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Mission 1

Well, now that you've graduated, you're no longer a student of the Ranger School. You're now an official Pokémon Ranger. When you get out of bed, head downstairs. Your family will talk to you for a bit, and when they're all done you should head outside.

You've been assigned to Vientown, so all you need to do is head north (↑), past the Save Machine - which you should use! - and along the Chicole Path. You will arrive in Vientown, and you'll be greeted by Luana. She'll take you to the base after saying hi.

As soon as you head in, you'll be told to change into your clothes. Head through the yellow door in the back to change. Barlow will comment on how you wear your new uniform well, then will give you your Capture Styler. After a quick formal introduction, Barlow will give you your first Mission as a real Ranger!

Mission 1: Deliver Vien Tribune!

It's actually a simple Mission. Crawford will accompany you with this. Visit every house in Vientown and Chicole Village. Simple enough, right?

With the house in the southwest of Vientown, the resident isn't home. To deliver his newspaper, you have to go to Nabiki Beach. It's off to the west (←) of Vientown. Head down the stairs when you get there and onto the sand to find the Pachirisu, Munchlax or Starly that you captured before. It will become your Partner Pokémon, and Mr. Woodward will talk to you for a bit. Then Crawford will teach you about Partner Pokémon, and then deliver your newspaper.

Chicole Path

Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Doduo *   Normal  
  Seedot *   Grass  
  Staraptor *   Flying  
  Budew   Grass  

When you're all done, head back to the Ranger Base. Mission Clear!

When you get back to the base Barlow will be talking to a reporter, then he'll notice you and congratulate you. He'll also notice the Partner Pokémon you have following you. He will then tell you that you can call it a day. Do that, because not doing it doesn't really unlock anything special.

Mission 2

Right after you get out of bed, Barlow will give you another Mission! Get used to these, as there are a lot more coming.

Mission 2: Investigate the Marine Cave!

Barlow will tell you to go investigate the cave at Nabiki Beach, the location of which you should know by now. Head over there after using the Save Machine.

Nabiki Beach

Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Pichu   Recharge  
  Taillow   Flying  
  Turtwig *   Grass  
  Starly *   Flying  
  Bidoof   Normal  
  Pachirisu *   Electric  
  Shellos   Water  
  Buneary *   Normal  
  Glameow   Normal  
  Happiny *   Normal  
  Munchlax *   Normal  

Now when you get to Nabiki Beach, watch out for Shellos and their weird blue sludge. If you step in it, your Styler takes 1 damage and you go flying backwards. So don't touch it. Once you get past them, head into the Marine Cave.

Marine Cave

Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Squirtle   Water  
  Zubat   Flying  
  Geodude *   Rock  
  Graveler *   Rock  
  Pichu   Recharge  
  Nosepass   Rock  
  Shellos   Water  
  Gastrodon *   Water  

When you go into the Marine Cave, you will be attacked by a Zubat. After you capture it, you will find out that you can't befriend it and it escaped.
After you go outside and capture a Glameow, use its Cut 1 to the wooden fence. Then you will notice that a Red Strange Machine is controlling all the Pokémon.
Then you go further into the cave and find out a rock is blocking the passageway to Gastrodon. Go deeper into the cave and you will find a Nosepass whch you can use Crush 2 to crush the rock.
Then go inside the room to capture Gastrodon and use Soak 2 to destroy the machine.
After breaking the machine, you can go back to Vientown's ranger base and you're promoted to Ranger Rank 1, allowing you to use Bug Poké Assists. You can also now do your first quest.

Quests available

After completing Mission 2, you hae the opportunity to do a Quest! Quests are like mini-Missions. Quests are purely optional (except for the first one), but are highly recommended since you get Styler Power-ups for completing Quests. There are a total of 61 Quests, so try and complete them all!

Quest 01

Calm Down Miltank
Little Tim
  Grass Defense
I got asked to do the milking. I surely would, even though I'm deathly a-scared of Pokémon, but our Miltank's gone all feisty on me...
Can you go to my farm and calm down my Miltank?

Tiny Tim needs to milk his Miltank, but he's too scared and Miltank is misbehaving. Go to Tiny Tim's farm, and capture the Miltank to calm her down. You get a Level 1 Grass Defense, which reduces damage from grass types by 3.

Quest 02

Under the Bridge
Chicole Village
Little Girl
  Water Defense
Do you know the bridge near the School? Well, I heard strange cries from under it! It'd be awful if it were a ghost! Can a Ranger go investigate?

A little girl in Chicole Village claims to have heard cries under the bridge to the School. Go there, and a Floatzel will jump out from under the bridge. The girls friends apologize for scaring her, and you get a Level 1 Water Defense. There is nothing left to do after these two quests, so you can just go back to the ranger base, save your game, and talk to Barlow to rest.

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