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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. This walkthrough follows the remade Nintendo 3DS version, not Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.
The guide for those can be found here.

Route 126

Route 126
Route 126 (underwater)

The waters of Route 126 surround a massive crater, inside of which lies Sootopolis City. There's no way to reach the city from the surface, so the entrance must be hidden beneath the waves.

Secret Islet

Secret Islet is a small island with a single tree on the southwest edge of Route 126. It can only be reached by Diving southwest of the main trench and surfacing on its sandy shore. The island is one of three locations that serious Secret Base enthusiasts seek out, as a base's layout tends to be better the farther away it is from civilization. There are no Trainers, wild Pokémon, or items here.

Sootopolis City

Sootopolis City

Sootopolis City rises from the crater of a great meteoroid crash and can only be reached by sea or sky. The final Gym in the Hoenn League is located here, but there are more urgent matters to attend to first. With Hoenn's weather becoming increasingly oppressive, you must race to the Cave of Origin and stop the super-ancient Pokémon from achieving Primal Reversion and obtaining the vast power that's sure to come with it!

Rest Up

The recent shift in weather has frightened all of the city's residents, and they've all taken shelter inside their homes. Their doors are locked tight, so you can't visit with most of the locals right now. The Sootopolis Gym, on an island near the crater entrance, is also closed, so instead Surf eastward to reach the Pokémon Center and rest up for the trial ahead.

Catch Up with Steven

Surf westward past the Gym to a grassy shore. Climb the north stairway and continue north until you run into Steven talking with another man. The man introduces himself as Wallace, Sootopolis Gym Leader and protector of the Cave of Origin. Seeing your Blue OrbOR/Red OrbAS, he asks that you follow him. He leads you and Steven to the cave entrance, where you find Maxie, Archie, and TabithaOR/ShellyAS. They've been waiting for you, and TabithaOR/ShellyAS gives you the Magma SuitOR/Aqua SuitAS, a suit made by the villainous team to protect the wearer from the elements. Wallace assures the group that the Orb you hold will protect you and your Pokémon, and that together with the suit you just received, it will finally become possible to stand up to the forces of nature. Even May/Brendan shows up to wish you luck!

Cave of Origin

The Cave of Origin is said to hold a great source of ancient power. Whatever lies in its uncharted depths, it has drawn the attention of the super-ancient Pokémon. It must be stopped, and only you can save Hoenn from its destructive influence!


There's not a moment to lose! Sprint down the torch-lit entry hall to reach the cave's first floor.


Dowse to find a hidden X Attack near the entrance, then head in a clockwise direction to reach the stairs in the northeast.


Inspect the nearby area to find a Revive, then continue on to the stairs in the southwest.


Great quakes rock the cave as you descend to its lower floors, and a thick mist begins to swirl around you. Race northward to find the next set of stairs.


Terrible roars echo from below as you near the cave's lowest floor. Hurry southward to reach the final set of stairs.


When you reach the edge of the lavaOR/waterAS, you pull on the protective suit and attach the Blue OrbOR/Red OrbAS to it. The super-ancient Pokémon then appears with a cry, and you receive a radio message from MaxieOR/ArchieAS instructing you to hop on its back and ride it to the cave's deepest level. The sound cuts out, but your course is clear. The suit you wear, combined with the power of the Orb you hold, protect you from harm as you ride the ancient creature along a river of lavaOR/an underwater currentAS to the cave's deepest chamber.

Final Chamber

In the final chamber, you pull off your protective suit as GroudonOR/KyogreAS takes its place under a large stalactite. The super-ancient Pokémon begins drawing vast power from the mysterious crystal hanging above in order to undergo Primal Reversion, leaving you to watch in awe.

VS GroudonOR
Primal Groudon using Precipice Blades

Primal Groudon's Desolate Land Ability summons extremely harsh sunlight for as long as it remains in battle. This strengthens all Fire moves and evaporates all Water moves. Unlike other weather-affecting tactics, Desolate Land can't be overridden by most other Abilities or moves. In addition to its new Ability, Primal Groudon also receives a new move—Precipice Blades, a Ground-type physical attack. Summoning vast power, Primal Groudon's Attack, Defense, and Special Attack have all increased, making it an incredibly formidable opponent. Its type has changed as well, from Ground to Ground/Fire; this combined with its Ability leaves it vulnerable only to Ground moves, unless you use a Psyduck or Golduck with the Cloud Nine ability. Bring it down before all of Hoenn goes up in flames!

Ground Fire
Desolate Land
Held item:
Groudon Lv.45
Lava Plume
Fire Special
Psychic Status
Ground Physical
Precipice Blades
Ground Physical
VS KyogreAS
Primal Kyogre using Origin Pulse

Primal Kyogre's Primordial Sea Ability summons heavy rain for as long as it remains in battle. This strengthens all Water moves and douses all Fire moves. Unlike other weather-affecting tactics, Primordial Sea can't be overridden by most other Abilities or moves. In addition to its new Ability, Primal Kyogre also receives a new move—Origin Pulse, a Water-type special attack. Summoning vast power, Primal Kyogre's Attack, Special Attack, and Special Defense have all increased, making it an incredibly formidable opponent. Its type remains the same, leaving it vulnerable to Grass and Electric moves. Bring it down before all of Hoenn falls beneath the waves!

Water Unknown
Primordial Sea
Held item:
Kyogre Lv.45
Body Slam
Normal Physical
Aqua Ring
Water Status
Ice Beam
Ice Special
Origin Pulse
Water Special


With the super-ancient Pokémon's rampage put to an end, the remaining energy released within the Cave of Origin spills out as a beam of green light rising into the atmosphere. The skies quickly clear and the climate returns to normal as you emerge from the cave. Amazed by your success, MaxieOR/ArchieAS can't help but wish that he'd never bothered the slumbering Pokémon. Seeing how well you handle the Blue OrbOR/Red OrbAS, he gives you the other to keep as well. If you managed to catch it, giving the super-ancient Pokémon the same-colored Orb to hold allows it to unleash its Primal Reversion during battle!

