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Finding Johto Starter 2

You start in the Outskirt Sands. You'll get an e-mail. Head to the Under and talk to Nett. Go to Pyrite Town and talk to a kid behind the bookcase. It says that Cail fought a Pokémon Trainer with a Shadow Pokémon. Talk to Cail who will battle you. If you didn't snag his Furret he'll have it. After you battle him, he says it's in the Snagem Hideout, which is now on the map. Head there.

Up to six Pokémon Trainers with Shadow Pokémon that you failed to capture will appear. They won't let you by until you've snagged all their Pokémon. This includes Skrub with Hitmontop and many other minor Peons.

Why are you here? You're looking for one of the other Shadow Pokémon starters.

All Trainers here don't have Shadow Pokémon and are optional. Search the base until you find him. He's below a Snag Machine.

Cipher Peon Verde/Rosso/Bluno
  Level 53 Sharpedo (Verde only)
  Level 53 Breloom (Rosso only)
  Level 53 Camerupt (Bluno only)
  Level 54 Grumpig
  Level 51 Muk
  Level 30 Shadow Bayleef (Verde only)
  Level 30 Shadow Quilava (Rosso only)
  Level 30 Shadow Croconaw (Bluno only)

Snag the starter he has and leave the base. Next up is the last one.

Finding Johto Starter 3

You'll get an e-mail from Nett, so go to The Under and talk to him. Nett will tell you that a guy named Gurks has more information about shadow Pokémon. Gurks is located on the second floor of the junk shop, on the outside balcony. Gurks tells you he battled a colored peon in The Under, but don't bother looking for him there. Instead just go to the Shadow Pokemon Lab. You'll get an e-mail telling you that the colored peon is inside.

This one is simple. The third Johto starter is where Ein was. Just look through the Shadow Pokémon Lab part of the walkthrough. It's the same guy essentially, just a different Shadow Pokémon.

Cipher Peon Verde/Rosso/Bluno
  Level 53 Sharpedo (Verde only)
  Level 53 Breloom (Rosso only)
  Level 53 Camerupt (Bluno only)
  Level 54 Grumpig
  Level 51 Muk
  Level 30 Shadow Bayleef (Verde only)
  Level 30 Shadow Quilava (Rosso only)
  Level 30 Shadow Croconaw (Bluno only)

Finding Smeargle and Ursaring

Back in Snagem Hideout are two Trainers with Shadow Pokémon that weren't anywhere before. You'll find them.

Team Snagem Biden
  Level 50 Smeargle
  Level 50 Smeargle
  Level 51 Smeargle
  Level 45 Shadow Smeargle

Team Snagem Agrev
  Level 50 Shiftry
  Level 55 Marshtomp
  Level 52 Machoke
  Level 45 Shadow Ursaring

Gonzap and Deep Colosseum

Throughout the Snagem Hideout with Smeargle and Ursaring now are a bunch of Trainers who have Shadow Pokémon you missed. And deep inside is Gonzap with his Skarmory, provided you didn't catch it.

You get a D-Disk for beating him. If you enter it into the UFO in The Under, you can go down. This will take you to Deep Colosseum, where 20 opponents are: 15 miscellaneous, 4 Cipher Admins, and the fabled Deep King.

Hunter Dewig
  Level 60 Nuzleaf
  Level 61 Tropius
  Level 60 Zangoose

Bodybuilder Palen
  Level 61 Vigoroth
  Level 61 Typhlosion
  Level 62 Hariyama

Worker Toway
  Level 62 Girafarig
  Level 63 Ledian
  Level 62 Houndour
  Level 62 Dodrio

St. Performer Regol
  Level 61 Jumpluff
  Level 60 Sneasel
  Level 60 Electrode

Fun Old Man Gorbel
  Level 62 Delibird
  Level 61 Marshtomp
  Level 61 Walrein

Bandana Guy Lobert
  Level 62 Azumarill
  Level 62 Xatu
  Level 63 Linoone
  Level 62 Medicham

Bodybuilder Varug
  Level 60 Machop
  Level 61 Ursaring
  Level 60 Machoke

Rider Shatol
  Level 62 Wigglytuff
  Level 61 Graveler
  Level 63 Wailmer
  Level 61 Donphan

Researcher Zogo
  Level 62 Spinda
  Level 62 Delcatty
  Level 62 Granbull

Chaser Drook
  Level 60 Nuzleaf
  Level 61 Jumpluff
  Level 60 Volbeat
  Level 60 Beautifly

Roller Boy Dult
  Level 60 Lanturn
  Level 60 Lairon
  Level 61 Octillery
  Level 61 Exploud

Hunter Ophel
  Level 63 Marshtomp
  Level 62 Swellow
  Level 62 Crawdaunt

Rider Nelon
  Level 64 Nincada
  Level 63 Shuppet
  Level 63 Horsea

Athlete Lorge
  Level 64 Kadabra
  Level 65 Kecleon
  Level 64 Misdreavus
  Level 65 Seadra

Hunter Grons
  Level 67 Relicanth
  Level 68 Murkrow
  Level 66 Mawile

Rematching Realgam Tower Trainers

Simply head back to where they were in Realgam Tower. You can reface all six Trainers atop it as well, including Nascour and Evice. You can't rematch the three Cipher Peons who had Shadow Pokémon in the first part of the Tower with the rails.

The Final Shadow Pokémon

Once you have seemingly every Pokémon you'll start getting tons of e-mails. It'll lead you to the Outskirt Sands, where one last Trainer is...

Shady Guy [your name]

Upon defeating him, he'll reveal he's the Cipher Peon Fein, master of disguises. You should now try to purify every last Shadow Pokémon and complete the game entirely.

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