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Starting Out

When you begin the game, you will be asked if you are a boy or a girl. After you make the selection, the game will start high above the skies of the Oblivia region.

Flying Above Oblivia

You'll see either Latios (if you've chosen the male character) or Latias (if you've chosen the female character) being chased by two strange people some kind of flying contraption. Your character, who is revealed to be a Pokémon Ranger, is chasing the shady characters on the back of a Staraptor while on a special assignment.


The strange people attack you with Pidgey, which is your first capture. Draw loops around it using the stylus, making sure to not let your line get hit by its attacks, and once its Friendship Gauge (Gray bar under the Pokémon) is fully yellow, you've succeeded. There are a few other mechanics that affect capturing that will be introduced later, though right now captures will be simple. Something to note is that, during a capture in the sky, unlike a capture on land, your stylus line will not be broken by touching the Pokémon's hitbox.

Dodge Sequence

After a successful capture, the legendary Pokémon will escape, angering your enemies. They shoot at you with plasma cannons, so dodge quickly using the stylus or the D-Pad. The green blasts are shot randomly while pink shots will be fired at your location. After successfully dodging the plasma blasts, Summer or Ben will join you. However, right before the enemies are about to retreat, their leader, a character coated in red, appears and readies himself to attack your partner, and to protect your friend, you throw yourself in front of them and end up falling into the ocean.

In the Ocean

When you land in the ocean your styler detaches from your wrist. The Voice Nav. warns you to reattach it as soon as pessible, but before you can do that a Mantyke gets a hold of it and swims away. You need to retrieve it.

Chase Sequence

You are now introduced to your first chase sequence. Holding your DS horizontally, you must use the touch screen to steer and avoid attacks, and tap the player with the stylus to speed up once the red bar above your character has turned light blue. Be mindful of Mantyke's Bubble attack, which, if it hits you, will send you back a bit and deal 1 damage. Once you get closer to Mantyke, it will start shooting bubbles faster, so be careful.

Catching up with Mantyke

When you catch up to Mantyke, it'll drop the Styler, allowing you to reattach it. As you swim back, you'll get a danger message from the Voice Nav., warning you that a massive object is approaching. You'll suddenly start to feel some rumbling, and an extremely strong current caused by a submarine will wash you away.

Pokémon Ranger 3
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