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Snowbelle City

Snowbelle City

Snowbelle City stands between Route 19 to the east, Route 20 to the south, and Route 21 to the west. You've traveled far to reach this snowcapped city, home of the eighth and final Gym. Unfortunately, the local Gym Leader isn't around when you first arrive. You'll need to track him down in the worrisomely-named Winding Woods before you can claim your final Badge.

Pokémon Center

Mr. Bonding is warming up inside the local Pokémon Center. Speak to him to receive a new O-Power, PP Restoring Power. This lets you replenish your lead Pokémon's Power Points, which will be a great help soon when you set out on the long path through Victory Road.

There is also a woman near the PC who talks about the Gracidea, a type of flower that resembles those of a certain legendary Pokémon from the far-off Sinnoh region. Speak to her with a Shaymin in your party to receive one of these flowers, which allows the Pokémon to change form.

Move Tutor

The southwest house belongs to an old man and his wife. This Move Tutor can teach your starter Pokémon the ultimate move of its type. These attacks are so powerful that the user is forced to rest on the next turn.

Ultimate Move Type Learned by
Frenzy Plant         
Blast Burn         
Hydro Cannon         

Time for a Trade

The woman in the northwest house is looking to trade. She would like to have a Jigglypuff, and would gladly trade her Bisharp for it. Jigglypuff can be found on Route 20 and in Pokémon Village.

Route 20

Route 20

Route 20, or Winding Woods, leads south from Snowbelle City to Pokémon Village. The path was designed to disturb the woods as little as possible, so it meanders its way among the trees. Some of these trails seem to bend the very laws of nature by leading back to previous areas. Try to keep your bearings as you search for the Gym Leader.


The first stretch of woods houses a large boulder covered in moss. Take the western passage to reach a Kasib Berry tree and a Paralyze Heal, then backtrack and head south from the boulder.

Area 1

Take the southern passage to reach a dead-end with a Meadow Plate, then backtrack and head west.

Area 2

Go west past Twins Nana & Nina, then take the southern passage. Visit the clearing beyond to find Poké Fan Roisin and a hidden Antidote, then backtrack to the Twins and hike northward.

Area 3

Go north toward Fairy Tale Girl Wynne, then take the western passage.

Area 4

Cut down the tree to reach Poké Fan Corey and a Protein in the patch of red flowers behind him. Check the tree stumps for a hidden Repeat Ball before returning to the previous area.

Area 3

This time, take the southwest passage near Fairy Tale Girl Wynne and cross the circular clearing beyond.

Area 5

This stretch of forest is shaped like the letter "J". Go east to reach a dead-end circular clearing with a hidden Mental Herb.

Area 6

After collecting the Mental Herb and heading back west, you are transported to a T-shaped clearing. Inspect one of the bare patches of earth to find a Tiny Mushroom, then take the southern passage.

Area 7

Head west and climb the stairway to reach an X Accuracy and a hidden Balm Mushroom. Descend, Cut down the tree, and take the western passage. This leads to a dead-end with Hex Maniac Desdemona and TM53 (Energy Ball). Grab the item and head back east.

Area 5

This returns you to the J-shaped clearing. Go southwest to reach the exit.

Pokémon Village

Pokémon Village

Pokémon Village is a secret home to runaway Pokémon who have been mistreated by cruel Trainers. As a result, most of the Pokémon here are timid and will flee at the sight of most humans—that is, unless they sense a strong friendship between the visitor and their Pokémon.

Meet Wulfric

After trekking through the Winding Woods, you finally meet Snowbelle's Gym Leader, Wulfric. As you approach, the group of Pokémon that he was checking up on scatters. Realizing that you aim to challenge him, the Gym Leader apologizes for making you travel all this way. Once he reassures the local Pokémon that you are a friend, he departs for the Gym. Visit with the group of Pokémon here to receive a Chople Berry and a Pretty Wing.

Unknown Dungeon

Surf upriver to reach a cave known as the Unknown Dungeon. Because of the powerful Pokémon inside, the man standing here only allows Champions to enter. Be sure to return later to investigate his claims...

Snowbelle City

Snowbelle Gym

Snowbelle Gym

The Snowbelle Gym specializes in Ice-type Pokémon. Use Fire-, Fighting-, Rock-, and Steel-type attacks to deal serious damage, and avoid using Grass, Flying, Ground, and Dragon Pokémon. The Gym's layout seems straightforward at first, but it's more complex than it seems. Each Gym Trainer stands near a colored button; defeat each Trainer, and you'll be able to step on the buttons that they guard. Each time a button is pressed, the matching section of the building rotates, altering the arrangement of the connecting paths.

Battle Ace Trainer Imelda near the pink button, then press the button twice to reach the blue platform. Fight Ace Trainer Viktor, then press the blue button three times. Return to the pink button and press it three more times to reach the center bridge and the yellow platform. Fight Ace Trainer Shannon near the green button, then battle Ace Trainer Theo near the yellow button. Press the yellow button once, and the green button three times to reach the Gym Leader.

Wulfric leads with his Abomasnow, which immediately summons a hailstorm with its Snow Warning Ability; this damages all non-Ice Pokémon for five turns. Use Fire attacks to take it down quickly. His Cryogonal can prolong the storm with its Hail move, and deal serious damage to Rock Pokémon with Flash Cannon; use physical attacks to target its poor Defense. Take out his Avalugg as soon as possible; its Ice Body Ability restores its health during a hailstorm, and Curse raises its physical stats, which combined can become a serious problem. Its Defense is above-average, so opt for special moves rather than physical moves.

Snowbelle Gym

Defeated, Wulfric awards you the Iceberg Badge, which ensures obedience from all Pokémon, and enables the use of Waterfall in the field. He also gives you TM13 (Ice Beam) as a prize to mark your final victory against a Gym Leader.

With all eight Gym Badges in hand, your next destination is the Pokémon League. But in order to get there, you must first travel through the expansive Victory Road. Take a break at the Pokémon Center, and stock up on health- and status-restoring items before heading west to Route 21.

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