of the web can be traveled on, while the path to the Gym Leader is marked by dewdrops. Viola's Surskit takes neutral damage from Fire moves, and can temporarily weaken all Fire attacks with Water Sport. Her Vivillon's Infestation prevents the target from switching, and inflicts damage for several turns after use. The traded Farfetch'd can be a big help with its Aerial Ace, and the secondary types of Viola's Pokémon share a weakness to Electric-type attacks.

Santalune Gym

Defeated, Viola awards you the Bug Badge, which ensures obedience from all Pokémon up to level 30. She also hands over TM83 (Infestation) as a prize. To exit the Gym, climb the stairs behind the Gym Leader to re-emerge on the ground floor from behind her Butterfree portrait.

The Journalist

At the exit to Route 4, you are stopped by a woman who introduces herself as Alexa, a journalist and older sister to Viola. She seems impressed that a young Trainer managed to defeat her sister, and suggests visiting her at the publishing house in Lumiose City. Before leaving, she hands over the Exp. Share, an item that distributes experience points to all party members, even those that did not battle. This can be turned off and on at any time.

Route 4

Route 4

Route 4, or Parterre Way, stretches north from Santalune City to Lumiose City. Its perfectly executed gardens are a special point of pride, and the plaza surrounding Perle Fountain is a favorite spot for Roller Skaters. There is no tall grass here, but the colorful flower patches hide their own Pokémon.

Sina and Dexio

At the route's north end, two people are standing outside the gate to Lumiose City. They ask if you have seen a Flabébé, explaining that it is one of the newly discovered Fairy-type Pokémon. They work for Professor Sycamore, and have been researching this new type by battling Fairy Pokémon against other types at the professor's request. They introduce themselves as Sina and Dexio, then offer to lead the way to Sycamore's lab in the big city. Inside the gate, Dexio asks about the bond you have with your starter Pokémon before handing over TM27 (Return).

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