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When you get back, the four of you are now talking about what you are going to do. Piplup has gotten a nice big patch for covering up the balloon from Haunter from the Haunted Zone, and how you're going to be flying it soon to the Sky Pavilion, when they find out how to get there. Chikorita says that Abra from the Haunted Zone has come here to help with information, as he is very knowledgeable. Charmander has decided to make fireworks, which he says is going to be good for them to see, and build your friendship.

Go talk to Skorupi, the gatekeeper of the Granite Zone. He says that no one is except the chosen may enter, and he doesn't know whether you're allowed to enter since it is unconfirmed by Mew. Just then, the ground shakes, which causes everyone in the Meeting Place to get worried, and Skorupi says the Sky Pavilion is going to be crashing down soon if no one comes with the Sky Prism Pieces. Seeing the Prism Pieces in your hands, he lets you go in.

Granite Zone

Granite Zone ストーンゾーン
Stone Zone
Granite Zone
Zone Info
Zone Leader Rayquaza
Drifblim Stop In front of Flygon's gate.
Area Info
Area Keeper
Drifblim Stop
{{{area1}}} None
{{{area2}}} None
{{{area3}}} None
Connecting Zones
Meeting Place
Flower Zone
Third connected zone
Fourth connected zone
Fifth connected zone
Sixth connected zone

This zone is very serious. Many of the Pokémon here have no humor in their jobs and go by the will of the Sky Pavilion, as well as the rules. It seems very ancient, as there are statues that seem to be on the verge of breaking but holding on. The three Pokémon at the entrance appear to be caretakers of the Granite Zone.


Go up the ruin steps. You'll meet a Charizard, who warns the player about chosen Pokémon who can only get there if they have good intentions in their hearts, and no one can sneak up the Sky Pavilion, not through the skies, or any other method, but only through the Granite Zone.

Absol's Hurdle Bounce

When you go to the left, you'll meet a Hoppip, who, though looks very happy, is very serious about his job and will not let you through unless you complete an Attraction, called Absol's Hurdle Bounce. Go back and meet the Absol next to the signboard.

Absol, naturally, also has one Sky Prism Piece, which he will give to you once you complete his Attraction, since, if you do complete this Attraction, it means you have good intentions of going to the Sky Pavilion.

Like Bulbasaur's Daring Dash and Dusknoir's Speed Slam, you have to shake the Wii Remote in order to run. Unlike both games, you have to actually press buttons--although there are blocks in the way, like Dusknoir's Attraction, you have to jump over them, as well as having to jump over Dugtrio, by pressing 2.

Pokémon who can Play

Pokémon Time for Bonus
Pikachu Pikachu 0:18.50 seconds
Chikorita Chikorita 0:19.00 seconds
Absol Absol 0:11.90 seconds
Lucario Lucario 0:12.30 seconds
Ponyta Ponyta 0:12.70 seconds
Ninetales Ninetales 0:13.10 seconds
Lopunny Lopunny 0:13.50 seconds
Espeon Espeon 0:14.00 seconds
Infernape Infernape 0:14.50 seconds
Breloom Breloom 0:15.00 seconds
Riolu Riolu 0:15.50 seconds
Furret Furret 0:16.00 seconds
Mareep Mareep 0:16.50 seconds
Eevee Eevee 0:17.50 seconds
Vulpix Vulpix 0:18.00 seconds
Shaymin Shaymin 0:11.00 seconds

Absol is very happy when you complete this Attraction, possibly because he wants the Sky Prism to be fixed. He gives you the Prism Piece, and now, since you completed Absol's Attraction, go back to Hoppip, who'll now allow you to go and become your friend. Dash into the switch in order to get to the other side, as the bridge is currently facing the other way.

Secret Words

Once you go up, a Flygon will not allow you to go past the gate he is guarding unless you have three Secret Words. The Secret Words are hidden among the most trusted Pokémon in the PokéPark. Since you can't continue to search the ruins this way, go the other way, which will lead to a slightly broken bridge.


When going across the bridge, you'll meet an extremely powerful Blastoise, who is here to guard the ruins. Apparently, he is also very serious about his job and will not allow anyone to cross him, since, like all other Pokémon here, is unsure whether he should let you pass or not, since he doesn't know whether you have been chosen or not.

