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Realgam Tower: Part 1

Realgam Tower is on the map. This is the final area of the main game. Go to it, and enter it, go upwards, and you'll find an old man. Speak to him and answer "NO". As you prepare to leave, it transforms and reveals it was a Cipher Peon in disguise.

Cipher Peon Bopen
  Level 39 Grimer
  Level 39 Dustox
  Level 40 Seviper

Easy compared to what you're going to experience in the Realgam Tower. You should now heal+save. Head left, then up, then up. The Cipher Peon you chose now battles you.

Cipher Peon Baila
  Level 41 Gloom
  Level 42 Jumpluff
  Level 45 Shadow Sunflora

Sunflora is easy to catch, really. Gloom and Jumpluff shouldn't be hard. Remember, you can go back and heal+save like always. You should fight the other Peon now, because you'll have to go both ways eventually.

Cipher Peon Arton
  Level 42 Piloswine
  Level 42 Glalie
  Level 45 Shadow Delibird

Easy to catch and beat. Head right, you'll find a door with four keys. What four people could be holding these keys? Head left and then up. You'll find Venus.

Hard, hard battle. Suicune appears instead of Milotic if you didn't snag it. BLUE KEY GET! Head down, right, right, and up. Here you'll find Ein.

Hard, hard battle. Raikou appears instead of Manectric if you didn't snag it. YELLOW KEY GET! Go down, left, left, down, right, down, and left. Here you'll find Miror B. and his funky hair. Unforunately there is no good music playing.

Hard, hard battle. Sudowoodo appears instead of Armaldo if you didn't snag it. RED KEY GET! Go right, right, and up. Here you'll find Dakim.

Hard, hard battle. Entei appears instead of Houndoom if you didn't snag it. GREEN KEY GET! You can now open the door. Head down, left, up (save+heal), left, up, and right. You're at the giant door. Insert the four keys and BAM! another Cipher Peon. He's trying to do this yet you just defeated all four Cipher Admins.

Cipher Peon Dioge
  Level 42 Masquerain
  Level 41 Ariados
  Level 45 Shadow Heracross

Easy pickins. Enter the giant door.

Realgam Tower: Part 2

Immediately you'll get an e-mail. Open your P☆DA to see the list of Shadow Pokémon. It's not all of them. Head upwards.

Bandana Guy Klest
  Level 39 Nuzleaf
  Level 42 Graveler
  Level 41 Hariyama
  Level 42 Lombre

Easy. Head forward and talk to the lady.

Hunter Aline
  Level 39 Metang
  Level 40 Mawile
  Level 41 Lairon

Head left.

St. Performer Luper
  Level 40 Qwilfish
  Level 39 Octillery
  Level 39 Seadra
  Level 40 Feraligatr

Enter the left door. Head left.

Chaser Trus
  Level 40 Magneton
  Level 40 Ninetales
  Level 40 Machoke
  Level 40 Swellow

Easy. Funny he mentions Shadow Pokémon but never has any. Head right but not up the stairs.

Rider Kivel
  Level 41 Quagsire
  Level 40 Sandslash
  Level 40 Donphan

Head to the top-right to find one of the Trainers with a Shadow Pokémon. This was the Cipher Peon that you snagged the Johto starter from. Fight!

Cipher Peon Verde/Rosso/Bluno
  Level 44 Grumpig
  Level 45 Muk

Piece of cake. He'll have your Bayleef/Croconaw/Quilava if you didn't catch it earlier. Don't go upstairs but go back and across the hall. Halfway there, you'll run into Silva who is disguised. Enter the right wing... but before you can a Bodybuilder gets in your way and nearly scares my sister to death.

Bodybuilder Givern
  Level 43 Wigglytuff
  Level 45 Loudred

Go inside, talk to the lady, answer "YES", and have a battle.

Rider Elose
  Level 40 Cradily
  Level 40 Chimecho
  Level 39 Swalot
  Level 39 Noctowl

After the battle, leave and go up the elevator near Silva. Before you do, you might want to save+heal. After a cutscene, you can take a left into a door. You can save, but if you want to heal, you'll have to face the following Trainer.

Chaser Rugen
  Level 40 Shelgon
  Level 41 Vigoroth

Now, Two elevators won't work, but the third one releases a little surprise... it's Gonzap, an old face! Prepare for a battle between you and your old boss!

Very hard battle. Prepare yourself. After beating Gonzap, head to the roof.

Realgam Tower: Part 3

So here's the rundown. You have four matches against random Trainers, and two more matches.

Bodybuilder Jomas
  Level 45 Zangoose
  Level 45 Porygon2
  Level 48 Shadow Miltank

Miltank Snagging is semi-hard. Beating Jomas is so-so difficulty.

Rider Delan
  Level 48 Mightyena
  Level 47 Sharpedo
  Level 48 Shadow Absol

Absol Snagging is hard. Beating Delan is so-so difficulty.

Cipher Peon Nella
  Level 47 Torkoal
  Level 48 Magcargo
  Level 48 Shadow Houndoom

Houndoom Snagging is semi-hard. Beating Nella is so-so difficulty.

Cipher Peon Ston
  Level 48 Cradily
  Level 48 Vileplume
  Level 49 Cacturne
  Level 49 Shadow Tropius

Tropius Snagging is hard. Beating Ston is semi-hard.

Alright, it's the moment we've all been waiting for. Nascour walks on-stage with dramatic music. This battle has good music because there is none at all which just adds to the epic-ness.

Metagross Snagging is very hard. Beating Nascour is hard.

Upon defeat, Nascour is saddened. He apologizes... but to who? Suddenly, the mayor Es Cade pops out of the ground. It turns out he's really the head of Cipher, and on top of that, Es Cade is really a disguise! He's really Evice, super clown!

Tyranitar Snagging is very hard. Beating Evice is very hard.

Upon defeat, I won't spoil the ending cinematics. The guide's not finished: It's going to catch every Shadow Pokémon there is. A number of trainers in Pyrite Town and Pyrite Cave are available to rematch, though.

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