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Jubilife City

After you enter Jubilife City and encounter Looker, who talks about the Pal Pad, head to the North exit and you'll see Professor Rowan and Lucas/Dawn being confronted by two male Galactic Grunts who are demanding to know something from his research. After threatening to get violent you'll team up with Lucas/Dawn in a tag battle to deal with these grunts.

387 If the player chose Turtwig:

390 If the player chose Chimchar:

393 If the player chose Piplup:

Afterwards, you'll learn it has to do with the Professor's study on Pokémon evolution and the energy the Pokémon releases when it evolves. Although the Professor believes it's something beyond their control, Team Galactic seems interested in trying to harness its power. After they leave, a person from Jubilife TV will come and give you the Fashion Case as a reward for this amazing performance and tells you that the TV station is now open to visitors. Additionally, the Global Trade Station will also be open.

Jubilife TV

The Pokémon Lottery Corner is located on the ground floor of the Jubilife TV building, where it is conducted by a receptionist named Felicity. The winning ID number changes daily, and the game looks for matches by examining the IDs of all Pokémon in the player's party and in all PC boxes (but not Pokémon in the Day Care). You may check for matches multiple times in one day; however, after winning a prize, you may not participate again for the rest of the day.

Item Location Games
Ultra Ball Ultra Ball Trainer ID matched last digit  Pt 
PP Up PP Up Trainer ID matched last two digits  Pt 
Exp. Share Exp. Share Trainer ID matched last three digits  Pt 
Max Revive Max Revive Trainer ID matched last four digits  Pt 
Master Ball Master Ball Trainer ID matched perfectly  Pt 

On the second floor, Trainers can dress up their Pokémon using their Accessories. The saved photo of a dressed-up Pokémon is displayed in the gallery just outside the Fitting Room, along with up to ten photos from Trainers that the player has mixed records with. After dressing up a Pokémon and taking a photo, an Interviewer will appear outside of the entrance to the gallery to ask the player about the photo. In the main area, a man will give the player the mask of the Pokémon that they started with.

Item Location Games
None Turtwig Mask Accessory; if the player started with Turtwig  Pt 
None Chimchar Mask Accessory; if the player started with Chimchar  Pt 
None Piplup Mask Accessory; if the player started with Piplup  Pt 

On the third floor there are two rooms off-shooting from the main room: the Group Ranking Room and the Global Ranking Room, which detail rankings from players in the player's group and all players, respectively. There are three machines in each room, each detailing different concepts to be ranked in. A man in the yellow-carpeted area is a TV producer who asks the player for their opinion on TV. By answering EVERYONE HAPPY for the first question and Wi-Fi CONNECTION for the second question, the player can unlock Mystery Gift. Additionally, certain phrases that vary based on game version, language, and Trainer ID number can be told to the TV producer to unlock eight special wallpapers. The passwords can be retrieved from the Daisuki Club website or's secret phrase generator.

Several people are on the fourth floor, but there is nothing of interest here.

Global Trade Station

The Global Trade Station (GTS for short) is the worldwide network over which you can trade Pokémon via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Now that you have Coal Badge, the GTS is also open. There is a large globe called the Geonet, which you can indicate their location, and on which small dots representing players you have traded with will appear. When you first logs on to Geonet, you will be asked where you live in. Talk to the woman at the counter. She will direct you into a room in which you can either put up a Pokémon to be traded or trade a Pokémon you own for one that has been put up. Pokémon searches, after being confined to one species that has been seen by the player, can be further narrowed down to level, gender and the country where the person is trading it from is. By level, players can search for and request Pokémon Lv.9 or below, Lv.10 or above, Lv.20 or above and so on until Lv.100, or they can search for Pokémon of any level. Gender is similar, with the player being able to search for male, female or either gender of the selected Pokémon; searching for genderless species automatically sets the gender to 'either'. Pokémon offerings are similarly governed, as the requested Pokémon in return cannot be any Pokémon that the player has not seen. Pokémon that are offered cannot be bargained, as the player has to choose one Pokémon he or she wants for it, instead of having a more flexible list. Like normal trades, a Pokémon can also hold an item when being offered or traded. Pokémon that evolve after a trade will do so in the same manner they would after a normal trade. The GTS also allows individuals to trade between two different games without having two Nintendo DS systems. It is recommended to check up on a deposited Pokémon every so often, as the Pokémon may flee if it is kept in the GTS for an extended period of time.

Afterwards you can travel to the Pokétch Company and get an upgrade for your Pokétch from the company president. You can get three more upgrades later in the game when you get three, five, and seven Badges. Anyway, head through the north exit to Route 204. You may want to heal up at the Pokémon Center first, as there are a lot of Trainers.

Route 204 (south)

Route 204

From the entrance of Route 204, walk north, battling the Youngster and the two Lasses, until you reach a small cave, the Ravaged Path. Later in the game you can come back with Surf to get the Sea Incense that will allow you to produce a Azurill egg when you have a Marill or Azumarill hold it when breeding.

Ravaged Path

Ravaged Path

Enter the Ravaged Path. TM39 (Rock Tomb) is a short distance behind the breakable rock to your north. The exit of this cave is just on the other side of the rocks to the right of the stairs. Once out, you arrive on the upper part of the Route 204. Come back later after getting the HM Surf and you can find TM03 (Water Pulse) along with the Luck Incense that will allow you to produce a Happiny egg through breeding.

Route 204 (north)

Upon entering the short, flower-filled route, turn left and take the flight of stairs. As you walk along the route, pick up an Awakening and TM09 (Bullet Seed). Walk through the grass patch and battle the Bug Catcher and the Twins. To battle the Twins, you must have two usable Pokémon. At the end of the route, you'll arrive in Floaroma Town.

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