Appendix:Pokémon Ranger 2 walkthrough/Section 1

Starting out

When you first start out, you select your gender. Then a message pops up: "Draw loops around the Pikachu and capture it!"

Using your DS stylus, draw circles around the Pikachu that appears on the Touch Screen. When an exclamation mark appears above its head, though, pull the stylus off of the screen and wait until it shoots thunderbolts to keep going. Other than that, you shouldn't stop drawing loops until the friendship bar underneath Pikachu is full (yellow). When you're done with that, then you'll be told you've been admitted into the Ranger School. Your teacher, Ms. April, will come in and meet you. When she leaves, you'll cut to the opening title.

Ranger School Day 1

Ms. April will start talking to the class for a bit. Then you'll come in and introduce yourself and give your name. If you do not choose a name, then your person will be named automatically by the system. She will seat you next to Keith and introduce you to the Styler, which you used when you captured Pikachu. She'll go on and on for a bit. Experienced players may want to just keep their fingers on the A button while new players might want to read the text.

Rythmi's School Tour of Wonder and Excitement, Part 1

When Ms. April is done telling you about the Styler, she'll leave the room and your classmates will gather around you. They'll talk to you for a bit and then Rhythmi will start to familiarize you with the features of the room, like the Save Machine. Once she's done talking, you should run over and touch the Save Machine with your stylus and save. Then head out of the room.

You might also want to get into the Options menu by touching the Styler icon in the bottom right. Then touch "Options" (bottom left), and then change them to your heart's content.

To proceed, you need to visit every room on the floor and go up to the second floor. You can do this in any order you want, but make sure to visit every single room on both floors. If in doubt, just run around into different rooms. The best order would be: Mr. Kincaid's classroom (directly to the east → of your classroom), the Library (just to the west ← of the stairs), the second floor, and then the Staff Room (directly to the east of the stairs). As soon as you exit the last room, the bell will ring and Rythmi will tell you that it is possible to go outside.

Once outside, Rythmi will tell you about a few things and then suggest that you go into the mini building on the west (←) side of the yard. Do that and then you'll get lessons on Target Clears and capture. When the two instructors are done giving their lessons, head back outside.


These Pokémon can be obtained in the Ranger School during this time. You will be able to get more, but not right now.

Ranger School (inside) 1F
Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Zubat *   Flying  
  Pichu   Recharge  
  Bidoof   Normal  
  Tangrowth *   Grass  

Ranger School (inside) B1F
Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Zubat   Flying  
  Gastly   Ghost  

Ranger School (outside)
Pokémon Poké Assist Field
  Pichu   Recharge  
  Taillow   Flying  
  Slakoth *   Normal  
  Budew   Grass  

The Capture Race

Remember Janice from upstairs? Her Bidoof got away, and now they're running around the school yard, as you discover as soon as you exit the little training house. Keith will challenge you to a capture race. All you have to do is run up to a Bidoof and draw circles around it like you did with Pikachu. The good news is, these Bidoof are very unlikely to attack so you should be pretty safe with them.

You'll learn about experience after your first round. When it levels up, it will be more powerful, so you won't have to draw as many loops around the Bidoof as you would have previously.

Capture four Bidoof to finish the race, where you'll learn that Keith beat you* and knew your name all along. You can grab some Pokémon and practice your captures if you want, otherwise head out to Ascension Square.

Rythmi's School Tour of Wonder and Excitement, Part 2

Rythmi will tell you about Ascension Square and Keith will tag along. It's on the east (→) side of the yard but not up the hill to the north (↑). Head down there to visit the Pledge Stone, decide to become friends with the other two, end the tour and hear the bell ring. You will then head back inside.

That First Night

After a letter from your little sister is displayed, you will find yourself in your dorm. You can walk around and talk to people if you want, but to continue on head towards the door. Someone in the room will stop you and bring you into the second floor common/lobby area. Then everyone will start a mini ceremony, and after that Keith and you will head downstairs.

The test of courage is simple. Find the four stylers, put them in front of the door in the basement, and get back upstairs. There's one in each room on the main floor. You can get the four of them in any order you want.

Staff Room

Capture the Pichu running around to get the Styler.


Before you go in, capture the Bidoof that's running around in the center area of the hallway. Now go into the library. You'll see where the Styler is. Hint: you have to smash your way past both sets of crates to get there. Do a Target Clear on any crate, then capture the nearby Bidoof and run up to the next crate and do a Target Clear again. Grab the Styler and head out.

Ms. April's Room

Again, capture the Bidoof running around in the hall. Then use it to smash one of the crates in the room near the chalkboard. The Styler will appear. Grab it and head out.

Mr. Kincaid's Room

There are some Pokémon running around. You may need to capture a Zubat or a Pichu, but the Styler is on the desk in the northwest corner of the room. Grab it and head out.

The Basement

Once you have all of the Stylers, head down to the basement. Right there, you'll find a crate which requires Bidoof's power to crush. There's also a wood fence partway in, so capture a Zubat or other Pokémon with Cut and cut it down. Now head towards the door where four Gastly will attack you. Capture them to anger Mr. Kincaid and make him come out and scare you off. You'll then see inside his lab for a minute, working with Isaac. Then you'll cut to the next day.