The way to test this is to have a battle with him, which, as he says, is to test if you're determined to get across to the Sky Pavilion. If you defeat him, you'll be allowed to go across and find out a Secret Word!


After defeating him, he says that he really isn't the strongest Pokémon and needs to do some training, and that you must really be chosen. Since he wants to go train, he says he's going to another zone.

Now go to the now empty space, where Blastoise used to be. Go down the steps and dash into the switch again. This will make the bridge turn the other way, so you can now go across it.

The First Secret Word

After going across the bridge, you'll meet a Skorupi (possibly the same Skorupi who acts as gatekeeper for the Granite Zone). He says that at the end of this hall, there will be a switch, which will summon some platforms. According to him, the platforms go really fast, so you have to be quick!

Go to the end of the hall, and up the stairs. Unlike most places in the game, you're able to fall off the stairs, so if you want to avoid falling, walk carefully. After reaching the top, you'll see the switch Skorupi was talking about. Like you do with most switches, dash into it. Jump quickly but carefully as you go across, as the platforms go away quickly.

After getting off, some doors will open. In one of the doors you'll find a Bronzor, who'll only let you through once you have at least one Secret Word. As you have no Secret Words for now, head over to the other set of doors.


This room contains a Pokémon called Porygon-Z. Talk to him. He'll say something about having a Secret Word, although he isn't just going to give you the word right off the bat--naturally, you'll have to defeat him in something first. In this case, it's a Quiz!

When you answer all three questions right, he'll keep his promise and give you the Secret Word-Love. Since you got a Secret Word, head back to where the Bronzor was, as now you can go past there.

The Second "Lightning Strike"

When you go past the Bronzor, you'll see an Electivire, who has a Speech Bubble over his head. Talk to him, and he argues with you about your recently learned nickname, Lightning Strike, as he thinks it better suits him. He is so enraged over a simple thing like that he has a battle with you to confirm who is more worthy of the nickname.


After defeating him, he realizes you are worthy of the name Lightning Strike, but says, since he's going to train a lot harder, he'll soon be the Second Lightning Strike. After you defeat him, go up the stairs and turn off the fire in order to get to the outside.

The Second Secret Word

Upon turning off the fire, you'll be able to go outside. Like with the stairs that leads to the platforms, you will be able to fall off, so instead of Dashing, walk instead. When you reach a lone platform, you'll see a lift. Take the lift.


Like all Togekiss, this Togekiss is very happy. She is happy to see you, and wonders whether you are the one to go to the Sky Pavilion. She says she does have a Secret Word, though she'll only give it to you once you defeat her Skill Game--Obstacle Hop!

This is very hard, considering there is a lot of space between the platforms, meaning you should do a long jump in order to prevent yourself from falling. In later versions of this, Togekiss attacks you with Air Slash, which knocks you backwards and may make you fall.

After completing the Skill Game, Togekiss is (again) very happy and is even happier when she tells you the Secret Word, which is the word Peace. As for your third Secret'll have to go all the way back to the Cavern Zone!

Back at the Cavern Zone

According to Togekiss, the final Secret Word lies with Snorlax in the Hot Spring. Go back to the Hot Spring. When you try to go and talk to Snorlax, the Mawile from earlier is here to say thank you, which she says took a long time. Since you remembered the Cavern Zone well, she decided to become your friend. After completing her "speech" she'll wander off somewhere, leaving you free to go and talk to Snorlax.

The Third Secret Word

As usual, when you go and see Snorlax, he is sleeping. However, you can talk to him, and he pleads for you not to shock him with your Thunderbolt, since he's going to get up soon anyway. Don't believe this, because he isn't, so shock him.

It appears that you don't have to go and do a Skill Game with him, instead he gives a small speech, saying that he was testing you all this time to see if you're worthy of the Secret Word, and how you thought he was just a lazy Pokémon all this time. The third Secret Word is Rainbow. Since you found this out, head back to the Granite Zone and report this to Flygon!

Past the Gateway

As you now found out the three Secret Words (which Flygon repeats, to make sure you really obtained all the Secret Words) Flygon will go and open up the gate. Go across another bridge and go talk to a Salamence.

Unlike other Pokémon in this zone, Salamence knows you are headed to the Sky Pavilion, but like other Pokémon in this zone, he is going to see if you're worthy enough. And how does he do that? Well, he lets you play his Attraction, Salamence's Air Ace!

