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Top Ranger Things

On your way to the Ranger Union, Wendy comes along and brings you to the Union on her Staraptor.
Inside, your old friend Keith is there! He was also promoted to Top Ranger. That's not all, Rythmi is also there! She's now an Operator at the Union. What a reunion!
As a Top Ranger, you can assign yourself Missions, but Sven calls into the Union asking for help, so Erma sends you and Keith to help Sven.
Outside, Wendy teaches you how to ride a Staraptor. Now, a whole Slew of Quests open up!


Quest 16

Cherim, Cherim, Come to Us♪
Union Road
Nectar Sisters
  Ghost Defense
Bring Cherrim.♪ Pretty please? Real ones should be on a cliff.♪ Yes, high up on Peril Cliffs.♪ That's where ♪ they are.♪

The Nectar Sisters are by the lake on Union Road. They ask to see a Cherrim. OK, go to Peril Cliffs. Cherrim is on a cliff at the very top, at the place where you have to climb vines to get around. You'll have to cut a vine to get to Cherrim, so bring a Staravia. Bring Cherrim back to the Nectar Sisters. You get a Ghost defense as a reward.

Quest 17

That Smell of Muk...
  Poison Defense
I'm a collector of exquisite fragrances. I have long sought the effervescent aroma of Muk to no avail. I have it on good authority that one was seen in a cave and Boyle volcano. I must have its aroma! You must capture it!

Oscar wants Muk, he's right outside the Boyleland Vocano West Side. Make your way to the back of the West Side, and bring along a Shuppet. Use Shuppet on the Sealed Door at the back, and capture Muk. Bring it back to Oscar for you Poison Defense. (I would advise doing Quest 19 now, since it's also in Boyleland)

Quest 18

Light the Leaves
Ranger School
  Time Assist
I hurt my back while raking the leaves in the schoolyard. The leaves are gathered together in three piles. Can I get you to set fire to them?

Ah, pyrotechnics! Go to the Ranger School, and talk to Janice on the second floor of the School Building. Snag some Charmanders, and set fire to the leaves!! After, talk to Janice for a Time Assist Power-up.

Quest 19

Team Dim Sun's Appetite
Elder's Granddaughter
That man all by himself in the hidden harbor… He's actually a member of Team Dim Sun. But I feel sorry for him being out there alone. Can you go and look in on him?

Talk to the Elder's Granddaughter in the southwest house. Go back to the end of the West Side Cave, to the Hidden Harbor. Bring two Stunky to crush two crates. Then capture the Charmander the Team Dim Sun grunt sends out. You get a Recover Power-up as a reward.

Quest 20

What Reporter Hans Forgot
Chicole Village
  Psychic Defense
A newspaper reporter named Hans came by the house earlier. He left his pen behind. I'd like you to return it to him. He said he's going to Altru next for his story.

Talk to your dad in Chicole Village, he tells you about a reporter who stopped by. Now, you must give him back his pen. Go to the Altru Building, and you'll find Hans outside. Return his pen. You get a Psychic Defense as reward.

Quest 21

Please Save Shieldon
Union Road
Young boy
  New Partner Pokémon
That poor Shieldon got stuck on Peril Cliffs while trying to get down. Please, Ranger, you have to help that little Shieldon out!

The boy is on Union Road, near the Nectar Sisters. Talk to him, and go back to Peril Cliffs. Go back to where you found Cherrim, but stay on the vine mass. Drop down onto the ledge over a Staravia. Grab Shieldon, and it becomes a partner Pokémon.

Mission 9

Chroma Road/Highlands

Chroma Road

Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Pikachu   Recharge  
  Doduo   Normal  
  Dodrio   Normal  
  Tauros   Normal  
  Ponyta   Fire  
  Flaaffy   Electric  
  Sudowoodo *   Rock  
  Girafarig   Psychic  
  Miltank   Normal  
  Nuzleaf   Grass  
  Ninjask *   Bug  
  Staraptor   Flying  
  Combee   Flying  

Chroma Highlands

Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Beedrill   Bug  
  Pikachu   Recharge  
  Gloom   Grass  
  Vileplume   Poison  
  Abra   Psychic  
  Rapidash   Fire  
  Skarmory *   Steel  
  Chimchar *   Fire  
  Staraptor   Flying  
  Bastiodon   Steel  
  Carnivine   Grass  

To get to the Chroma Ruins, follow Chroma Road, which is east of Altru Park. But first grab two Cherubi and one Wartotle from Vien Forest. Use them to clear obstacles on Chroma Road
Bring a Pikachu, because the Chroma Highlands are cloaked in a Dark Mist which drains your styler. Make your way around the Ruins, battling Team Dim Sun along the way. Pick up a Cranivine, and slash a Wooden Fence. Capture Skarmory.
Once you capture Skarmory, use its Area Move to clear the Dark Mist. Now go to the right, by that house, and capture Bastiodoon.
Go up the stairs, and use Bastiodoon on the Gateway. Save, and enter the Chroma Ruins!