Team Magma and Team Aqua depart, leaving you, Steven, and May/Brendan to catch up. Proud of all you've accomplished, Steven gives you a great gift: the Eon Flute. With this, you can summon LatiosOR/LatiasAS and Soar through Hoenn's skies. Steven suggests doing just that, as the region has now been enriched by the great energy released from the Cave of Origin. May/Brendan can't believe how far you've come, and is happy to have shared so many adventures with you.

Soaring in the Sky

With the Eon Flute, you and LatiosOR/LatiasAS can Soar the skies high above Hoenn. Soar is a variation of Flying that only these two Pokémon can use. In this way, you can visit all the same locations as with Fly, but that's not all. As you Soar freely over the region, you may stumble across new locations inaccessible by other means, and find more Pokémon you couldn't find before! As Soar functions similarly to Fly, you no longer need to keep a Pokémon that knows Fly in your party. It's even possible to Soar when the Eon Pokémon is in the PC. The top screen shows the action as you Soar the skies, while the Touch Screen shows a map of Hoenn with a yellow arrow marking your current location. As you pass over locations, their names will appear on-screen.

When Soaring, you may find flocks of Flying Pokémon; make contact to be drawn into battle! In addition, each day a new Mirage spot will appear somewhere in Hoenn. These locations always appear as sparkling red beacons. There, you may find valuable items and unusual Pokémon, even Legendary Pokémon when certain conditions are fulfilled.

Hoenn, Enriched

The great energy released by Groudon/Kyogre's Primal Reversion has blanketed the region, transforming the land into a rich, fertile habitat for Pokémon. This event marks the appearance of new Pokémon all over Hoenn. These Pokémon can be found hiding in the field, so use the DexNav's Detector Mode to find them. In addition, several new Mega Stones have appeared across the region.

Mega Stone Location
  Mewtwonite X Littleroot Town
  Scizorite Petalburg Woods
  Charizardite X Fiery Path
  Tyranitarite Jagged Pass
  Houndoominite Lavaridge Town
  Aerodactylite Meteor Falls
Mega Stone Location
  Venusaurite Route 119
  Abomasite Route 123 (Berry fields)
  Ampharosite New Mauville
  Kangaskhanite Pacifidlog Town
  Charizardite Y Scorched Slab
  Mewtwonite Y Pokémon League

A Stone Seller will also appear on Route 114, southeast of the Route 114 sign who will sell you five items. Two of these items are important as they are the remaining Mega Stones for the other two Hoenn Starter Pokémon that you did not receive from Professor Birch earlier that are sold at  1,500 each (sold as Withered Tree, Fading Fire, or Ebbing Tide).

Sootopolis Gym

Sootopolis City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Wallace

Artist, and lover of water

The Sootopolis Gym Specializes in Water-type Pokémon. Grass- and Electric-type moves are best here, while Fire, Ground, and Rock Pokémon may struggle. The Gym features three platforms where each icy tile must be traversed once in order to reveal the next stairway. Walking over an ice tile once cracks it; passing by a second time shatters it, leaving you to fall to the Gym's watery underbelly where plenty of Trainers await.

The first puzzle is a 5×5 grid of ice. Starting on the south-central tile, move →2, ↑4, ←1, ↓3, ←1, ↑2, ←1, ↓3, ←1, ↑4, and →2. This reveals the first stairway.

The second puzzle is a 7×7 grid, with a 3×3 platform that can be freely traversed. From the south-central tile, move →3, ↑6, ←1, ↓5, ←3, ↓1, ←2, ↑1, →1, ↑1, ←1, ↑4, →2, ↓1, ←1, ↓2, →2 onto the platform, ↑2, →1, ↑1, and ←1. This reveals the second stairway.

The final puzzle is a 7×15 grid, with a trio of 3×3 platforms. Starting on the south-central tile, move ←7, ↑6, →6, ↓1, ←5, ↓4, →4, ↑3, →1 onto the middle platform, ↓3, →2, ↓1, →1, ↑4, ←2 onto the middle platform, ↑1, →6, ↓4, ←3, ↓1, →4, ↑6, and ←7. This reveals the stairway to the Gym Leader.

Wallace leads with his Luvdisc; not much of a threat, but it may still confuse its target with Sweet Kiss, and further hinder male targets with Attract. As a Water/Ground Pokémon, his Whiscash is only vulnerable to Grass moves; its Mud Sport weakens Electric moves for a few turns, while Earthquake packs a punch. Sealeo's Water/Ice typing gives it additional weaknesses to Fighting and Rock moves; Waterfall and Body Slam deal damage while Encore forces the target to repeat its previous move. His Seaking is little threat unless its target is Level 44 or less, when Horn Drill may score a one-hit knockout. Finally, his Milotic can deal heavy damage with Hydro Pump, and use Ice Beam to deal with Grass types other than the Lotad family; use powerful moves to defeat it quickly, before it can regain health with Recover.

Sootopolis Gym

Defeated, Wallace awards you the Rain Badge, which ensures obedience from all Pokémon. He also gives you HM05 (Waterfall) as a prize. With all eight Badges, your next destination is the Pokémon League in Ever Grande City to the southeast. But first, consider exploring Hoenn's remaining areas, including Route 129 and beyond. In addition, Wallace suggests visiting Birch back in Littleroot, as he's heard a rumor that the professor has created a more powerful Pokédex.

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