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Courtyard Colosseum (Japanese: キャッスルコロシアム Castle Colosseum) is one of the Colosseums in Pokémon Battle Revolution. During the first playthrough, it is a regular knockout tournament with Kruger as the final battle, while after Stargazer Colosseum has been beaten, it becomes similar in nature to Orre's Mt. Battle.
Courtyard Colosseum
Courtyard Colosseum appears as if at a haunted castle, with ghostly flames on each corner of the playing field. It is unique from the other Colosseums as it occasionally suffers from a thick fog when playing on it in any game mode.
Fog in the Colosseum

Battle Name: Knockout Battle

Availability: Open after beating Sunset Colosseum

Level Rank: Lv30 open

Battle style: Double Battle

Price money base amount: ???

First challenge rank: 3

Camouflage: Normal

Highest rank: ??

Nature Power: Tri Attack

Number of opponent: 3 trainer + 1 master

Secret Power: causes Paralysis

Round One

Battle 1

Battle 2

Battle 3

Battle 4

Battle 5



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