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Welcome to the walkthrough for Pokémon Pinball. This walkthrough will help you get to know the stages and mechanics of the game.


Catch mode

This mode begins with a shadowed image which is uncovered by hitting the Pokémon bumpers of the stage six times. The Pokémon will then appear and must be hit four times to be caught. This mode lasts for two minutes. Various Pokémon can be caught depending on the field, area, and whether you have two or three Catch arrows lit. Catching the Pokémon will add one Poké Ball to the Catch Gauge.

To activate: Launch your ball up the right-most lane. Once at least two arrows are lit, hit the ball into Bellsprout's mouth (Red) or into the open Cloyster (Blue) to begin the mode.

Evolution Mode

Launching your ball up the left-most lane three times will unlock Evolution Mode. Hit your ball to Staryu (red) or into Slowpoke's mouth (blue) and choose a Pokémon to evolve. Once the Pokémon to evolve has been selected, three items must be collected in turn and the ball must then enter the Center Hole within two minutes. These items represent how the Pokémon evolves in the games. Catching the Pokémon will add two Poké Ball to the Catch Gauge.

Cave Slot

After lighting the CAVE lights, the Slot will be activated. From this, you can receive the following:

Item Information
  small Awards 100 to 900 points.
  BIG Awards 1,000,000 to 9,000,000 points.
  Pika A second Pikachu joins to prevent the ball from falling down the far channels.
  Catch em Start Catch 'em Mode starts.
  Evolution Mode Evolution Mode starts.
  /   /   /   /   Bonus Stages Access a Bonus Stage.
  /   /   Ball Saver Turns on the Ball Saver for 30, 60, or 90 seconds.
  /   /   Ball Upgrade Upgrades your ball to the next level.
  Extra Ball Player earns an extra ball
  Bonus Multiplier Adds to the multiplier for the "end of ball" score. Values are +1 to +5.


The various locations have different Pokémon that appear. In order to complete the Pokédex, travel is required. When traveling, the player will pass through three locations within Area 1, two from Area 2, then the Indigo Plateau. Traveling from the Indigo Plateau will bring the player back to one of the random locations within Area 1. The locations in Area 1 and Area 2 are as follows:

Area 1 Area 2
Pallet Town (Red)
Viridian City (Blue)
Viridian Forest (Both)
Pewter City (Red)
Mt. Moon (Blue)
Cerulean City (Both)
Vermilion City Seaside (Red)
Vermilion City Streets (Blue)
Rock Tunnel (Both)
Lavender Town (Red)
Celadon City (Blue)
Cycling Road (Red)
Fuchsia City (Blue)
Safari Zone (Both)
Saffron City (Blue)
Cinnabar Island (Both)
Seafoam Islands (Red)

Main Menu

Start Game

Choosing this option will lead to the option of which field you want to play on.


This option allows you to see the Pokédex. All of the Pokémon in the regional Kanto Pokédex are available in the game. This totals to 151 Pokémon.


In this menu, you can change the controls, listen to the game's music and sound effects, and enable rumble (requires one AAA battery to function).

High scores

While not an option on the menu, the high scores can be viewed by pressing B.

Reset the game

If you desire to reset either the high scores and the Pokédex, hold the up and right buttons and press select and start before the copyrights screen when booting up the game.

Pokémon Pinball
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