Appendix:Pokémon Snap walkthrough/Section 3

Description: "This place is inside the crater of a volcano. Obviously, most of the Pokémon you'll find here are of the Fire-type like Charmander, Vulpix and Magmar."

This is the third course in the game, unlocked after destroying the Electrode in front of the passage in the Tunnel.

Secret Sign: Koffing Smoke

Pokémon Available

This is a list of Pokémon you can take pictures of.

Pokémon Description Pokémon Description
  Rapidash Several Rapidash gallop by early in the course. More can be seen in that area, though they do not run.   Vulpix Just beyond the Rapidash is a Vulpix, playing. Pokémon food delights the fire fox. Afterwards, two more Vulpix can be found.
  Charmander Common Pokémon in the volcanic area. One is near the beginning with a Magmar. When stopped by the giant Egg, two Charmander can be seen. Tossing Pokémon food to them will cause them to each call two more Charmander, making a pack of six. Playing the Poké Flute for them will make all six march in place. When they run out of food and the Poké Flute isn't playing, they begin to growl and cry.   Magmar Early on, a Magmar will attack a nearby Charmander if disturbed. Later on, two Magmar battle one another if lured together. Taking a picture of this battle is worth big bonus points.
  Charmeleon If the Charmander near the Magmar is attacked by Magmar's fiery attack, it will evolve into Charmeleon. Another Charmeleon is near the end of the course, running around a pool of lava. It can be knocked into the lava when hit by an apple or Pester Ball.   Moltres When the enormous egg blocking the ZERO-ONE's path is knocked into the lava below, it hatches into the magnificent legendary fire bird. Watching where it flies and pointing the camera straight up will help Todd Snap catch a good shot of this Pokémon spreading its wings and scattering embers about.
  Growlithe Near the end of the area, these hide within craters. Tossing Pester Balls into the craters will cause them to hop out. Professor Oak will be impressed by a shot of this Pokémon shaking off its embers or by shooting three in one photo.   Arcanine Sometimes a disturbed Arcanine hops from the craters near the end of the stage, after tossing Pester Balls into them. Professor Oak will be impressed by a shot of this Pokémon shaking off its embers or by shooting three in one photo.
  Charizard Near the end of the course, there is a crater of magma, with a Charmeleon pacing around it. Knocking Charmeleon into the crater will cause it to evolve into Charizard, which, if hit with an item, will use Flamethrower.   Magikarp As in other areas, throwing an item into a pool of water will cause a Magikarp to leap out. Only one pool of water exists in the Volcano, near the end, opposite the magma crater that Charmeleon is circling.

Special Shots

Fighting Magmar

Just after you knock the Moltres egg into the lava, look on the right ledge to find two Magmar. Throw an apple between them for them to come together. They will fight over the apple, flaming each other. A photo of this grants you 800 points.

To Unlock the Fourth Course

Unlike the previous two, you have to go to all the stages you have accessed (including this one) to unlock the next course. Take pictures of 22 different types of Pokémon (mixed together) in all stages, which causes you to unlock the third course, called the River!

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