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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. This walkthrough follows the remade Nintendo 3DS version, not Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.
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Mauville City

When you return to Mauville, you find Wattson standing near the Square Tower in the central courtyard. He explains that the tower acts as an alert system for New Mauville, an abandoned underground facility on Route 110. The illuminated tower indicates that there may be a disturbance in New Mauville, and Wattson asks you to his Mauville Hills apartment to discuss the matter further.

Mauville Hills

Mauville Hills is a high-end apartment complex located on the city's second floor. These plush accommodations are leased only to Mauville's most elite residents, but as Wattson has updated your security clearance, you are free to come and go. The second floor can be reached by taking either elevator on the city's north side.

North Hall

Apartment 1, in the northwest, belongs to the Rotation Frump. This old woman, named Circie, used to be a great Rotation Battler years ago. She offers to battle you once per day with this unique format; defeat her, and her granddaughter will give you an Elixir each time.

Apartment 2, in the northeast, is the home of the Ribbon Belle. Speak to her to receive enough copies of a certain Ribbon for your entire party; the type received depends on the day of the week. By speaking to the other girl, you can receive the Best Friends Ribbon, as long as your lead Pokémon is affectionate enough toward you.

East Hall

Apartment 3, in the northeast, belongs to the old guys found in the city's Pokémon Center. After giving you each of their two O-Powers, they return here. Speak to the Storyteller after visiting the powerless man in Apt. 11, and he asks that you fetch the man. Speak to the powerless man to bring him to Apt. 3, where the old guys transfer their powers to their successor one by one. Once all five old guys have left, the powerless man becomes Mr. Bonding, who gives you the Hatching Power before leaving.

Apartment 11, in the northwest, belongs to a businessman depressed with his lack of power. This home includes balcony access, where TM89 (U-turn) can be found.

Apartment 12, in the southwest, is home to a frightened man. This Collector is late on his rent payment, and is being harassed by a loan shark for his money. The two then enter the locked apartment for a brief conversation. Return a short time later to find the loan shark standing outside, where he hands you a Lopunnite he took as payment.

South Hall

Apartment 13, Wattson's home, is located in the northeast. He asks you to investigate New Mauville, and press a button on the computer there to reset the security system. He then takes a photo of your eyes to submit to the facility's eye recognition software, clearing you as authorized personnel. You're all set to investigate, and Wattson advises you to Surf around Route 110 to reach the building's entrance.

Apartment 14, in the northwest, belongs to a little girl who is a big fan of ice cream. This Fairy Tale Girl offers to sell a Casteliacone for  200, but only to Trainers with a Regice in their party.

Route 110

New Mauville

New Mauville

New Mauville was intended to be an underground city extending dozens of floors below the surface. However, the project died in development when it was discovered to be a habitat for wild Pokémon. The area emits a strong magnetic field that may cause certain Pokémon to evolve.

Security Check

Once you explore the area, check the computer terminal in the back room to perform a security scan. This verifies that there are no unusual threats present in the facility. With your task complete, return to Wattson's apartment in Mauville Hills. Inform him that everything is all right in New Mauville, and the grateful Gym Leader rewards you with TM24 (Thunderbolt).

Route 129

Route 129

Route 129 lies to the south of Route 128. Though an optional route, the many Trainers and treasures found here make it a worthwhile place to explore.

Secret Shore

Secret Shore is a small beach on the southeast edge of Route 129. It can only be reached by Diving beneath the waves and surfacing on the route's east side. The beach is one of three locations that serious Secret Base enthusiasts seek out, as a base's layout tends to be better the farther away it is from civilization. There are no Trainers, wild Pokémon, or items here.

Route 130

Route 130

Route 130 is a short, straightforward route that links Routes 129 and 131.

Secret Meadow

Secret Meadow is a small meadow surrounded by cliffs on the northern edge of Route 130. It can only be reached by Diving beneath the waves and surfacing in the route's northwest corner. The meadow is one of three locations that serious Secret Base enthusiasts seek out, as a base's layout tends to be better the farther away it is from civilization. There are no Trainers, wild Pokémon, or items here.

Route 131

Route 131

Route 131 lies between Route 130 to the east and Pacifidlog Town to the west. There are no underwater trenches in this stretch of ocean, but several Trainers on the surface are looking to battle. On the route's north side is a large island, currently off-limits, that is home to the towering Sky Pillar.

Pacifidlog Town

Pacifidlog Town

Pacifidlog Town is a humble community resting on the calm waters of eastern Hoenn. These floating homes surround a central Pokémon Center, where weary Trainers can catch a break from the waves.

An Old Legend

Visit the northeast house and talk to the girl inside. She tells you a mysterious bit of wisdom passed down from her grandfather: Six dots open three doors. Her father also remembers hearing tales of three Pokémon representing the powers of Rock, Ice, and Steel. It seems that Hoenn still has some secrets to discover!

Friendship is Everything

Stop by the southwest house to meet the brother of the Pokémon Fan Club chairman. Have him evaluate your relationship with your lead Pokémon, and he'll reward your friendship with TM27 (Return). If your Pokémon is unfriendly toward you, he'll give you TM21 (Frustration) instead.

Time for a Trade

The woman in the south-central house is having trouble catching different Pokémon around town. She wishes to trade her Corsola, which is holding a Heart Scale, for a Bellossom. Corsola can be found on Route 128, but almost never appear. Bellossom evolves from Gloom, which can be found easily in several areas, including the Safari Zone.

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