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Cipher Lab

Immediately upon entry to the Cipher Lab, you'll find the car that the gang took Professor Krane in. That probably means Professor Krane is here. Also immediately, six Cipher Peons in different colors appear. You only have to face one of them, but I'd recommend facing all six to raise your levels and catch all their Shadow Pokémon.

Funny, a six-Pokémon Trainer so early... Anyway, you can head inside now. Go into the right entrance. Heal and save, and while heading for the elevator, a Cipher Peon will pop out.

Cipher Peon Corla

After the battle, head right. Another Cipher Peon will appear.

Cipher Peon Javion

Find an elevator and take it. Just as you exit it, a Cipher R&D will challenge you. (In case you're curious, R&D stands for Research and Development.)

Cipher R&D Mesak

Head north and another Cipher Peon will be there. This one has a Shadow, so get ready.

Cipher Peon Nexir

After the battle, get the Revive and go upstairs. You'll see a cutscene with a really-long-haired Cipher female, Naps (the guy you got the Teddiursa from), and Professor Krane! After the cutscene, telling you about a mysterious "XD001" the girl wants help with, head south and another Cipher Peon appears.

Cipher Peon Solax

Keep heading along the set path to fight two more Peons. Cipher Digor is optional by going up the elevator to the right, but by fighting him the player has access to a healing machine and a box containing 1 Ether.

Cipher Peon Digor

Cipher Peon Crink

In the northern room, there is a box containing 3 Super Potions, and you can also face Cipher R&D Morbit.

Cipher R&D Morbit

And if you want an Ether, you'll have to face Cipher Peon Meda (take the path south down the hall, and to the right of the room with two elevators).

Cipher Peon Meda

Head through the other pathway (the hall to the left after going south from the room with two elevators) to get a few more tidbits on this XD001 from two scientists, and battle them back to back.

Cipher R&D Elrok

Cipher Peon Coffy

If you battle the two scientists, you can collect a Great Ball from the nearby box just north of them. Afterwards, go up the elevator outside of their room and be attacked by Cabol.

Cipher Peon Cabol

Keep going and turn left to face Nopia, in the room is a Full Heal.

Cipher Peon Nopia

In the next room, you'll hear two scientists talking about the Grand Master of Cipher. Could it be Evice from the last game? Nope, they call him "Greevil". One of them will spot you. The other won't battle you.

Cipher R&D Klots

After the battle, check the table for the ID Card and a Great Ball to the right. Go north for the elevator and then keep going north and up the elevator then south and you'll be able to heal up. Go back north of the healing machine, down the elevator, first left, through that hallway and you'll use the ID card to get in an elevator. Tekot is an optional battle depending on the route taken.

Cipher R&D Tekot

You'll finally find Professor Krane being guarded by Naps. Naps will challenge you with a new team, as you previously snagged his Shadow Teddiursa.

Cipher Peon Naps

Finally, Professor Krane is free and will join your party. Don't forget to grab the Leaf Stone and then scram!

Cipher Admin Lovrina
On your way out, of course, R&D Tekot and the girl will appear and stop you. The girl's name is Lovrina, she's a Cipher Admin, deny her offer, and on with your first real boss battle.

Her team consists of the following Pokémon:

Now that you're free, bring Professor Krane home to the Pokémon HQ Lab.

Pokémon HQ Lab

The Purify Chamber has been completed. After getting a walkthrough on it, purify any ready Pokémon.

Your mother asks you to check on a guy named Datan upstairs. You know, the guy that's sitting at the computer. But he's not there. He's actually outside. Talk to him, Professor Krane will appear, and he'll tell you to send the Data ROM to Pyrite Town. Now you're on your way to Pyrite Town!

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