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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. This walkthrough follows the remade Nintendo 3DS version, not Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.
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Mauville City

Mauville City, 1F
Mauville City, Courtyard
Mauville City, 3F

Mauville City is located in central Hoenn, situated between Routes 110, 111, 117, and 118. The site has recently undergone a large-scale renovation led by city founder and local Gym Leader Wattson, so that it would more closely mimic its sister city, Lumiose, in the Kalos region. The mostly-indoor city now features many specialty shops and a courtyard on the first floor, the upscale Mauville Hills apartments—open only to residents—on the second, and a recreational rooftop area.


A Familiar Face

When you enter the city, you spot a familiar face. Wally is visiting the city with his uncle, but he's not interested in shopping. Instead, he rushes off to challenge the Mauville Gym!


Continue north to reach the central courtyard. The Pokémon Center and Poké Mart are located here. Grab the hidden X Defense behind Square Tower, and talk to the Backpacker for a Globe decoration.

Stop by the Pokémon Center and talk to the bald man. His name is Giddy, and he has a scintillating story to tell. After this, he teaches you the Speed O-Power. Strike up another conversation and endure his second story to learn the Critical O-Power. He leaves at this point, sparing you from further musings. These powers can be activated through the PSS in the PlayNav app. After Giddy leaves, four other men will appear here, one after the other: the Hipster, the Bard, the Trader, and the Storyteller. After meeting them all, the five return to their apartment upstairs; visit them there once you gain access to Mauville Hills to get the final O-Power.

The Poké Mart features two clerks; the first offers the usual necessities, while the second offers a selection of TMs. If you can afford the  10,000 price tag, TM78 (Bulldoze) will be a big help at the local Gym! Before leaving, speak to the girl to receive TM58 (Sky Drop).

Northeast District

TV Mauville

TV Mauville produces every program that airs on the BuzzNav app. Inside, you can tour the studio, browse the gift shop, even sit behind the news desk and read the latest bulletin before it airs.

Battle Institute Hoenn

The Battle Institute is a place where powerful Trainers test their worth in a series of challenging battles. Only Pokémon Champions can participate, so you'll need to return later. It's worth stopping by though, as a man inside hands you a Vs. Recorder. This device lets you document and share certain battles over the PSS feature of the PlayNav app.

Inverse Battle Stop

At the Inverse Battle Stop, you can challenge Proprietor Inver to an Inverse Battle once per day. Like the name implies, all type match-ups in this kind of battle are reversed. A Pokémon's weaknesses are treated as resistances, and all resistances and immunities are treated as weaknesses. Inver's three Pokémon are all level 20, until you become the Champion. Defeat him to receive your reward, which changes depending on your performance. He will even triple your reward if none of your Pokémon's HP falls into the red.

Rydel's Cycles

Rydel's Cycles is located near the city's east exit. Spotting your dirty Running Shoes, the shop owner, Rydel, realizes that you've done a lot of traveling. He offers you a free bicycle, and gives you the choice between two models. The Mach Bike is faster and is able to ride up muddy slopes, which is useful for exploring places like Granite Cave. The Acro Bike is slower which allows for more precise control and the ability to perform tricks. After choosing a bike, you can speak to Rydel at any time to swap it for the other model.

Southeast District

Ultimate Move Studio

The Ultimate Move Studio stands to the southwest of Rydel's Cycles. The man at the counter can teach an ultimate move to any fully-evolved starter Pokémon. However, it must share a strong bond with its Trainer. Sceptile and the quiet Grass Pokémon can learn Frenzy Plant, while Blaziken and the blazing Fire Pokémon can learn Blast Burn, and Swampert and the restless Water Pokémon can learn Hydro Cannon.

Pledge Move Dojo

South of the Move Studio is the Pledge Move Dojo. This Move Tutor teaches a special move to any starter Pokémon or its relatives. Grass-type Pokémon like the Treecko family can learn Grass Pledge, Fire-type Pokémon like the Torchic family can learn Fire Pledge, and Water-type Pokémon like the Mudkip family can learn Water Pledge. Using these moves in the same turn in a Double or Triple Battle will raise their power from 80 to 150, and activate additional effects.

Types Involved Description
   Creates a sea of fire where all non-Fire Pokémon lose 1/8 of their max HP every turn for four turns
   Creates a rainbow that doubles the likelihood of a move's additional effect(s) for four turns
   Creates a vast swamp that reduces the opponent's Speed by 50% for four turns

Song and Sword Move Academy

The third shop on the left is the Song and Sword Move Academy, but it's vacant. The owner is at the Crooner's Café in the southwest part of town.

Mauville Food Court

The Mauville Food Court can be found near the city's south exit. Hungry Trainers won't hesitate to battle you in order to sit down and eat their meal from one of the three restaurants. Two of the eateries are so popular that people line up for hours, so you can only order from the Village Sub Combo for now. By finishing a course at just the right time, you are rewarded with a valuable item; by doing this while defeating all opposing Trainers, you win an additional prize.

