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Route 215

Route 215

Route 215 is packed with Trainers and items, and the constant rainfall boosts the power of Water-type moves by 50% (and decreases the power of Fire-type moves by 50%), so this is a good place to train Water-type Pokémon. Bring a Pokémon that knows Cut - it will make travel significantly easier and will allow you to collect all the items on your way to Veilstone City. Head east a short distance, then circle around anticlockwise up and across the first bridge. Follow the path until you reach the third bridge, make a detour to fight the Black Belt to its south, then Cut your way through to another Black Belt to collect the Fist Plate and jump over the ledge. Use Cut on the tree below the next hill to harvest some Berries, then head up the hill, detour south across the fourth and final bridge. Follow the path onward collecting all the items that are of interest, making sure to Cut your way through to TM34 (Shock Wave) just below the largest grassy patch.

Veilstone City

Veilstone City

Having arrived in Veilstone City, it's time to explore the place. Veilstone is the home of the Veilstone Department Store, Galactic Veilstone Building, the Veilstone Game Corner, and, of course, the Veilstone Gym.

In the house directly north of the Pokémon Center lives a man willing to hand over a Porygon. Make sure you have a free slot in your party so you're able to receive it.

Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate
Gift Pokémon
D P Pt
25 One
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

Game Corner

The building in the southern part of the city decorated with glowing lights is the Game Corner. Here, you can collect Coins and then visit the Prize Exchange next door to get valuable items and TMs. Before you're allowed to play any games however, you'll need a Coin Case, in which your winnings are kept. Head to the next house to the west of the Game Corner. Speak to the clown inside, who'll hand over a Coin Case if you get the correct answer in his game of coin toss (you can play again whenever you get the wrong answer). In the Prize Exchange building to the east of the Game corner is a man who, if you talk to him while having a Pokémon with Hidden Power at the front of your party, will let you know what type Hidden Power's damage will be.

Massage Lady

In the house next to the house where you find the Coin Case is the Massage Lady. She'll massage one of your Pokémon once per day and also find an Accessory, which also raises the Pokémon's happiness.

Veilstone Department Store

Veilstone has a Department store instead of a conventional Poké Mart. Take the opportunity to stock up on supplies!

Inside, there is a lady to the left of the entrance who will give you a mask to be put in the Fashion Case. The mask will match Lucas/Dawn's starter Pokémon. The people at the counter on 1F sell items found in normal Poké Marts.

Item Location Games
  Turtwig Mask Accessory; if the player started with Chimchar  Pt 
  Chimchar Mask Accessory; if the player started with Piplup  Pt 
  Piplup Mask Accessory; if the player started with Turtwig  Pt 

A man behind the counter on 2F will give you the Counter Pokétch app. Battle items and vitamins are sold here as well.

Item Location Games
  Counter Obtained from a man behind the counter on 2F  Pt 

On 3F, you can buy TMs. TM54 (False Swipe) can be useful if you plan to complete your Pokédex, as this attack will never knock out an opponent. They also sell powerful special attacks, such as TM25 (Thunder), TM38 (Fire Blast), and TM52 (Focus Blast), that can be huge upgrades to your current team.

Secret Base decorations are sold on 4F.

On 5F, a man will give you a Sticky Barb. Inexpensive healing items can be bought from the Vending Machines on this floor, too.

Item Location Games
  Sticky Barb Obtained from a man on 5F  Pt 

The basement floor sells Poffins, Berries, and Lava Cookies.

Veilstone Gym

Veilstone Gym

After exploring Veilstone City, it's time for you to challenge the Gym for your fourth Badge. Before you enter the Gym, you'll encounter Professor Rowan's research assistant Lucas/Dawn, and both of you will then meet Wake, Pastoria Gym's leader, as he leaves the Gym. The Veilstone Gym Leader, Maylene, specializes in Fighting-type Pokémon, which are weak to Psychic- and Flying-type attacks, but Maylene's Lucario is also weak to Fighting-, Fire-, and Ground-type attacks. However, many Fighting-type Pokémon can learn Rock-type moves, which cover their weakness against Flying-type Pokémon, so a team with Psychic Pokémon and Ghost Pokémon is ideal here.

The Gym is a maze consisting of many punching bags that you must push to smash barriers made up of tires in order to open up new paths. Your key goal is to aim for the punching bag in the upper left of the Gym that destroys the barrier that will get you to Maylene.

Knock the first punching bag to the right, and head up through the (now vacant) gap between the bottom right boxing ring and the support pillar. Knock the next bag north, make a quick detour into the ring to battle the First Karate Quad, then knock the bag north once more - it should end up just above and to the right of another bag. Knock this bag north, then follow it and head up and around the stack of tires at the northeast corner of the northeast boxing ring. Knock the next bag (that is just north of the northeast ring) twice to the left, then head south between the northeast ring and the benches, stopping to battle the second and third members of the Karate Quad, then head into the western portion of the Gym.

Head northwest, fight the fourth and final member of the Karate Quad, then knock the bag next to him south once, and then once east. Next, find the bag directly south of the path between the benches and north of the southwest boxing ring. Knock this bag anticlockwise (up, left, down, then right) all the way back to its original position. This should clear the way to the southwestern-most punching bag, which can now be knocked north once and east. Head up between the benches, and knock the bag above them twice to the east, finally opening up the stairs to allow you to challenge Maylene!

Veilstone Gym

Maylene leads with her Meditite, which can use Fake Out on its first turn in battle to force your Pokémon to flinch and deal some damage. A quick Flying-type like Staravia using Wing Attack or Aerial Ace will take it out before it can use Rock Tomb to counter your Flying-type-type, but a Ghost-type is ideal as it will take little damage from Meditite's moves. Her Machoke is more offensive but should not be too difficult to beat though it can also counter Flying types with Rock Tomb, a Psychic or Ghost Pokémon will do will here too. Last up is Lucario, Maylene's star Pokémon. It has a variety of attacks, but nothing too rough. Its Steel-type makes it only take regular damage from Flying and Psychic but adds weaknesses to Fire, Fighting, and Ground. Two of them are conveniently exploited by attacks sold at the Department Store, but Lucario can counter Fire-type-types with Bone Rush. Be careful of her Gym's signature move Drain Punch, which heals her Pokémon by 50% of the damage dealt with it, so try not to get into a war of attrition. Maylene will use Hyper Potions when her Pokémon get weak, so try to finish them off without dropping their HP to below 20% (when the HP bar turns red).

After you defeat her, she'll hand over the Cobble Badge, explaining that it'll allow you use HM02 (Fly) outside of battle, and that traded Pokémon up to level 50 will obey you without question, along with TM60 (Drain Punch).

Veilstone City

As you leave the Gym, Professor Rowan's assistant Lucas/Dawn comes up to you and tells you that their Pokédex has been stolen. Heal up at the Pokémon Center, then head over to the Galactic Warehouse to find two male Team Galactic Grunts. Challenge the two to a Multi Battle with Lucas/Dawn.

  If the player chose Turtwig

  If the player chose Chimchar

  If the player chose Piplup

Upon defeat, the grunts give back the Pokédex and flee. Looker then shows up, having heard of the robbery, and is glad you were able to handle the situation. After your partner leaves, Looker guides you into the warehouse. Inside he finds that the door is locked and states there is nothing he can do now. He does find HM02 (Fly) however, which you should pick up. Before leaving, Looker mentions a rumor of Team Galactic moving something important to Pastoria City. There's nothing else of importance to do in Veilstone (for now), so it's time to head south to Pastoria, after healing up at the Pokémon Center if necessary. To get to Pastoria, you must enter the east gate through Route 214.

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