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Sky Pavilion スカイガーデン
Sky Garden
Sky Pavilion
Zone Info
Zone Leader None
Drifblim Stop None
Area Info
Area Keeper
Drifblim Stop
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Connecting Zones
Meeting Place
Second connected zone
Third connected zone
Fourth connected zone
Fifth connected zone
Sixth connected zone

When you get there, you'll see the place is flowing with clear water, and there are many archways. Like the Granite Zone, this place looks like an old ruin. Immediately you can understand this is the place that holds all of the friendship of the PokéPark together.

Shaymin will tell you that, even though it appears Mew isn't here, he's probably going to play some kind of trick on them, as Mew has very special powers. Apparently, it knows this since when Shaymin first came here, Mew transformed into a Haunter to scare Shaymin. Well, Shaymin wishes you luck and goes back down to the Flower Zone!

Chikorita and Charmander agree to help you look for Mew, however Piplup says he's going to guard the hot air balloon. When you figure something out, let him know!

The two Piplup

Head up the ancient steps, as Chikorita searches the bottom and Charmander searches the middle, making it clear you should search the top. When you reach the farthest you can go, you'll see Piplup, who said he hasn't found Mew lately.

What?... Wasn't Piplup supposed to be guarding the hot air balloon?

To really make sure that Piplup really is just guarding the balloon, head back down. The only way for Piplup to go back down is to follow you, so this should clear things up. When you reach Piplup, he'll get confused as to why you're looking so confused, saying he was here the whole time. Maybe, you should check things again!

So go back up the steps and see if Piplup is there. There's no doubt, that's Piplup for sure. Except...

It turns out Mew used Transform to look like Piplup!

So this was what Shaymin was talking about. Mew gets very happy, saying that he succeeded at fooling you. As he continues to celebrate, he takes the real Piplup, Chikorita, and Charmander up to the top of the Sky Pavilion, where it shows the broken Sky Prism. You would think that you could have simply put the pieces back all together now, but Mew says we'll need a bit more friendship in order to make it complete. So...he challenges you to Skill Games!

Obstacle Hop

Mew's first Skill Game is Obstacle Hop. Although Mew doesn't send any attacks at you, this is very hard since the platforms are somewhat far away. Also, there are many platforms, so this might take a very long time.

However, the game gives a generous time limit, so if you fall off, it only takes about five seconds to recover. All the same, you shouldn't waste time getting to Mew.

At the end of this, Mew gets very happy, and challenges you to a Skill Game--this time, it's Battle!


Mew is going to transform into three different Pokémon. The first one is Magmortar, as Mew wants to test what's more powerful--Magmortar's fire or your Thunderbolt.


His Flamethrowers are easy to dodge; just use the tip Croagunk gave to you at the beginning of the game. Try to attack from a distance, since if you get too close, you'll be knocked back by his FirePunches. Try to have full stats at this point so you can get a hard hit.

Mew gets very upset and happy that you defeated him. Then, he said he's going to transform into the second Pokémon--Garchomp!


As Garchomp is part Ground-type, don't use Thunderbolt as an attack (not that it would work that way anyway) but use it to stop his attacks. As he uses Dragon Rush, Thunderbolt him so he stops, and then use Iron Tail or Quick Attack. Try not to get in range of his Earthquake.

Mew says there's one more battle that features his favorite--Tyranitar!


Like Garchomp, Tyranitar can use the move Earthquake, so try not to get too close to him. Dark Pulse can hit from a far range, as well as being very fast, so try to be faster and dodge it. Being Mew, this Tyranitar is unusually fast. Apparently, his Dark Pulses are also very fast and powerful, so whenever you're at a distance, try to attack first.

Mew is very happy you defeated him, though, even though you just went through a lot of battles, there's still a bit more friendship that they need to build up if they want the Sky Pavilion to be fully restored. So...he challenges you to a Chase!


Being a very fast Pokémon, as well as being the best to use in a running race, this might take some time. There are holes in some parts of the steps. so make sure you don't fall through.

However, if you have full speed, as well as capable of doing Double Dash, this shouldn't be as hard as it would be. Continually dash as fast as you can until you finally slam into him!

The Revived PokéPark

When you defeat him, you'll return back up to the Sky Prism. Talk to him, and he'll take all of the Sky Prism Pieces you collected and put them on the Sky Prism. They magically float up and connect to the Sky Prism, which begins to glow.

A weird thing starts to happen...the fixed Sky Prism begins taking energy from you, Piplup, Chikorita, and Charmander. Mew seems unaffected by this, as the Sky Prism continues to take energy from you. Then, once it's done, it begins to glow brightly and shoots out a beautiful rainbow which causes sparks to fall down.

The five of you rush down to the hot air balloon so you can tell the Pokémon in the PokéPark what's going on. Mew begins to fly around you. Then, the game shows all of the Pokémon in each zone greeting the five of you, happy now that the PokéPark is once again a peaceful place.

When you arrive back in the Meeting Place, there is quite a commotion. Everyone is excited to see you again, and they are also excited to see Mew. Misdreavus notices a good candid photo and takes one.

Later that night, Charmander sets his fireworks. They are all very pretty, and the last two feature a Pikachu shaped one and a Mew shaped one.

The Password

The next morning, the four of you are all talking about how you're going to stay in the PokéPark much longer, since you like to play there. Piplup also mentions many new, strong Pokémon have come to the PokéPark to play Attractions. Chikorita then notices a signboard next to the treehouse.

The signboard says a password for unlocking a certain Pokémon as well as asking if you want to see the credits. You don't have to, however you can if you want.

You have completed PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure. Now, all there is to do is to complete the Pal Pad as well and unlock more Pokémon!

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