Mission 9: Support Sven at the Ruins!

Chroma Ruins

Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Pikachu   Recharge  
  Sandshrew   Ground  
  Hypno   Psychic  
  Koffing   Poison  
  Kangaskhan *   Normal  
  Electabuzz   Electric  
  Umbreon   Dark  
  Pupitar   Ground  
  Kirlia   Psychic  
  Altaria   Dragon  
  Duskull   Ghost  
  Registeel *   Steel  
  Bastiodon   Steel  
  Drifblim   Ghost  
  Skuntank   Poison  
  Spiritomb *   Ghost  
  Probopass   Rock  

1. Directly to the west (←) of the entrance is a circle of light. Capture a nearby Drifblim, and use it to go up the hole. Capture Pupitar.
2. Hop back down, and go south (↓) then east (→). There's a rock blocking a hole, use Pupitar to smash the rock. Go in.
3. Capture the Electabuzz, and leave the room. Continue east (→).
4. Use Electabuzz's Area Move Flash. Capture a Sandshrew, and use it on the soft sand at the bottom of the room. Go down.
5. Go down, and capture a Hypno. Go east (→) and use Hypno on the Sealed Door. Capture the Pupitar inside.
6. Go back up using Drifblim, and recapture the Electabuzz. Go back down, and go west (←).
7. Use Flash, and then use Pupitar on a rock. Capture a Sandshrew in the previous room, then continue along to the soft sand. Use Sandshrew, and go down.
8. Go up, and down the open hole. Capture Hypno, and go back up, but use the hole to the east (→).
9. Use Hypno on the Sealed Door, and capture the Stuntank inside. Exit, and drop down off the ledge. Go left, and capture a Bastiodoon. Be careful! Bastidoon charges at you!
10. Go down from where Bastiodoon was, and catch Pupitar. Use it on the rocks. Go west (←) and capture Sandshrew. Now go up, to the second hole. Use Sandshrew, and go down.
11. Go right, and use Bastiodoon on the Round Rock. Continue right.
12. You find Sven in this room. He's been spying on Team Dim Sun grunts. He asks you to use Stuntanks area move to get Team Dim Sun out. So do it!
13. Drop down the hole after Team Dim Sun leaves, and save at the save machine. You have a boss battle coming up! Drifblim will be helpful here.
14. Spiritomb is tough. It will hop from one stone to another, and occasionally stick its head out. That's the time to circle it! Keep a careful eye, and soon you'll be able to capture Spiritomb!
15. After Kincaid leaves, continue north (↑) and up the altar. There's a big chunk missing! Team Dim Sun took the Shadow Crystal!
16. There's nothing you can do about the Shadow Crystal, so go through the hole, and down the ledge. Climb up the ladder to the Chroma Highlands.
17. You come up by that house. Go in, and you find out it was the former location of Altru Inc.! Go to the back, and start to read the burned journal.
18. All of a sudden, your old classmate Ponte comes out! He was a Team Dim Sun member, but dropped out. He's been living in the cabin. According to Ponte, Team Dim Sun members were carrying something out of the Chroma Ruins.
19. Leave the cabin, and it's Mission Clear!

Quests Again

Quest 22

Dim... Sun... Come Back...
Young lady
  Ice Defense
My two, squat, dark, and handsome darlings have left me for life on the streets! The running wild and cavorting in Pueltown, so please, reel them back to Mama! Oh, my darlings Dim and Sun are Murkrow!

Haha, Dim and Sun are Murkrow, not the bad guys! The lady is on the bridge in Pueltown, directly north (↑) of the Ranger Depot. The first Murkrow is on the west (←) side of town, on the top of an apartment. The second is in front of Melody's house on the East Side. Capture it, and bring them both back to the lady. You get an ice defense as reward.

Quest 23

Apologies to Vespiqueen
Union Road
  Energy Plus
On the road to the Chroma Highlands, a Vespiqueen and her sidekicks are buzzing around out of control. It's all my fault. I made them furious. Sorry, but can you go settle them down?

In the cabin on Union Road is the Jam-maker. He made some Vespiqueen upset on Chroma Road. Go there, and capture the Vespiqueen. You'll get an Energy Plus Power-up as a reward.

Quest 24

Please save Chimchar
Chroma Road
  New Partner Pokémon
Near the Chroma Ruins, there's this Chimchar. It's tormented by these Beedrill that chase it around. Can you see about helping that Chimchar out?

This guy is outside the cabin on Chroma Road. Then go to the Chroma Highlands, and up to where the stairs to the Ruins are. Go left, and then the Beedrill attack you. The two Beedrill and Chimchar appear on the same screen, so watch out! Once captured, Chimchar becomes a partner Pokémon.

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