Village Sub Combo

One order costs  1,000 and takes five turns to make. As you sit down to wait, other hungry Trainers will challenge you to Single Battles for your chair! Finish up one of the battles at just the right time to win a free Nugget. Defeat all opponents in exactly five turns to win a random Berry—Figy, Aguav, Mago, Wiki, or Iapapa—as well.

Magnemite Croquettes

Return after collecting all eight Gym Badges and the line for Magnemite Croquettes will have finally cleared out. An order costs  5,000 and takes six turns to make. Once again, you're given a buzzer and told to wait, and hungry Trainers again challenge you for your seat, but this time you must fight them off in Double Battles! Finish the course to earn a Pearl String; defeating all Trainers in time earns you a Metal Powder as well.

Mauville Ramen Bowl

Mauville Ramen Bowl is so popular that the crowd won't thin out until after you complete the post-game Delta Episode. A meal costs  10,000 and takes eight turns to make. This time, you'll need to defend your seat in a series of Triple Battles. Rumor has it that there is a certain Trainer hanging around here that really does not want to lose to you for some reason. Finishing your meal at the right time earns you a Big Nugget, while defeating all opposing Trainers also wins you a Deep Sea ToothOR or Deep Sea ScaleAS.

After clearing the first seven battles within seven turns, you will be challenged by the strongest Trainer in the restaurant: Fare Prince Trencherman.

Southwest District

Crooner's Café

Speak to the barista to receive TM48 (Round). The balding owner of the Song and Sword Move Academy also lounges here, hoping to teach a new move to a Keldeo or Meloetta. These Pokémon are not native to the Hoenn region, but he would be happy to teach Secret Sword and Relic Song, respectively, if you happen to obtain them.

Game Corner

The Game Corner has recently gone out of business, and the former owner can be found outside. He isn't too upset, but does have some leftover prizes to hand out. Agree to take them off his hands to receive a Treecko Doll, Torchic Doll, and Mudkip Doll.

Northwest District

Narcissus Mirror Shop

Many mirrors are on display at this fancy shop. According to the owner, her mirrors were all collected by her husband and she is reluctant to sell any of them. However, she mentions one of them having a connection to the legendary Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus...

Ritzy Ribbon Retail

Ritzy Ribbon Retail offers a selection of expensive Ribbons designed especially for "Pokémon That Aim for a Higher Rank". Any Ribbons purchased here will be given to your lead Pokémon.

PokéMilage Center

In the PokéMileage Center, a Gentleman will exchange your Poké Miles for items. His prices range from 10 to 1,000.

Pokémon Reflexology Services

The woman at Pokémon Reflexology Services offers to massage your lead Pokémon once per day, free of charge.

Wally's Challenge

When you approach the Gym, you find Wally and his uncle talking outside the building. He desperately wants to challenge the Gym, but his uncle has reservations. He challenges you to a quick battle to test his skills.

After being defeated, he decides to return to Verdanturf Town. Before following, his uncle hands you HM06 (Rock Smash), a Fighting move that may lower the foe's Defense.

Mauville Gym
Mauville Gym

Mauville City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Wattson

The cheerfully electrifying man!

The Mauville Gym specializes in Electric-type Pokémon. While Pokémon of this type are only vulnerable to Ground-type attacks, the secondary types of the Pokémon inside make Fire and Fighting moves useful as well. Keep your Flying- and Water-Pokémon (except Marshtomp, due to its secondary Ground typing) on the sidelines for now. The Gym, split into two rooms, features several electrical barriers, with color-coded switches on the floor. Stepping on a switch alters the direction of all similarly-colored barriers, from vertical to horizontal and vice-versa.

Wattson leads with his Magnemite, an Electric/Steel Pokémon. Though it is especially vulnerable to Ground moves, its Sturdy Ability prevents a one-hit knockout. It likes using Thunder Wave to paralyze the target, cutting its Speed and restricting its movement. Though his Voltorb's Attack is low, if left unchecked its Rollout move—a Rock attack—increases in power and can pose a danger to Fire Pokémon like Combusken. His third Pokémon, Magneton, likes to start with Supersonic to confuse its foe. All of his Pokémon know Volt Switch, a strong move that deals damage before the user switches out.

Mauville Gym

After the battle, Wattson awards you the Dynamo Badge, which ensures obedience of all Pokémon up to level 40 and enables the use of Rock Smash in the field. He also hands out TM72 (Volt Switch) as a prize.


Mauville's elevators lead to the second floor, but that floor is restricted to the tenants of Mauville Hills. However, the four staircases all lead to the rooftop, where everyone is free to enjoy the fresh air. A suited man will sell you a Metronome, and a young girl will give you a Poké Toy after assuring her that you love Pokémon. Keep running around the rooftop, and a man will eventually appear on the south side and hand you a Nugget.

Take the northeast stairs to the second floor to meet a Street Thug who is waiting for Genesect. It's not native to Hoenn, so he could be waiting here for a long time. If you happen to obtain one, he would surely be happy to see it.

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