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Route 18

Route 18

Route 18, or Vallée Étroite Way, is a lush mountain trail that runs southeast from Anistar City to Couriway Town. The area is best known for a recently-closed coal mine and the Inverse Battle House.

Inverse Battle house

Visit the house on the hill past the bridge to meet a Psychic who has invented a new type of battle, the Inverse Battle. In these unusual battles, the type chart is completely reversed. Moves that would normally be super-effective against their target are considered not very effective, and vice versa. For example, this means that Fire moves deal greater damage to Water Pokémon, and Dragon-type attacks can now hit Fairy Pokémon. You can have an Inverse Battle against Psychic Inver once per day. If you win, he rewards you with a Rare Candy, Berry, or Evolution stone. If none of your Pokémon faint during battle, he rewards you with three of the same item.

Terminus Cave

The abandoned coal mine near the Inverse Battle house is known as Terminus Cave. It is possible to explore most of the cave at this point, but an Ace Trainer prevents anyone from reaching the deepest chamber. Professor Sycamore is waiting for you in Couriway Town, and there is surely some catching up to do after the events in Geosenge Town, so it may be best to hurry along for now. Perhaps you will return someday to investigate the rumors of a monster lurking in its dark tunnels...

Couriway Town

Couriway Town

The rushing roar of Couriway Town's giant waterfall is surprisingly soothing. The railway brings people from across the region to see the huge, majestic falls. Even though you're only passing through, don't let that stop you from taking a moment to enjoy the awesome spectacle of nature.

Meet up with Sycamore

As you approach the bridge, Professor Sycamore appears. He apologizes for not realizing the errors of Lysandre's ways any sooner, then challenges you to a friendly battle. He has been brushing up on his skills, so expect a tougher fight this time around!

Talk with the Townspeople

Speaking with the residents is both informative and profitable, so be sure to visit with everyone!

  • Climb the stairway to Couriway Station and talk to the Madame to receive TM89 (U-turn).
  • Visit the house near the Pokémon Center. The Schoolgirl inside wants to see a Pokémon with Nuzzle. Show her a Pokémon, like Pikachu or Dedenne, that knows this move to get a Revive.
  • Stop by the house south of the bridge and speak to the Beauty inside. She wants to see how well you know your first Pokémon, and quizzes you on its height and weight. Answer correctly to obtain either a Miracle Seed, Charcoal, or Mystic Water.

Couriway Hotel

Couriway Hotel is located on the south side of town. Talk to the girl in the lobby for another quizzical question; answer correctly to obtain TM55 (Scald).

Mr. Bonding can be found upstairs, waiting to meet you again. This time, he grants you the Stealth Power O-Power, which decreases the chance of encountering wild Pokémon.

On Fridays, there is a woman upstairs who will give a Relax Ribbon to your lead Pokémon.

Route 19

Route 19

Route 19, or Grande Vallée Way, consists of a large valley between Couriway Town in the northeast and Snowbelle City in the southwest. Many flowers line the upper path, while the lower path leads to a less-inviting swampy basin. The route's most impressive landmark is the long bridge that spans the swampy gorge.

Challenge Accepted

As you cross the lengthy bridge that spans the great valley, Shauna arrives and challenges you to a battle.

  Player chose Chespin

  Player chose Fennekin

  Player chose Froakie

The moment that you finish your battle with Shauna, Tierno and Trevor appear. Tierno wastes no time in challenging you to another battle.

After the battle, Trevor decides to join the crowd and challenge you as well. He likes a fair fight though, and heals your Pokémon before battle.

That was a lot of battling, but don't worry, Serena/Calem is off training with the Mega Evolution guru, so that's it for now. Tierno and Trevor run off to catch more Pokémon, and Shauna gives you HM05 (Waterfall), a gift from the group, before joining them.

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