Salamence's Air Ace

A bit like Pelipper's Circle Circuit, as this is a flying Attraction. Also like Circle Circuit, you control the Pokémon by turning the Wii Remote left, right, up, or down. Unlike Circle Circuit, you are now allowed to press 2 in order to shoot the targets. Blue gives 100, red gives 300, and gold gives 1000. Make sure you continually shoot or go through the targets to get the maximum score!

Pokémon who can Play

Pokémon Points for Bonus
Pikachu Pikachu* 5,000
Latios Latios 25,000
Salamence Salamence 20,000
Charizard Charizard 18,000
Dragonite Dragonite 17,000
Flygon Flygon 16,000
Aerodactyl Aerodactyl 15,000
Staraptor Staraptor 14,000
Honchkrow Honchkrow 13,000
Gliscor Gliscor 12,000
Pidgeotto Pidgeotto 10,500
Togekiss Togekiss 10,000
Golbat Golbat 9,000
Taillow Taillow 8,000
Murkrow Murkrow 7,000
Zubat Zubat 6,000

Salamence knew you were going to complete it and hands you the Sky Prism Piece, which allows you to go and head over to the next zone which leads to the Sky Pavilion, the Flower Zone. In order to go there, talk to Jumpluff who becomes your friend upon finding out that Hoppip is also your friend. Go past Jumpluff and into the Flower Zone!

Available Pokémon

This is a list of Pokémon you can befriend in this zone.

Pokémon Location Skill game Notes Pokémon Location Skill game Notes
006 Charizard Inside first chamber of the ruins. Battle 142 Aerodactyl Across the rope bridge; near Salamence's Air Ace.(Befriend Staraptor) Battle
330 Flygon By the gate leading to the wooden bridge. Chase Must find all three secret words before challenging Flygon. 135 Jolteon Across the rope bridge; near Salamence's Air Ace. (Befriend Eevee) Chase Must have 90 friends to play a skill game with Jolteon.
474 Porygon-Z Inside a chamber under a slope leading to Flygon. Quiz 248 Tyranitar Near the entrance of the ruins. (Befriend Mew) Battle
436 Bronzor Chamber near Porygon-Z's leading up to Togekiss. None Automatically befriends the player after learning a secret word. 445 Garchomp Across the rope bridge; near Salamence's Air Ace. (Befriend Mew) Battle
468 Togekiss On a lone pillar near the rope bridge Obstacle Hop 359 Absol Next to Absol's Hurdle Bounce. None Automatically befriends the player after they clear Absol's Hurdle Bounce.
059 Arcanine Across the rope bridge; near Salamence's Air Ace. Chase Must win 5 skill games in the Granite Zone. 373 Salamence Next to Salamence's Air Ace. None Automatically befriends the player after they clear Salamence's Air Ace.
428 Lopunny Near the entrance of the ruins. Chase 343 Baltoy Inside first chamber of the ruins. Battle Must have smashed the crate holding Baltoy in the Lava Zone.
162 Furret Near the entrance of the ruins. Hide-and-Seek 344 Claydol In the pyramid chamber guarded by Bronzor. (befriend Baltoy) Battle
398 Staraptor Across the rope bridge; near Salamence's Air Ace. Battle 276 Taillow Across the rope bridge; near Salamence's Air Ace. Chase
451 Skorupi On a slope adjacent to Bronzor's. None. Automatically befriends the player after hitting the switch leading to Porygon-Z 105 Marowak In the pyramid chamber guarded by Bronzor. Battle
133 Eevee Near the entrance of the ruins. Chase 009 Blastoise On a walk way on the side of the ruins; in front of Flygon. (Moves to the Beach Zone once defeated here) Battle
187 Hoppip In the first chamber of the ruins. None Automatically befriends the player after they clear Absol's Hurdle Bounce. 381 Latios Salamence's Air Ace None Latios is unlocked once every Pokémon has achieved the bonus in Salamence's Air Ace.
189 Jumpluff In front of the entrance to the Flower Zone. None Automatically befriends the player after they clear Salamence's Air Ace. 492S Shaymin Absol's Hurdle Bounce None Shaymin is unlocked once every Pokémon has achieved the bonus in Absol's Hurdle Bounce.
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