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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. This walkthrough follows the remade Nintendo 3DS version, not Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.
The guide for those can be found here.

Having defeated every Gym Leader and earned all eight Badges, the next destination is Ever Grande City. The city lies on Hoenn's most remote island, on the far eastern edge of the region. To get there, Fly back to Route 128 and Surf eastward through the narrow channel.

Ever Grande City (south)

Ever Grande City

High above the ocean, Ever Grande City is lush with grass and flowers. The large waterfall makes it impossible to reach the city itself without a Pokémon able to scale the cascading waters. The island is divided by Victory Road, which runs through a large mountain at the center of the isle. Visit the Pokémon Center to make your preparations before braving this final challenge on the road to the Pokémon League.

Victory Road

Victory Road, 1F (Entrance)
Victory Road, 1F (Interior)
Victory Road, B1F
Victory Road, 2F (Front)
Victory Road, 2F (Back)

Victory Road, the long, tough trail through the mountainside, is the final challenge on the road to the Pokémon League. This grueling trail serves as a way to weed out all but the most determined Trainers. The field moves Surf and Strength are required to reach the other side, while Flash is optional. If you can make it through this daunting tunnel, you just might have what it takes to enter the Hall of Fame!

1F (Entrance)

Surf northward to reach the cavern entrance.

1F (Interior)

Climb onto shore and use Strength to push the boulder northward; this causes it to fall into the nearby hole, allowing you to continue. Go northwest to reach a fork in the road; climb the stairway and cross the bridge to get a Full Heal, then go back down and continue west to fight Ace Trainer Albert. Head northeast to reach another fork; detour to the east to find a lone rock with a hidden Max Repel, then climb the two stairways. Turn west to battle Ace Trainer Hope, then take the ladder to the basement.


While not necessary, Flash is strongly recommended to help traverse the basement floor. There are two boulders nearby; start by pushing the western boulder westward, then move the southern one eastward. Go south, then northeast until you reach another pair of boulders; move the southern one eastward to reach the PP Up behind them. Head southwest from here and climb the stairway to fight Expert Bryn, then climb the ladder back to 1F.

1F (Interior)

Go north and climb the stairway to fight Ace Trainer Edgar. After that, use the Dowsing Machine to find a hidden Elixir to the north. Head east over the bridge to reach another fork in the road. Climb down the northeast ladder for a short detour.


Head south then west to reach a Max Elixir. Climb the ladder back to 1F.

1F (Interior)

Descend the two stairways to the south to battle Street Thug Regan. Continue south then west to reach another ladder leading to the basement.


Go down the two stairways to the south to fight Ace Duo Jude & Rory. Use Surf and sail southward to temporarily exit the cave. Collect TM29 (Psychic) from the eastern cliff and re-enter the cave. Surf to the northwest and climb out of the water. Head north to battle Expert Theodore, then go northeast. There are two boulders here; begin by moving the south boulder eastward. After that, push the north boulder two steps northward, then eastward to reach TM35 (Flamethrower). Leave the boulders behind and head northwest to find Ace Trainer Vito; defeat him to reach the Full Restore to the northwest. Go south to reach Dragon Tamer Egon, climb the stairway, and take the ladder up to 1F.

1F (Interior)

Climb the stairway and head northeastward across two bridges. Go down the stairway to fight Brains & Brawn Aden & Finn. Continue north and take the ladder up to the second floor.

2F (Front)

Cross the bridge to the west, and use the Dowsing Machine to find a hidden Iron in the corner. Head north over the next bridge, then walk to the water's edge. Use Surf and Waterfall to scale the rushing waters and find TM81 (X-Scissor) atop the cliff. Descend the waterfall and go east across the third bridge, then turn north to reach the final room.

2F (Back)

The final chamber is nearly silent, except for the winds blowing through the many red flowers nearby. Go a short distance northward to find Wally, who notices you as well. After a short conversation, you find that the sickly, weak-willed kid you met back in Petalburg City is no more. In his place stands a confident Trainer who flashes his Mega Pendant as he challenges you to battle!

VS Wally

Wally leads with his Altaria, a Dragon/Flying type that is especially vulnerable to Ice attacks. It can raise its Defense by three stages with Cotton Guard, so use Special moves for greater effectiveness. Delcatty may be his weakest Pokémon, but it can still cause problems with Sing, Charm, and its Cute Charm Ability. Its stats aren't very threatening, but take it out quickly to avoid these pitfalls. With moves like Toxic and Leech Seed, his Roselia can tip the battle in his favor as time goes on. Knock it out with Fire, Ice, Flying, or Psychic moves. Magneton can be a major threat due to its high Special Attack and Sturdy Ability, which prevents a one-hit knockout. Strike it with Ground moves to take it down. Once the others fall, Wally resorts to using his Gallade. Wally Mega Evolves it into Mega Gallade on its first turn, which raises its already-high Attack. Close Combat and Psycho Cut are strong attacks that receive a same-type attack bonus, and Swords Dance can boost its damage output to dangerous levels. Use Flying, Ghost, and Fairy moves to knock it out and win the battle.

Wally thanks you for not holding back during the battle, and gives you a Dawn Stone in the hopes that you'll use it on a male Kirlia in order to obtain a Gallade of your own. He promises to continue his training here in Victory Road for the next time the two of you meet. Continue northward and cross the bridge to reach the exit.

Ever Grande City (north)

With Victory Road behind you, only a long, stone walkway separates you from the Pokémon League, where the Elite Four and Champion await your challenge. Follow the walkway to the large building at its end, and be sure to check the sparkling spot to the west to find a Mewtwonite Y before heading inside.

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