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In Earl's Pokemon academy, Trainers can learn more about various topics ranging from items, to move, to rules in battle. There are three parts to each class level and participating in all parts will earn you a star. The parts are Lecture, and Test, which is divided into a quiz and battles.

Trainer Class Lectures

Earl gives a lecture on various topics. Each topic is divided into subtopics. At the end of each lecture, there will be a question. The question and correct answer are always the same fro each subtopic.


Common Rules

This subtopic discusses basic rules in battle, such as having six Pokémon in your team.

Question: I love talking about Pokémon. What is my name?
Answer: Earl

Battle Rules

This subtopic discusses rules of battle, such as the freeze and sleep clauses, ending the battle with Self Destruct, Explosion, Destiny Bond, and Perish Song.

Question: What I just said applies to which battle in Pokémon?
Answer: All Battles

Level Evolution notes

This subtopic discusses evolution via level. It also mentions that some moves can be learned earlier is evolution cancel is used.

Question: Cubone evolves into which kind of Pokémon?
Answer: Marowak

Special evolutions

This subtopic discusses evolution through evolution stones and that the trainer should consider the move learning possibilities before evolving their Pokémon.

Question: When evolving Pokémon, what did I say you should consider?
Answer: Moves

Type match-ups

Type Combinations

This subtopic discusses how Pokémon and moves have types and their strengths and weaknesses.

Question: How many types of Pokémon are there in all?
Answer: 17

Exploiting weakness

This subtopic discusses type match ups.

Question: Selfdestruct will not work against which type of Pokémon?
Answer: Ghost

Type changes

This subtopic discusses the addition of the Steel-type and Dark-type.

Question: Where do I recommend that you study and review data?
Answer: Library

Status Problems

Status Problems

This subtopic discusses status problems and status conditions.

Question: I told you about conditions that appear similar to status problems. Which of these was I talking about?
Answer: Attract


Moves & POKEMON types

This subtopic discusses the advantage of using same type moves.

Question: Which type of move is powered up 1.5 times when used by a Bug-type Pokémon?
Answer: Bug

Support moves

This subtopic discusses non-damaging moves and their effects.

Question: Which move restores all status problems for all the Pokémon on your team?
Answer: Heal Bell

Added effects of moves

This subtopic discusses secondary effects that some moves have.

Question: What is the added effect of the move Powder Snow?
Answer: Frozen

Recovery moves

This subtopic discusses move that heal your Pokémon.

Question: Which move inflicts damage and restores the user's HP by half the damage inflicted?
Answer: Dream Eater

Set damage moves

This subtopic discusses moves that have set damages, such as Night Shade.

Question: Which move inflicts damage regardless of the Attack and Defense stats?
Answer: Seismic Toss

Moves & tactics

This subtopic discusses 2-turn moves and moves such as Safeguard, Barrier, and Light Screen.

Question: The move Dig has a relatively unique feature. What is it?
Answer: 2-turn attack

Move changes

This subtopic discusses type changes, accuracy changes, and priority changes to moves.

Question: Light Screen last for how many turns?
Answer: 5

Residual-effect changes

This subtopic discusses status problem that don't effect some types of Pokémon.

Question: Which condition do Ice-type Pokémon not easily become?
Answer: Frozen

Trainer Battles


This subtopic discusses effective switching in battle.

Question: What did I say was important when you're switching Pokémon?
Answer: To endure

Spcl. Atk & Spcl. Def

This subtopic discusses the Special stat being split.

Question: The stat Special was split into Spcl. Atk and what?
Answer: Spcl. Def

Physical & special attacks

This subtopic discusses the split between physical and special based moves.

Question: The move Fury Cutter's power depends on which stat?
Answer: Attack

New Features

Holding an item

This subtopic discusses the feature of item holding.

Question: Which type of move is powered up if a Pokémon is holding a Hard Stone?
Answer: Rock


Wisdom Test

In this, there are 10 random questions asked. In order to pass, you need to get 8/10.

Some sample questions are:

Q: Which of these items is required for a Pokémon to evolve into Porygon2? A: Up-grade

Q: Which type is a special attack? A: Electric

Q: Growth raises which stat? A: Spcl.Atk

Q: Which move's power will be multiplied by 1.5 if it is used by a Slowbro? A: Dream Eater

Q: What does the item Bitter Berry do? A: Cures confusion

Q: Night Shade won't work on which type of Pokémon? A: Normal

Q: In the Stadium, how many Pokémon do you register for entry? A: 6

Q: To earn a continue, which of these conditions must all your Pokémon avoid? A: Fainted

Q: In the Stadium Battle tournament, which of these conditions will not affect two Pokémon at the same time? A: Frozen

Q: Which of the following is Body Slam's move type? A: Normal

Skill Test

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"The students are eager to try out what they've learned from Earl. The rules are simple. You will be provided with a team of Pokémon from which you will choose three correct Pokémon. Then you will battle. If you will with the correct Pokémon, you will get a star. If you win with other Pokémon, you'll get a flame."

After selecting your challenger, you will give a team. Battle using only star rated Pokémon to get a star. The star rated Pokémon are listed first under your party Pokémon. Battle the seven trainers and earn stars on each to pass.

Camper Cole

"I just love Grass-type Pokémon. Betcha don't know what types of Pokémon are tough against the Grass type!"

Your Party

Super Nerd Melvin

"I'm studying the weakness of Fire-type Pokémon. Would you help me, please?"

Your Party

Schoolboy Carson

"There are many different types of Pokémon in my party. There's no way you can pick on a weak point!

Your Party

Swimmer♂ Clayton

"Listen here! Acid Armor and Barrier add up to the perfect defense! Let's see you try to break through it!"

Your Party

Youngster Jonathan

"Solarbeam and Skull Bash... If they hit, they'll KO anything! Think you can dodge 'em?"

Your Party

Picnicker Cyndy

"Amnesia is an amazing move. How do you plan to counter it?"

Your Party

Lass Nancy

"Hey, hey! I'm gonna Double Team ya! You won't even touch my Pokémon!"

Your Party


After getting stars on all the lectures, the quiz, and all seven of the skill battles, you will earn the Pichu Medal and access to the Gym Leader class.

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