Appendix:Pokémon Stadium 2 walkthrough/Section 4

These are the teams for the Round One: Little Cup.


Little Cup (Generation II)
# of Pokémon?Bag Poké Ball Sprite.png 3 out of 6
every round
Level Limit?Bag Nest Ball Sprite.png 5 only
Total Level?Bag Level Ball Sprite.png N/A
Sleep Clause?Bag Chesto Berry Sprite.png Yes
Freeze Clause?Bag Aspear Berry Sprite.png Yes
Species Clause?Bag Repeat Ball Sprite.png Yes
Evolution restrictions?133 Lowest only
Must be able
to evolve
Item Clause?Bag Leftovers Sprite.png Yes
Self-KO Clause?100 Yes
Event Clause?Bag Cherish Ball Sprite.png Yes

Eligible Pokémon

  Bulbasaur   Charmander   Squirtle   Caterpie   Weedle   Pidgey
  Rattata   Spearow   Ekans   Sandshrew   Nidoran♀   Nidoran♂
  Vulpix   Zubat   Oddish   Paras   Venonat   Diglett
  Meowth   Psyduck   Mankey   Growlithe   Poliwag   Abra
  Machop   Bellsprout   Tentacool   Geodude   Ponyta   Slowpoke
  Magnemite   Doduo   Seel   Grimer   Shellder   Gastly
  Onix   Drowzee   Krabby   Voltorb   Exeggcute   Cubone
  Koffing   Rhyhorn   Chansey   Horsea   Goldeen   Staryu
  Scyther   Magikarp   Eevee   Porygon   Omanyte   Kabuto
  Dratini   Chikorita   Cyndaquil   Totodile   Sentret   Hoothoot
  Ledyba   Spinarak   Chinchou   Pichu   Cleffa   Igglybuff
  Togepi   Natu   Mareep   Marill   Hoppip   Sunkern
  Wooper   Pineco   Snubbull   Teddiursa   Slugma   Swinub
  Remoraid   Houndour   Phanpy   Tyrogue   Smoochum   Elekid
  Magby   Larvitar

Recommended Rental Teams

Battle 1

Battle 2

Battle 3

Battle 4

Battle 5

Battle 6



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