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In Earl's Pokémon academy, Trainers can learn more about various topics ranging from items, to move, to rules in battle. There are three parts to each class level and participating in all parts will earn you a star. The parts are Lecture, and Test, which is divided into a quiz and battles. In order to take the Gym Leader class, you must first take the Trainer class.

Gym Leader Class Lectures

Earl gives a lecture on various topics. Each topic is divided into subtopics. At the end of each lecture, there will be a question. The question and correct answer are always the same for each subtopic.


Type match-ups

This subtopic discusses dual typed Pokémon and their weaknesses.

Question: Which type of move will inflict quadruple damage on Fire- & Rock-type Pokémon?
Answer: Water

Multiplied damage

This subtopic discusses battle multipliers.

Question: What is the lowest possible damage multiplier?
Answer: 0

Status Problems

Status Problems

This subtopic discusses stacking status problems, such as poisoning and confusing a Pokémon.

Question: Of the following, which loses effectiveness if Pokémon switch?
Answer: Confusion


Set Damage Moves

This subtopic discusses moves that cause set damages and the effects of Reflect and Light Screen on them.

Question: How much damage will a set damage move inflict on a target that used Reflect?
Answer: Doesn't change

Moves & Tactics

This subtopic discusses multiple turn moves, like Fly, Dig, and Solar Beam.

Question: Which move will inflict double damage on a Pokémon using Dig?
Answer: Earthquake

Multi-type moves

This subtopic discusses teaching a variety of move types to your Pokémon.

Question: Which move is super-effective against Water-type Pokémon and can be learned by Typhlosion?
Answer: Thunderpunch

Trainer Battles

Lead-off Pokémon

This subtopic discusses the importance of party order.

Question: Of the following, which type has the fewest weak aspects?
Answer: Normal


This subtopic discusses switching within strategy.

Question: Which type of move does not work against Quagsire?
Answer: Electric

Reading the situation

This subtopic discusses base stats and how to use them to your advantage.

Question: If the opponent is Blissey, which move will inflict the most damage?
Answer: Metal Claw

New Features

Holding an item

This subtopic discusses held items.

Question: Mint Berry corrects which status problem?
Answer: Sleep

Notes on Eggs

This subtopic discusses Pokémon Eggs and Egg Moves.

Question: If Ninetales is the female parent, which Pokémon will hatch from its Egg?
Answer: Vulpix


Wisdom Test

In this, there are 10 random questions asked. In order to pass, you need to get 8/10.

Some sample questions are:

Q: Which Pokémon belongs to the same Egg group as Tentacruel? A: Shellder

Q: Of the following, which move hits even while flying? A: Twister

Q: Which hold item is useful when using THhrash? A: Bitter Berry

Q: If a set damage move is used on a Pokémon that used Sharpen, how much damage will be inflicted? A: Doesn't change

Q: Psychic-type moves will not work against which type of Pokémon? A: Dark

Q: Which move is super-effective against Water-type Pokémon and can be learned by Flareon? A: Zap Cannon

Q: What would the damage multiplier be if Magcargo is hit by a Water-type move? A: 4

Q: Shadow Ball won't work against which Pokémon? A: Dunsparce

Q: Which special attack move can Yanma learn? A: Solarbeam

Q: What would the damage multiplier be if Magneton is hit by a Ground-type move? A: 4

Skill Test

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"The students are eager to try out what they've learned from Earl. The rules are simple. You will be provided with a team of Pokémon from which you will choose three correct Pokémon. Then you will battle. If you will with the correct Pokémon, you will get a star. If you win with other Pokémon, you'll get a flame."

After selecting your challenger, you will give a team. Battle using only star rated Pokémon to get a star. The star rated Pokémon are listed first under your party Pokémon. Battle the five trainers and earn stars on each to pass.

Pokémaniac Joseph

"If you can't tell the difference between a real status problem and one that's only similar, you'll never beat me!"

Your Party

Kimono Girl Naomi

"I shall lead with Murkrow, then follow with a Ghost Pokémon. How will you vanquish such a diabolical team?"

Your Party

Lass Tammy

"I have dual-type Pokémon. Think you can pick on the weaknesses?"

Your Party

Youngster Dustin

"I use only Fly and Dig! I won't use anything else. Can you overcome them?"

Your Party

Schoolboy Nolan

"Not only do my Pokémon have high Spcl.def stats, but that also know Light Screen."

Your Party


After getting stars on all the lectures, the quiz, and all five of the skill battles, you will earn the Pikachu Medal and access to the Elite Four class.

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