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In Earl's Pokemon academy, Trainers can learn more about various topics ranging from items, to move, to rules in battle. There are three parts to each class level and participating in all parts will earn you a star. The parts are Lecture, and Test, which is divided into a quiz and battles. In order to take the Elite Four Class, you must first take the Gym Leader and Trainer Classes.

Elite Four Lectures

Earl gives a lecture on various topics. Each topic is divided into subtopics. At the end of each lecture, there will be a question. The question and correct answer are always the same for each subtopic.

Type Match-ups

Multiplied Damage

This subtopic discusses how weather and items multiple the damage a move can cause.

Question: Which item doubles the physical attack power of Cubone?
Answer: Thick Club


Support Moves

This subtopic discusses support moves and when they can hit regardless of the foe's type or not.An example is Confuse Ray, a Ghost-type move, can hit a Normal-type Pokémon, but Thunder Wave cannot hit Ground-type Pokémon.

Question: Thunder Wave is ineffective against which type of Pokémon?
Answer: Ground

Moves & Tactics

This subtopic discusses various strategies that can used.

Question: Which move increases Speed?
Answer: Agility

Multi-type Moves

This subtopic discusses having your Pokémon to know a variety of move types.

Question: If Starmie is to be taught a move it hates, which of the following should be taught?
Answer: Thunder

Move Combos

This subtopic discusses useful move combos.

Question: What move's power is doubled if it is used after Defense Curl?
Answer: Rollout

Situational Combos

This subtopic discusses strategies to use in special situations.

Question: What move's power is doubled if used against a target that used Minimize?
Answer: Stomp

Trainer Battles


This subtopic discusses switching in order to have the offensive advantage.

Question: Switching Pokémon is very important. What is necessary for switching?
Answer: Various Pokémon

Reading the Situation

This subtopic discusses forming strategies from the current happenings of battle.

Question: Which move is powered up 1.5 times if it is used by Tauros?
Answer: Double-Edge

Reading the Foe's Moves

This subtopic discusses teaching your Pokémon various moves.

Question: Which Normal-type move can be learned by Meganium?
Answer: Body Slam

New Features

Holding an item

This subtopic discusses wild Pokémon that can hold items.

Question: A wild Clefairy may be holding an item other than Mysterberry. What item is it?
Answer: Moon Stone

Notes on Eggs

This subtopic discusses breeding.

Question: It would be easy to find an Egg between the male and female of which kind of Pokémon?
Answer: Same Pokémon


Wisdom Test

In this, there are 10 random questions asked. In order to pass, you need to get 8/10.

Some sample questions are:

Q: If the opponent is a Ground-type Pokémon<sc>, which type should be switched out for the best advantage? A: <sc>Grass

Q: Of the following, which is Steelix's highest stat? A: Defense

Q: Which move may be ineffective depending on type? A: Poison Sting

Q: Which Egg move can Charmander learn? A: Outrage

Q: Which Pokémon would benefit from holding the item Thick Club? A: Cubone

Q: It makes the opponent use its most recent move two to six times. What move is this? A: Encore

Q: It fully heals HP if used while Rain Dance is in effect? A: Synthesis

Q: Dratini is which type of Pokémon? A: Dragon

Q: Surprisingly, Electabuzz can learn which of the following moves? A: Ice Punch

Q: Which move is especially effective after using the Normal-type Curse? A: Extremespeed

Skill Test

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"The students are eager to try out what they've learned from Earl. The rules are simple. You will be provided with a team of Pokémon from which you will choose three correct Pokémon. Then you will battle. If you will with the correct Pokémon, you will get a star. If you win with other Pokémon, you'll get a flame."

After selecting your challenger, you will give a team. Battle using only star rated Pokémon to get a star. The star rated Pokémon are listed first under your party Pokémon. Battle the four trainers and earn stars on each to pass.

Cooltrainer♂ Connor

"I rely soley on Hyper Beam! Only the toughest Pokémon will be able to withstand it."

Your Party

Cooltrainer♀ Becky

"First I raise my Attack stat, then I use Hyper Beam. Can your Pokémon safely weather such a blast?"

Your Party

Juggler Ferris

"Show me some beautiful combos. Dragonite! Tyranitar! Assist us in this demonstration!"

Your Party

Swimmer♀ Julian

"I'm feeling sort of blue. I'll show you my Rain Dance and Thunder combo."

Your Party


After getting stars on all the lectures, the quiz, and all four of the skill battles, you will earn the Raichu Medal.

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