Ranger School Day 2

Right after the Test of Courage, you'll read a letter from your sibling. This letter will appear if you play as a boy:

"To Big Brother,
"Thank you for writing! And congratulations for getting into the Ranger School! I have news for you, too. Mama and Papa are talking about moving over there!
"From Little Sis"

Then you'll see the classroom. Ms. April will be at the chalkboard, and she will then ask everyone a question: "What day is today?" It's Outdoor Class! This is a really rare event that happens every so often at the school.

Outdoor Class

Head to Ascension Square. Rythmi will remind you in case you forgot, then she will leave. Once you get down there, you'll find a guy with an afro - his name is Crawford. Keep pressing the A button, and you'll eventually find out that Outdoor Class is cut short because of an emergency Mission that Crawford has to go take care of. Once that's all done, you will make a pledge by the Pledge Stone. Then you will head back inside.

Ranger School Day 3

Another Letter from your Sibling

Again, this letter is if you chose the male character.

"To Big Brother,
"Thank you for writing! Reading about the Outdoor Class was really exciting! Oh, and we are going to move out there! We're looking for a house now.
"From Little Sis"

Keith and the Lost Stylers

First, Ms. April will update you on Crawford's Mission status. Keith's missing from the classroom, as Rythmi will note. Ms. April would have given Rythmi and Keith some special Stylers with voicemail, but since Keith is gone, you and Rythmi will use the special Stylers' voicemail feature. After a brief lecture, and after Mr. Kincaid talks to everyone about some lost stylers, head out into the hall.

The basement is blocked off, as you will notice (and if you go up to the sign, it will say in big letters, DO NOT ENTER!.) As soon as you get upstairs, Rythmi will call you and tell you to get downstairs. Do that - it's important! Follow the Hansel and Gretel trail of Stylers heading to the south (↓) of the school yard. You'll find Keith and some other guy. He'll run into a tree, making Slakoth come out. You'll have to capture it. It's pretty easy - the flavor text says "It hardly ever does anything."

After this, Ms. April will come out and talk to you. The guy who you saved from the Slakoth is the thief who took the Stylers - Keith had taken them back when the guy ran into a tree. Ms. April will talk to him for a while and then he'll leave. You'll then transport to the Staff Room, where Ms. April will explain the situation and congratulate you and Rythmi (and, in the process, bug Keith). After a quick briefing from Lanmont, you'll cut to the next day.

Ranger School Day 4

Yet another letter

"To Big Brother,"
"Thank you for writing! Voicemail! Voicemail! We chose where we're going to move! It's a place called Chicole Village in Almia. We can see you when you graduate!
"From Little Sis"

1-Day Internship

You're finally doing it! A 1-Day Internship! You're off to Vientown's Ranger Base. Right before you leave, Rythmi will show you a section of the newspaper and then she'll leave. Right before you head through the gate, you'll have to save a guy from a Bidoof. He will reveal himself as Little Tim, the milkman. This Bidoof will try to attack you, so be careful! If your Styler's health goes down, capture the Pichu right outside the gate.

On the bridge, you'll notice a little girl referring to her big brother. No, this is not your sister. Ponte, another student from the school, will come up and will ask what's going on. Isaac will then come up and reveal that the little girl is his sister.

Once you arrive in Vientown, you'll go to the ranger base. Then you'll head in and, after realizing that the Operator is under the desk, receive a package. The Operator will tell you where to go and, if you talk to her, will recharge your Styler.

Nabiki Beach and Breeze Hill

Just like the Operator said, head west (←) and then north (↑) to reach Breeze Hill. On the beach is a guy who will ask you a couple questions about Partner Pokémon. Head up the stairs to find a Save Machine (use it if you want to), then move into the clearing where everyone is around a picnic blanket. The extremely important parcel will be revealed to be... everyone's lunches! Stick around for a bit until someone comes in, then everyone will move out and head to the beach.

ROOKIE MISSION: Soothe Pokémon on the Beach!

There are some Pokémon that have somehow gone crazy! There are two Shellos, one Starly, one Pachirisu and one Munchlax. Choose between Starly, Pachirisu and Munchlax, and capture the Pokémon you chose. You will get the other two later, so don't be too uptight about your decision.

That's actually the entire Mission - capture a Pokémon from Nabiki Beach. Once you're done with that, that Pokémon will grow attached to you. You'll go to the Ranger Base and meet Professor Hastings, then you'll head towards the school. When you get to the bridge connecting Vientown and the Ranger School, you will release that Pokémon you captured. Then you'll head back to school.

Ranger School Day 5

As all of the ranger school days have been going so far, there's yet another letter for you.

"To Big Brother,"
"You're going to be graduating soon! Did you hear the news? The three of us are very close to you now because we moved to Chicole Village yesterday!
"From Little Sis"


Well, this is the graduation day! You're told to have free time. You can run around all you want, but to continue with the story, head outside and the bell will ring.


The ceremony starts off sort of boring. Then, partway in, Ms. April calls you up and then -- BOOM!! Tangrowth attack everyone! Walk up to one, say "Yes" to Keith, and capture it. This is your first boss.

Once everyone calms down and the Tangrowth are captured, the graduation ceremony will finish. Principal Lanmont will send you off to Vientown. Congratulations - you've graduated!

Another letter

Yes. There's another letter. Don't worry, this is the last one.

"To Big Brother,
"Congratulations! You've graduated! How was the graduation ceremony? You don't need to write back, though. Because tomorrow, we can meet and talk in person!
"From Little Sis"
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