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Description: "In this course, the Zero-One moves along on a railroad track along the seashore. Here you'll find mostly basic and common Pokémon like Pidgey and Butterfree and Pikachu."

This is the only course accessible in the beginning of the game. It is home to twelve species of Pokémon.

Secret Sign: Kingler Rock

Pokémon Available

This is a list of Pokémon you can take pictures of.

Pokémon Description Pokémon Description
  Pidgey These are seen flying around the start of the course. After obtaining the Dash Engine, dashing to the other side of these Pidgey gives Snap a really good shot. Further along the course, there are several points where Pidgey fly by while chased by a Meowth. Near the end, a couple of Pidgey will fly to their nest and use Gust against a Meowth near it.   Doduo Near the beginning of the beach, a Doduo leaps out from behind a corner and flees onto the beach and out of sight. Another Doduo later appears in the area, leaping from a patch of tall grass. Using a pester ball on it will make it temporarily faint.
  Pikachu A few Pikachu may be found along the beach. Using Pokémon food to lead the Pikachu at the start of the course to a surf board left in the sand will give Snap a special shot called Surfing Pikachu and will be worth many points. Also, after scaring Scyther from the tall grass, two Pikachu will come out and sit on nearby tree stumps, another valuable special shot. The sound of a Poké Flute will send sparks flying with a double-Thunderbolt attack from the two Pikachu.   Butterfree Common around the beach. Using the Dash Engine will allow Snap to find four Butterfree near the bridge.
  Lapras Throughout the ocean are these sea creatures. If Snap takes photos of the first three sets of Lapras, three Lapras will appear close-up near the end of the course.   Snorlax Seen as a very large snoozing blob. While a Pester Ball will get a slight movement out of Snorlax, it will take the Poké Flute to wake this Pokémon and get it to dance. The different tunes played by the Poké Flute will cause Snorlax to perform different dances.
  Meowth Another somewhat common Pokémon of the beach. First, one is seen on a high ledge making faces, and will fall down after being hit with a Pester Ball. After falling off, the Meowth will get up and react with various poses that are worth many points. Later, there are a few instances where a Meowth is seen chasing a Pidgey. Two Pidgey use Gust on a Meowth near the end of the course, allowing for a photo of a dizzy, twirling Meowth. Hitting both Pidgey with Pester Balls before they use Gust will make them disperse and allow a shot of Meowth doing a dance.   Scyther Hidden in tall grass, a Pester Ball where the grass is being chopped will send this Pokémon fleeing from its cover. As Scyther escapes, it takes a moment to use a Slash attack.
  Eevee Eevee plays among large boulders with a mysterious pink ball. Hitting the ball will reveal it to be a Chansey, and Eevee will leap up and down in delight.   Chansey Throwing an item at the pink ball that Eevee is playing with will reveal it to be a Chansey.
  Magikarp Tossing Pokémon food or a Pester Ball into virtually any body of water causes a Magikarp to leap up.   Kangaskhan Kangaskhan, near the end of the course, keeps its back to the camera. It will turn around if it is hit by a Pester Ball, in which case it approaches the ZERO-ONE and roars. Playing the Poké Flute will make it dance, making for a nice picture.

Special Shots

Pikachu on a Stump

If you manage to get the Scyther from the first patch of grass, a number of Pikachu will run out as well. All of them will stand near some fallen trees. If you take a photo of this, it is worth 1,300 points. If you play the Poké Flute, you can get even more points.

Surfing Pikachu

By unlocking Food items, you are able to make Pokémon go in any direction wanted. Once you spot the first Pikachu on the right at the beginning of the course, throw an Apple left to it. Continue luring it in the direction your Zero-One is going. As you get to the surfboard, it will hop on and make a surfing pose. Shooting a photo of this will give you 1,000 points.

Gust-using Pidgey

Just after the Kangaskhan, you will see two Pidgey flying towards something. Turn the screen and you'll see the Pidgey attacking a Meowth in their nest, using Gust. Taking a photo of this will earn you 500 bonus points.

To Unlock the Second Course

To unlock the second course, you'll need to take pictures of six different kinds of Pokémon. By doing this, you'll unlock the second course, called the Tunnel!

Pokémon Snap
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