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Neon Colosseum

Neon Colosseum (Japanese: カジノシアターコロシアム Casino Theatre Colosseum) is the fourth Colosseum in Pokémon Battle Revolution. The battle theme is Fortune Battles. The Colosseum Leader is Rosie. Like most other Colosseums, there are 7 battles in all.

Battles here are depicted as taking place in the middle of the night. Behind the arena is a giant roulette wheel, known as the Pokémon Wheel.
Neon Colosseum
The default mode of battle here is Double Battle. An option to change this to Single Battle is unlocked after beating Rank 1 for the first time. The battle theme, Fortune Battle, is unique and, if you are not good at it, frustrating. Before the battle starts, both Trainer's Poké Balls are put on a roulette wheel called the Pokémon Wheel. Each Trainer is given four Poké Balls. When you starts the Fortune Wheel up, it will spin around until you drop a ball onto it. You must use the Pokémon the ball lands on as their first in battle, no matter whether it is yours or the opponents'. The other Trainer also drops a Poké Ball, and then the player, until all four Poké Balls, or three if it is a Single Battle, have been dropped. Therefore, it is a good idea to use Rental Pass Pokémon, as opposed to strong Custom Pass Pokémon, in case your opponent gets your Pokémon. This Colosseum, with the Level 30 open rule, will round up your Pokémon's levels to match your highest leveled Pokémon.
The Pokémon Wheel in action

Beating Neon Colosseum for the first time in Level 30 Open mode gets you Pikachu Gloves, a custom battle pass with Neon Colosseum in the background, 46 items in the shop, and 325 Poké Coupons.

Colosseum leader Rosie is the only trainer here who's Pokémon are set.

Battle Name: Fortune Battle

Availably: Open after beating Waterfall Colosseum

Level Rank: Lv30 open

Battle style: Double Battle

Price money base amount: ???

First challenge rank: 1

Camouflage: Normal

Highest rank: ?

Nature Power: Tri Attack

Number of opponent: 6 trainer + 1 master

Secret Power: causes Paralysis

Level 30 open, Rank 1


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