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Phenac City

Remember why you came here in the first place? To warn the Mayor about Cipher's attack before they strike!

Before heading to the Mayor's House, hiding behind the house in the lower right of the city is a box containing 3 Ultra Balls, and upstairs on a ledge next to the Shop is another box with 2 Hyper Potions.

Head to the Mayor's House, it's to the left of that giant circle place called the Pre-Gym. Head inside. The secretary won't let you upstairs into the Mayor's room, so you'll have to find a distraction. She says she'd like some music, so head outside and now head to the building to the right of the Pre-Gym. Inside, the man has... whaddya know... a Music Disc! He'll let you have it, so take it back to the Mayor's House. Give the CD to the secretary. She plays the music, leaving the entrance to upstairs wide open. Sneak up there while the secretary listens to the music.

The Mayor isn't upstairs, but there is a note on the bed. Read it. It's a note from the Mayor to Justy, telling Justy of Cipher's plan. The note appears to have been cut short. You'll find the secretary standing right behind you, revealing she was a Cipher Peon in disguise!

After beating her, you've gotta get out of here! Rush downstairs, and you'll find another Peon is already waiting for you!

Cipher Peon Gonrag

Head outside, and you'll see something you don't see everyday. Justy walks out of the Pre Gym... six times. Hmm, six... six... where have I heard that number recently? They do their theme song, which sounds very familiar... It's the Hexagon Brothers in disguise! Track down all six of them around town. Each of them drop a little reward. They'll have their Shadow Pokémon if you missed them.

  • Resix is just outside the house where you got the music. He'll drop the Battle CD 19 afterwards.
  • Blusix is right outside the entrance to the city. He'll drop the Battle CD 16 afterwards.
  • Greesix is just outside of the Mayor's House. He'll drop the Battle CD 28 afterwards.
  • Purpsix is just outside the Pre-Gym. He'll drop the Battle CD 08 afterwards.
  • Browsix is at the Mayor's House. He'll drop the Battle CD 32 afterwards.
  • Yellosix is at the Mayor's House. He'll drop the Battle CD 27 afterwards.

Cipher Peon Resix

Cipher Peon Blusix

Cipher Peon Greesix

Cipher Peon Purpsix

Cipher Peon Browsix

Cipher Peon Yellosix

With all of them covered, enter the Pre-Gym. Throughout your short little escapade here, you'll face three Cipher Peons.

Cipher Peon Eloin

Cipher Peon Fasin

Cipher Peon Fostin

After they're dealt with, Fostin will spill the beans. All of the townsfolk that have been impersonated are in the Pre Gym's basement. You'll need the Elevator Key, which Fostin nor anyone else so far has... Head outside and talk to the little boy. There's commotion up in Phenac Stadium, at the farthest north in the city. Head there. On your way there... BAM! another Cipher Peon.

Cipher Peon Greck

Now that you're in there, the place is eerily empty. Take either door, it takes you to the same place. Remember to heal if you ever get tired. You'll get ambushed by two Cipher Peons upon entering.

Cipher Peon Ezin

Cipher Peon Faltly

You're almost there. Head deeper into the arena and you'll see Cipher Admin Snattle threatening Marcia. Snattle will send out his lackey to deal with you.

Cipher Peon Egrog

Snattle will then challenge you to a battle.

Snagging Snattle's Lunatone will be tough, and his Metang is devastating. He's not that hard, but still.

After beating Snattle, he will run off on national television! Pick up what Snattle dropped. It's the Elevator Key. With great haste, head to the Pre-Gym, use the Elevator Key on the elevator, and you can free the innocent citizens. After lots of chit-chat, Justy will ask for your P☆DA number. Give it to him, and voila. He'll give you a hint that there's a few shady characters going somewhere in the desert.

You can also head back down the elevator afterwards to collect Battle CD 35, just to the right of the elevator, laying in the sand.

The Day Care in Agate Village is also reopened after freeing the citizens.

Head to the Mayor's House and he'll thank you for defeating Snattle. He'll give you the beloved Exp. Share, quite rare in Orre.

Upon trying to head to the location Justy told you to go, the Scooter's tires will sink down into the deep sand and you'll be forced to turn back to Phenac City.

Back in Phenac City, the lady near the entrance will inform you that any old scooter couldn't possibly make it through the deep sand. Nett will e-mail you, informing you that he was asked to help find a missing Pokémon that was aboard the S.S Libra. You'll need to head to Pyrite Town and go to the top of ONBS Station.

Once at ONBS, Nett will introduce you to the old man and his granddaughter. The old man will tell you that his granddaughter's Pokémon was aboard the S.S Libra, and that she's worried of its whereabouts. He will also reveal the Pokémon's name to be Bonsly, and his granddaughter will show you a photo of it if you speak to her.

You tell Nett about what happened in the deep sand previously, and Bitt suggests asking Perr in Gateon Port for help.

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